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Underground Associates VIII [NQ: SOLO]

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Underground Associates VIII [NQ: SOLO] Empty on Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:14 pm

And to think that everything was over. Surely, Masami will continue being incorrect until he finally leaves Hosenka City.

The theater's reconstruction has completed and, to his demise, those that were updated about the performer's life had heard the recent news, and that clients had decided to pick him up for their underground businesses, knowing that Masami will be able to get the job done quickly, at the same time as getting their expectations exceeded. With their boxes of letters, surely the lucky one will be luckier than ever, and that said lucky person's letter is right in Masami's hands.

He sat in the office with the letters in front of him, neatly organized into read and unread categories. "Most of these aren't even worth it," he spoke to Manager Yua, who sat in the next table. She was organizing the theater's funds, knowing that Masami will have to leave the city after a week or so... hopefully, after a week or so. She nodded at Masami's comment without saying anything in agreement. Supposedly, only Yua and few acquaintances know about Masami's underground business. With a disheartened heart, she'd smile while minding her own business, because Masami truly is "too young to stay at one occupation," because he could've just be contented in the theatric business. After all, he was a foreigner, and it is inevitable that he'd have to travel throughout all of Fiore. Sooner or later, upon Masami's leave, it'll be only Manager Yua that will be handling the business. She couldn't even remember the reason why Masami had her hired, other than her request and her need in being in the business. Though, surely, with the theater being in Hosenka City, the city that uses traditional Joyan-themes to please the foreigners, the theater was indeed getting more than enough.



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"When will you coming back to Joya?" she'd ask without looking at the boy, because until now, she had been keeping a "matured adult" image in front of him—in front of everybody, and that she'd pretend that her work mattered more than everything else. And, because she is playing that "matured adult" role and knew about Masami's past, it was a good choice to act as if she had cared for the young master, more than everything else—more than any adoptive parents. Those said adoptive parents might not even care about Masami's past, nor the need to come back to Joya... and the need to live, otherwise receive death after a few months. As a fellow Joyan person, Manager Yua cared, just like how she cared about the rest of the theater's staff members.

Throwing a letter in the "read" category box, Masami shrugged and stood up after picking an opened, standby letter on top of the coffee table in front of him, and then brushed the dust off of his clothing. "I don't know," he answered, quite bluntly put out than he had expected, "even though I want to come back home as soon as possible, I do not think that it is possible in my state—the demons soul might get angry." Masami understood that saying Lucifer's name might not bring anything else than confusion, because Lucifer did not exist in Joya, especially in the mythological tales. "I've met some people when Tomoe took me to Magnolia, they've come to visit me in this city. I believe that it is something important," he said, touching the door frames and was not stepping out unless he finishes what he needs to tell Yua. "I also believe that... it will help me know who Lucifer is, better than I knew it now."




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Masami had already left before Manager Yua would reply, "I see," because she did not want to respond to Masami when he is present. Sure, it was a rather pathetic idea to talk to someone when they are not even present in the room, but Yua found it more comfortable to speak, and then hope that he had heard her. "I bid you good luck in your journey," she said, her brush tapping the table as she rested her back, "and I do wish that you live, until the end." A piece of her felt thankful; perhaps, she wouldn't exist without Masami and perhaps, the same goes for the rest of the people that had existed because of his tales.

Now, Masami did not go too far. He met the client in Sakura Alley and thankfully, he didn't have to go too far out. It was already a tiring deal for him to venture throughout the Caberet Crescent, more so as going to the Crimson Quarters for the businesses to get settled. With a paper umbrella in hand, under the moonlit night, it seemed to be a very breezy, peaceful night.

And there, stood a foreigner—a child, rather, seemingly younger than Masami. He wore the clothes they wore in the cathedral in Magnolia, and a book hung behind him. "Hey there," he said, smiling at the child and a hand waved at them before completely approaching them. It was better to greet the client from afar—even though they were a kid, they were still a client. With an expressionless face, they waved back at him. "Did you travel alone?" he asked, and the child nodded in agreement. "I see, it must be tough," sure, Masami has experienced the same. "I am with a few sisters. They are staying temporarily at the hotels, but I came here alone," the child commented before bringing the book out, the one hung behind him, and then brushed the cover with his clothing's sleeves.




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"I see," he would repeat in answer to the child's statement, "ah, I think... I have seen this before?" Masami wasn't wrong—indeed, he has seen this before. He took the time to look at the cover, which glistened from the moonlight's beam, and immediately the Joyan was disheartened. "Where did you get this?" he asked, because this book was the same as a certain lich's book. The naivety of the child had allowed him to answer straightforwardly, "Marigold City, then it was sent to Magnolia, in our cathedral," he said, "we knew that you bared close connections with the book's previous owner. And, we think you'd understand it because you were a foreigner." The child was close to being correct, except Masami held the book and when he opened it, although understanding few of the letters, he knew that everything will continue to be nonsense unless he understood it completely.

He shook his head, "It's Sinese, actually," he read it from the right to the left, "but I'll be able to understand this, if I ever meet someone who read and spoke its' language." He looked at the kid, unknown to the Joyan on what to do with him. "You are giving this to me?" surely, that was the obvious idea of it. The child would nod his head, and he was humble enough to Masami's liking. "I'll walk you back to the hotels, let's get something to eat."

Then, when Masami held his hand out, the child took it in familiarity. He had met Masami before as one of the children healed in Kardia Kathedral around a month ago, and knew that being with Masami will grant him safety. Then, under the night and the book held in Masami's hand, he had hoped that being with this child will help soothe the vague piercing pain in his chest.




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The two stopped in town; Hosenka imitated the Joyan festivities, especially the Joyan foods. Masami had always enjoyed cold mochi, thus he decided to bring the choir boy to a stall that sells similar ones. "Which color would you like?" Masami would ask as the two arrive in front of the stall; the seller had opened the gigantic box, releasing cold mist from the inside. The child looks at it with an amazed look on his face, "Anything?" he'd ask, slightly concerned and needed reassurance. Masami was pleased enough to give the kid the assurance he needed, so he'd smile back and nod without saying anything. "I'd like the white one," the child would say after pointing at it, and then the seller would pack it in a small paper bag; Masami would be the one giving the payment.

"Why the white one?" children would usually go for the more colorful ones despite having no changes in flavor, whatsoever. Masami had the same white-colored mochi in his hands, at the size of his palms. "It looked clean... and pure," there, Masami would understand how purity matters to a child like him. The Joyan would watch the child enjoy the cold bliss of the snack as they walk in town, through the festivals in Hosenka City, before they arrive at the designated location. "Do you like it?" the Joyan would ask in a very calm tone of voice, as well as a tint of energy that would make the child agree immediately after being asked. "I like it too," he'd respond, a bit quieter than from a while ago. Oh, how Masami misses Joya already; the homesickness was getting into him once more, and it restricted him from enjoying the bite dug into the large, white mochi. "I like it very much."




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Unintentionally, Masami would start to sob, and the two would stop their steps and stay in the middle of the road of festivities. "U-Um...!" the child would react, looking high up to match Masami's downed face. The kid didn't know what to say, and he'd watch Masami cover his face with the mochi and, even if he didn't want anyone to see his saddened face, knowing that his skills in acting is able to cover this occurrence up, Masami felt as if he was helpless and that he could not control his outbursts at all. "I'm alright," he'd say with a quiet voice, slightly stuttering as he'd wipe his tears using his palms, and then forcing a smile. "I just miss going home," it was better to tell the truth rather than making such a pathetic excuse. After all, this was a child and there would be no reason to lie to them. If Masami would ever lie, it would make him feel worse. At times like these, the emergency button regards the intention of feeling immediately better gets pushed down, but it was as if Masami wanted to stay in this state for a little while longer.

Immediately afterwards, Masami would lift his head up and slide the Momijigari mask in front of him. "Let's go meet the sisters," he'd say, holding the child's hand, who then wouldn't move from his spot even when Masami walked away in attempt to leave. "You don't want to go?" Masami would wonder, his face now hidden behind the mask, in accordance to his unpredictable nature. The mochi was held in his left hand, wrapped back inside the paper to be consumed in later dates. The book was wrapped back in leather, not strapped behind Masami. The child wouldn't respond and stay quiet, and then Masami would let his hand go. "Do you pity me for tearing up?"

The child, thinking that the question was rather negative, panicked and shook his head in a quick pace. "No... I just feel bad—I mean, I feel quite the same," he'd say, looking down. Masami would wait for his answer, so that he'd be able to continue his story. "They say that I'm evil and possessed, so they kept me in the cathedral. I like it there," was what he said, "but I miss going back home." The Joyan felt bad for letting the child remember these memories, maybe it was better to have shut up the whole time but... it seemed as if Masami understood. "We're the same," Masami would respond, patting the child's head. "I'm wearing a demon mask now, am I not evil?"

Masami attempted to scare the kid off, in order to make him laugh. "Let's go meet the sisters, we'll still be eating more snacks." Then, continuing their journey, the child held Masami's hand once more, and then let himself get carried away.



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