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[C-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi

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[C-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Sat Nov 14, 2020 1:50 am

It was mid-November when the sun was at its highest. The area around the Great Baska Rock was bustling as it was time for another tournament. Today the area was serving as the venue for the recurring Duos Tournament. Any tournament held here served as a solid foothold to build reputation and gain experience, so there were times that people would travel from far away just to attend. Today, however, wasn’t one of those days. The tournament held today was for the up and coming individuals to enter the spotlight. There weren’t any big names that would be attending a tournament like this, but the previous champion team still had some local renown.

The duo had easily won the tournament, and fully intended to claim victory for a second time in order to obtain the reward. That is where Ikazuchi and Akushitsuna come into the picture. The previous winners were unaware of the shadier dealings surrounding the tournament. They didn’t know that their presence was affecting a gambling ring and costing many people money. Ikazuchi and Akushitsuna received the quest to take them out, permanently, in order to get the money flowing into the right pockets. It would be more correct to say that their duo along with several others were reached out to in order to solve the problem, but only the duo which dethroned the previous ones would receive a reward. As for killing the returning champion duo, that wasn’t required but would increase the reward by a large amount. Although uncommon, lethal force was technically permitted in the tournament. The quest giver intended to take advantage of this in order to prevent any future problem, so Ikazuchi and Akushitsuna arrived with that as the goal.

Ikazuchi wasn’t particularly for murder, but he had no qualms about using lethal force if it were permitted. His ideology became slightly twisted having grown up as a warrior, and he believed that any battlefield was one where your life was at risk. Combat between warriors was different from targeting innocent bystanders, at least Ikazuchi believed that to be the case.

During this period of time with Akushitsuna, Ikazuchi came to understand that the man wasn’t considered normal by the common moral standards either. The two hadn’t particularly bonded and opened up about their life, but they still gained an understanding about each other. Both as people and each person’s prowess. Based on his observations, Akushitsuna filled in most of the gaps that he currently had with mobility and range. It was due to how well they were able to cover for each other that they eventually decided to remain as companions rather than separate after their first quest for Cain.

As for their current circumstances, the two had already progressed into the final round. What made this duos tournament unique was the shift in style from the standard round robin team versus team style to a four way free for all among the top teams of four separate divisions. The duo that previously won along with two other teams made it into the finals with them. Ikazuchi and Akushitsuna were located directly across the ring from the previous champions with the other two teams diagonally to their left and right.

You know the job, do we go for them all or just the one?” It was the final moments before the round began, so Ikazuchi asked this question. He knew that his partner would easily understand what he meant. Part of him even felt that he had said more than needed, but he wanted to confirm his intentions before heads started rolling. As they were already on the tournament stage, he was already prepared with his weapons drawn. Even while facing three teams, Ikazuchi had no doubt that the two of them would come out victorious. All he needed to know was what their strategy would be, and he was leaving that to Akushitsuna to decide before the round begins.  

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[C-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:44 pm


The sun’s light bore down upon all of those who stood before this establishment upon this day, and shined brightly as if purging near all the darkness that surrounded those who participated in today's events. The cries of the many could be heard echoing across the arena’s entirety tenfold, bouncing endlessly almost as if no one voice stood out amongst them. Their screams were in anticipation of what was to come on this day, which was surely to be an encouragement of violence in one form or another in most cases. The morality of the crowd brought about a level of disgust or displeasure to Akushitsuna as he lay his head downwards for a moment.

The sorcerer did his best to tune out the noise of his opposer’s fans. He focused on the many other senses filling his surroundings. The young man felt the cold breeze beyond the heat that the sun had brought down upon them, accompanied by the light mist forming as each breath he took left his mouth. Aku would close his eyes as a soft sigh left his mouth, before beginning to calm his mind among the sensory overload that had previously ensued. After taking a moment to calm himself his eyes would remain closed as he lifted his head towards the sky. Kumo had since spoken with a question at hand, but his mind was more focused on another matter. “Gun glan an tighearna sinn bho ar peacaidhean. Mhà thu dìon sinn o ar naimhdean. Sìth do na daoine a tha gu bhith a ’gabhail fois air an latha seo.

Translation: May the lord cleanse us from our sins. May you protect us from our enemies. Peace be upon those who are to be laid to rest on this day.

Suna opens his eyes once more as he turns his head to face Ikazuchi once more. There was a certain level of solemnness to his facial expression and tone as began to speak. “We will stop any who get in our way.” He brought his right hand up to form a clenched fist as the few moments leading up to the tournaments start concedes.

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[C-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Mon Nov 16, 2020 8:59 pm

Ikazuchi observed his companion’s peculiar ritual quietly with interest. The spoken words were foreign to him, but the solemn atmosphere surrounding Akushitsuna prevented him from interrupting. After the string of words which couldn’t be understood was complete, Ikazuchi noticed his companion’s gaze shift to him. Compared to the past, there was a difference in the expression that Ikazuchi could only faintly notice. Akushitsuna wasn’t a very expressive person by nature, so the subtle change was apparent to him after this period of time together. He had resolved himself for what was to come, and the words that followed only furthered that.

Anyone who gets in our way.’ It was a serious statement, one which clearly expressed Akushitsuna’s views on the matter. Ikazuchi also experienced a shift in mood at that moment due to the influence of his companion. He spoke lightly of the act, but he had pushed the final decision onto his companion sub-consciously. After that statement, it was apparent that he too would have his resolve tested. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to have their beliefs shaken. In the end, there was a difference between simply talking and acting on it. There wouldn’t be any going back for him after today, the day that he would spill blood for the first time.


A single word without warning was the signal for the start of the match. “I’ll take the right.” Ikazuchi left these words as he was already dashing for the team located diagonally to their right. He knew the level of opponents in this tournament, and they weren’t a match for him one versus one. On more than one occasion both he and Akushitsuna had taken both members of the opposing team. Ikazuchi knew that nothing more would need to be said for his companion to act. It was completely possible that he would reach the team on the left before him, even if he moved second. That was the kind of mobility that Ikazuchi knew Akushitsuna had, and respected it.

What he didn’t expect was that the team he targeted would also separate with one member rushing him and the other rushing for the former champions who simply waited for their challengers. On the left side there were similar actions. ‘Are they together?’ Ikazuchi was curious, but he didn’t have the luxury of inquiring. He focused on the single person charging from the right side. The man seemed to be a warrior like himself based on the approach, but that didn’t matter at this point.

With sharpened focus Ikazuchi judged the distance between the two looking for the perfect moment to attack without mercy. The opponent used a spear, a weapon which relied on range and piercing motions. With their approach the encounter would end with a single decisive clash. Would Ikazuchi be run through, or would he strike down his opponent.

The spear was thrust forward aimed at Ikazuchi’s throat. If he had less training, it would have been possible for him to perish with that single attack. Judging your own momentum and adjusting to account for the difference between your approach to an opponent’s attack wasn’t something that an amatuer could do. It wasn’t a skillful maneuver, but it was a skill which anyone who entered into combat would consider fundamental. It was precisely such fundamentals that were beaten into him for a large part of his life.

With one fluid motion Ikazuchi slipped under the thrust allowing it to pass harmlessly above his right shoulder. As his posture lowered Ikazuchi pushed forcefully off of the ground towards the man. There weren’t any stray thoughts as his sword was already in motion. A piercing thrust rose up with his momentum and struck through the man’s throat in turn. With a swift slash of his sword most of the man’s neck was severed. What little still connected the man’s head to his body tore allowing the head to tumble to the ground. Ikazuchi’s steps hadn’t halted for more than a second. He couldn’t afford to allow himself to stop, for his thoughts to truly process his actions. He had the resolve to kill, but it wasn’t simple to cope with blood on your hands in that manner.

Ikazuchi paused for only a moment to finish the man, his success thanks to the difference in training. As for Akushitsuna, Ikazuchi couldn’t afford to spare his direction a glance. To keep a clear mind for the remaining enemies he had to push onward. He believed in his companions abilities enough to not worry for him while facing such opposition.

Ahead of him were two magic battles made apparent by the presence of the magic circles. He couldn’t allow himself to care about that, to fear the repercussions. This battle was one that he had to step intrude upon.

One of the men had their back facing him, this was the teammate of the person he had killed seconds ago, the other was a member of the championship team. Neither managed to notice him, both expected him to be restrained by the other warrior. That was something that Ikazuchi intended to use to his advantage. He was approaching the man with his back turned quickly, unaware of the silence that had fallen among the spectators at some point in time. The adrenaline pumping through his veins made the seconds seem long.

The member of the champion team would soon notice him, it was impossible to close the last few meters without being seen. Ikazuchi decisively threw the sword in his left hand at that man casting a spell as he focused on the other man with his back to him. It was an overhand toss with his full strength, so he was forced to stop momentarily. After it left his hand, he was already decisively moving for the back of the other man. He couldn’t wait to determine success or failure, the element of surprise would disappear after the man processed the presence of the sword flying towards his opponent.

Ikazuchi charged with his blade allowing his weight and momentum to produce the force as he stabbed it through the back of the man’s chest. The upward angle caused blood to trickle down the blade and onto his hands. It wasn’t an instant death, but it would follow shortly if left be. Unfortunately for the man, this was a battle on multiple fronts. The attack spell of the opponent struck the dying and defenseless man’s body finishing him off. Ikazuchi was safe behind the lifeless body of the man. He had to wait and see if his sword throw was successful. At this point he took the time to look towards the other side and check for Akushitsuna.

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[C-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Sun Nov 22, 2020 10:22 pm


"Begin!" Akushitsuna let out a calculated leap from his positioning kicking off of the ground with great intensity. He exhaled calmly while taking every step with great precision and intent towards the team on the left. He watched as his two enemies had a very short exchange, followed by splitting up among themselves. Clearly they'd a similar ideal as his own team. Aku watches as an axe wielding warrior took off towards the champions of the arena, and was left to be staring down a rather focused Bowman. It was fairly clear to the Sorcerer that he would need to focus all of his intention temporarily to the deadly foe that stands before him with arrow in hand.

He let out an uncontrollable sigh as the ground between the two came closer to being closed; begrudgingly so, not because the fact that an arrow was beginning to be launched, but due to the fact that he caught a glimpse of what could only be assumed as a female figure beneath the hooded cloak of his pursuer. His ideology wasn't completely against the idea of fighting a woman to the extent of refusing to, but the idea bothered him to some extent. He wasn't entirely fond of needing to most likely use lethal force on a woman in this particular tournament.

The female bowman released her arrow from its quiver, and in that instant the flying arrow would catch fire. Aku would immediately duck downwards as a result, although it didn't take him from its line of fire. Launching his body at a diagonal motion with all of his might magical circles had appeared beneath his feet. " Shadoudasshu (シャドウダッシュ, Shadow Dash)" Suna flew forwards and to the side narrowly missing the flaming projectile, and lands with his feet sliding before continuing to close the gap between the two. He would then hold his hands out in front of himself as he gets within 20 feet of the bowyer. "Ōkami no ashi (オオカミの足, Wolf Paw)" A giant wolf paw forms upon his left hand in just enough time for the sorcerer to raise it and deflect yet another oncoming arrow.

The beast within had begun to show as Akushitisuna had since shown his teeth with a sense of irritation being apparent upon his face. His patience with her attempts on his live thus far were becoming rather thin, and he bursts outwards on a direct path with the smaller framed woman who had since begun to retreat in an attempt to prepare another projectile. It was at this point that Akushituna began to aim his materialized paw directly at her current path. The woman was sadly mistaken in her attempts to shoot yet another arrow at his body, when he tilts slightly to the left. "Your arrows move much slower than my magic, fool." He placed his right arm upon his left to brace the strength of his next actions. "Ōkami no ashi (オオカミの足, Wolf Paw)."

The wolf paw shoots forth with an intense speed towards the woman who had since became terrorized. Akushitsuna watched as her expression changed from confidence to astonishment, and then yet again to fear of death. The look upon her face had been engraved within his mind at this moment, as the ones that followed would've entirely destroyed any resemblance of it soon thereafter. The claws of the beast dug deep into the human's chest and face, before knocking it back and onto the dirt below them. He stood above the motionless body with a relatively good ideal that her soul had since passed from this world and onto the next one.

A moment later he would look up to see that Ikazuchi had already dealt with the entirety of the other team. Not only this, but he could tell that the allies sword was dug deep into one of the champions as he fell to the ground. At the same time, their opposing champion and the secondary target of Aku would be seen clashing one another in a 'last stand'; however, the only two remaining enemies of this duo would soon fall to the ground having defeated one another for them.

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[C-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Mon Nov 23, 2020 4:27 pm

Ikazuchi’s gaze passed over the lifeless body that suffered from Akushitsuna’s attacks. It was a woman, one who seemed to be a relatively skilled archer. She managed to hold him up for long enough that Ikazuchi’s speedy companion hadn’t arrived at the last two yet. Ikazuchi couldn’t assess the situation more than that at the moment as he wasn’t aware of the enemy that he had thrown his sword at.

He quickly returned his focus to the man just to realize that the last remaining person near him was collapsing due to his sword cleanly piercing his chest. ‘That’s for the best.’ Ikazuchi felt the force of the magic through the meat shield of a dead body previously, and would have been in trouble if the person hadn’t been caught off guard by his toss. As for the body itself, it burst in several places splattering blood back onto Ikazuchi as a result. The distinct metallic scent of blood crept into his nostrils shaking his resolve for a moment. ‘I can’t stop now…’ He tried his best to focus, to not let the thoughts of death run rampant in his mind. Over the course of a couple of minutes he had become a murderer with three lives on his hands, and it would take time for him to cope with that after this.

By adjusting the angle of the sword piercing the body a bit he allowed it to drop lifelessly to the ground without any support. He wasn’t aware what kind of appearance was being shown to others, but the dead bodies along his path would likely haunt some of the weak willed individuals present.

As for the remaining two enemies, they had seen the fate of the other four members at this point. Ikazuchi could see the fear reflected on their faces from his position, and was sure that his companion would become aware of it soon if he wasn’t already. As both were looking at the two, there wasn’t any chance of victory for either. That was the reason that they both decisively chose to cooperate and knock each other unconscious. It was the fastest way to use the rules of the arena in order to protect their lives, albeit slightly comical to see. The process after their bloody victory was confirmed was simple for the two. They went on to collect the standard tournament rewards before making their way to collect their secondary reward as well.

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