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Sultry Heights [Conquest]

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Sultry Heights [Conquest] Empty Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:39 am

The sun was shining but it wasn’t a particularly hot day, he went out on a stroll to see what he would be working with, hotels of every taste, size and money limit he looked in amazement at the more expensive ones and decided to walk in on one. After being greeted he wished to meet with the owner of the place, if he could get one then the rest would come out of their nests. The clerk was somewhat astonished for a bit but did as he was told and notified the owner. Apollo took a seat and waited for them, but not a moment later they had arrived. He was a middle aged man with a soft expression. As he sat down with Apollo he noticed his guild mark on his hand and stared at it. “I don’t want any trouble” he said in a scared tone followed by Apollo assuring him that there would be none, he just wanted to conduct business after all not cause issues for anyone. He told him for the plan to meet everyone and discuss and asked if the man would be able to help in arranging that meeting, he immediately accepted and then offered a few snacks and a beverage to Apollo, he politely declined with a smile and left the hotel heading for the meeting spot where the business would take place.

Once everyone had gathered he could see the difference between all the people that owned those hotels from people with expensive taste to those who are more down to earth you could tell which hotel belonged to whom. The proposition was simple; there were three powerful people interested in this part of the city and wanted a part of the profits that they would then split among them, of course they would provide protection for these people’s hotels, advertising the area and each one’s hotel and they would make certain that everything ran smoothly. The owners discussed for quite a while among them asking questions in the meantime which were answered by Apollo who was more than ready for them as he had discussed the matter already with the people interested. The deal was finally closed after the chatter died down and Apollo thanking everyone left the place after informing his clients that this part of the city would be theirs to run now and they in return gave the territory to Sabertooth.


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