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East to West [Foot Travel]

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East to West [Foot Travel] Empty Mon Nov 30, 2020 4:41 am

An adventure. One that would bring Zane from eastern Fiore to western Fiore. That's actually an entire compass. Well, not really. It's the diameter of a compass though. Look, you get what I mean. Zane was pretty excited to get to Oak to meet up with his guildmates. This was where it all began those months ago. Where Zane had decided to stop wandering about Fiore and actually try to do something. Zane thought about all the things he had done since then as he walked back to Oak. The path was calm these days, and the snow that was on it was pretty. This was the perfect time for some self reflection. Beelzebub could get filled in on what he had missed while Zane was at it. The demon didn't pop into his head until Hosenka after all. In fact, Beelzebub had only seen two places in all of Fiore. Hosenka and Samhain. This should be interesting.

Zane talked to Beelzebub in his head as he walked down the road to Oak. He told Beelzebub of how he met Erebus, a man he thought was super cool and how Zane had later asked Steel to recruit him. That was in Oak. He also recalled Liberty, an extremely attractive if very weird Icebergian woman he had a run in with one night. He wondered what happened to her. Zane recalled going to Magnolia after that. There he met Mary, a lovable if creepy guildmate in Fairy Tail that he unfortunately would probably not be seeing again anytime soon. He met up with Raquel, a woman who barged in on Zane naked in the men's bath, demanding answers. Finally, he met Kaiser after the two hadn't seen each other for years. The reunion was cut short and Zane's sights were set on Myras thanks to her.

Then there was the dungeon, where he met Zagan, Ko, Steel and Odin. That was something else. The turning point. When Zane got to Myras he finally met up with Kaiser who mistook him for a man who crossed her. Zane got a black eye from that. That black eye led to Zane's now iconic eyepatch. He also met Tomoe.

Zane hadn't noticed how much he had actually done. He had been talking to Beelzebub about it all, but by the time he had explained only half everything Zane was already at Oak. Zane blinked, surprised at how quick he traveled. He never even stopped for lunch or anything. Maybe the fact he had spent that time with Beelzebub had made him forget about it all. Time passed quicker when you were having fun, right?


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