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Underground Associates(NQ)

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#1Judina † 

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Judina †
So many things that happen in this world, in some way a person needed to adapt. Judina would realize that was the case for her, This was something that maybe would slowly help her mind get off of her worries, working again it might help her feel better. Judina let her self sit and quietly allow herself to stay with in one spot and not do much with herself even if it was in a attempt to relax it had not done much to help her as it seemed to stand in her mind. Jumping back into work so to say might be good.

Maybe just maybe she needed to learn what exactly she could do with in this city, Since this place was far too different then most places she had been use too, It was one thing she really needed to be sure or not she felt like she was missing, After all she also seemed fairly content with currently managing to only just slightly relax there were so many things upon her mind, That still dug into her thoughts did this minor vacation she was suppose to have was suppose to settle her mind, Yet she still seemed not settled.

Alistair was still around, so far Judina knew she was still alive from the fact Alistair was still around her. The time together with him in some manner did just keep Judina's mind in control, She had to be in control for his sake, for anyone else she wished to help's sake and finally her own sake as well. It almost felt like a never ending battle for her.

So now the question in her mind was, now yet again what does one do for work here? Judina was clueless, Alistair would not know as well, Simply now it was in general thought of where to go from here for figuring out that exactly, It is not like she could just show up to some one randomly, ask them for work and have work just like that, Judina figured it was not that simple, For a part of it was she did not speak the main language well enough here, as well the people here did not seem as open as most people of Fiore, a few odds she had against her in that manner, slowly she would just have to piece it out and figure out where to go from here.

Did she just walk over and start asking people if there was work to be done? did she walk into an ally and wait for people to be in danger and ask them like some shadow figure with in the night solving problems with easy? almost seemed a pretty hard question to solve, it left so many things open. Not anything like walking over to a job board in a guild and picking one, doing what is posted and getting reward and being done with it. Or joining the rune knights and working for the public for draining your life to ensure they are safe for not only money but safety of other people as well.

It seemed a interesting thing to ponder upon, Where did she go to break that tedious part of her mind, only to want to embrace it again. So left to question, Was it time to dig into area she never thought of going into? it was a valid thing to consider in this case. It would be something she would most likely have to internally debate for a fair amount of time to know for sure, After all she had always kind of stood against venturing into places like that for work or need.

Slowly debating if she really needed to go that far, Judina would slowly go with in the confines of her mind on where she would have to go for the job shes normally hated the most to even consider doing. After all sneaking and information was never something Judina really considered or wanted to do. It was just figuring out a way to get herself comfortable with going into that side of work, After so many years of being the the person to arrest and put any crime lords in a cell or in there place, What way would Judina be able to talk herself into doing this and be okay with it, in some way she could come to terms but it still seemed a bit far too in deep to what she was apposed too.

Slowly her mind was coming to terms with that exactly this could entail completely that she needed to do, She could deal with what was now coming in her mind what she needed to do. Now however getting started was something else entirely she had to figure out as well. Just knowing in some way she now had to figure out how to enter an operation of one of the many crime lords. Not something super uncomfortable in her eyes, but still almost made her think that if the rune knights operated in these lands a former one going into these dealings would look horrible on her, For now taking it in mind she was not with the rune knights anymore currently, her own morals were just stuck in her head and not helping her get something done with it not really helping much either, A bit of an annoyance for Judina.

So now Judina would set off into the Crimson Quarter listening around to hear by some people that a few people with seeing the behaviour of how people were acting, It seemed still rather different because of the culture of the area, seemed a bit different from what she gathered so far, So Judina would follow that trail to see what would happen if she did go, Leaving Alistair some where out of the way because a giant cat like him would give away anything she was going to do, It would just be easier to not have him for the moment.

She would have to return for Alistair when she was done the work that she ended up digging herself into, Judina hoped she could easily dig herself out of it. Whatever that digging out was exactly she did not really know right away, As much as Judina wanted to predict whatever it could be, hope for the best and press forward the wise words would be form her mother, Judina could hear her mind think that, But the thought was her own mother's voice speaking that exact word to her, It was a bit strange consider she just walked away so coldly from her last time.

She would have to solve that later, She had other things in her mind she wanted to sort out at the moment, She did feel guilt about it too after all Judina was normally a far better daughter and more well mannered of a person. How far was the answer to this riddle of finding the work she wanted to do? it seemed slowly that answer would slowly reveal it's self before her, A bit more unexpectedly since it was going to creep up on her as much as she figured she had time to figure it out, Picking up upon work was coming at her fast.

It was a bit rough for her to start with the job at hand simply put, starting to understand what was being requested of her, Gathering what all and she could figure out she would get asked to do work wise, Judina would have no problem going to get the task done. A task that was not super hard to do, Which was a slight relief in her mind, A simple task being stuck in what felt like a whole new world was something slightly stressful.

It would be easy to manage that work, As well as a task that would be one with in her normal guidelines of something she would not consider too horrible. It just seemed to do with information whatever they wanted it for, even with exactly it entailed Judina would try not to be too curious about since it was Judina wanting her mind to focus on thing at the time. Find task to do, Get task done go find Alistair and be done for the day, seemed fairly simple cycle of process to go through.

When returning to finish the job, Judina would not lie or cover up anything she did during the job. There was a reputation to build with an employer that making a good name for your self through being honest would show good intention when being new to jobs, That and Judina did not really want to get on anyone bad side to start with, it seemed like a fairly harmless idea. Then again she would not really know because he did not know how the people in Hosenka were really like, For they were still fairly strange to her, Nonetheless the job was done, Judina would be on her way.

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