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Repeat Respite [Private]

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#1Lorelei L Lakefield 

Repeat Respite [Private] Empty on Sun Oct 25, 2020 1:32 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
She sighed as she settled into the hot spring. Itg was time for a nice well deserved break. The pink-haired dragon slayer. She earned this, she thought to herself, private time away from all the chaos that had happened to her. Between the yakuza, the disbandment of her guild, and flashes of memory that caused her pain, she earned some time to relax.

What better way than to rest in a women's only hot spring with a towel wrapped around her head? Take in the sights and enjoy a mineral bath and spa treatment? From all of the work she had been doing and yakuza that she got jewels from when they tried to shake her down.

As she sat back, enjoying the scent of the fine minerals in the water, a snack to have later at that, she sipped on a lovely cup of tea.

"This, this is something I could really get used to." She didn't remember the last time she relaxed like this, then again she didn't really remember much of anything at all!

As the workers walked by, asking people if they could use anything, Lorelei ordered another pot of cold tea, preferring nice cold drinks with her hot baths.

#2Priscilla Ivalice 

Repeat Respite [Private] Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:36 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Eventually when all the workers had passed Priscilla would walk in, since she herself wanted to relax here as well, in her quest in always finding the interesting people to talk too. Sometimes the far more innocent looking ones also were interesting for Priscilla to meet as well, this area was seemingly perfect.

Lorelei just happen to either be fortunate or the opposite when Priscilla would walk in, while Lorelei was wrapped up in a towel when she was in the fine mineral water bath.

Priscilla was far different, how much different? she would just enter entirely naked with out fear or worry. Priscilla was comfortable in her own skin so to say, She was not scared of other people looking at her with or with out anything on she had confidence in her appearance, body and features.

So much so that she did not care walking around strangers naked like she did in this situation, After all no one would really do much here.

She did have a towel tuck with in one of her arms, Just to be polite after all if some one else did ask nicely she would put it on, Just since it seemed to be a casual relaxing bath area and no other warning that she should be wearing anything while bathing Priscilla kind of just did what she felt.

Priscilla settling into the this situation did not take vary long too, sitting with one of her legs crossed over the other. Lounging her arms out by leaving then stretched out and reading on the edge of the tub.

She would wonder what would be said to her, what reaction this woman would have to Priscilla just showing up as she did, after all she did not know this pink haired woman and Priscilla showed up seemingly almost out of no where, knowing very well there was some one else in there.

#3Lorelei L Lakefield 

Repeat Respite [Private] Empty on Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:29 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
Lorelei was enjoying the sights for the time being, from afar at least, with no one being harmed by the act at all. Though the harm only came to her when Priscilla entered the scene and settled into the water herself. There was a bit of copper added to the mineral bath, straight from Lorelei's nose.

As she was busy losing blood from the sight of a woman being so unabashedly brazen to walk around like that, she couldn't help but cover her nose and make a ruckus as she turned around to rest on the edge of the hot water pool.

Clearing her throat for a moment as she tried to clear her head!

There was one thing Lorelei could remember for certain about her past, when all else failed to come to memory, she remembered her affection for the fairer sex. Lorelei Laguna's interest in other girls, some would say, eclipsed that of the most stalwart of red light district trawlers, if only from an art appreciator's viewpoint!

"Lovely, day, er, night! Lovely night, right? That is uh, nice to meet you!" She tried to break the ice while talking to Priscilla over her shoulder, "What brings you here? I needed a nice long break from all the hectic stuff going on in the city lately." She did have a bit of trouble when it came to getting involved with the criminal underbelly of Hosenka, whether she sought them out or not was her own problem, though her luck seemed to draw them to her regardless.

#4Priscilla Ivalice 

Repeat Respite [Private] Empty on Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:32 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Ensuring the towel she had would not touch the water, Priscilla might not have expected the moment of how this woman took to her being here. In which it was still interesting, they seemed to be different people in terms of reactions, After all Priscilla just seemed content and with what was really going on in this situation.

Priscilla was wondering if she made a fan or was she making herself a target of something she did not expect right away? it was a really interesting question left on her mind. That or the werewolf was a lot more seemingly eye catching looks was not something she really picked up on around other people. So far even if she was not answered her yet, Priscilla actually would answer her.

"Pleasure is also mine Dear."Back to her normal way of speaking, Priscilla would be her casual self. She had taken nose of the possible nose bleed for the poor woman by her."It is a wonderful time to unwind so to say, I should ask however, Do you need something to clean up the blood?"Priscilla asked this woman just to be sure.

Even if she was waiting to hear about that."That is sometimes, It is always interesting to meet new people, even if in different ways and situations."Nonetheless it was almost an awkward start, Just Priscilla knew how of work off of being around blood."I also have not been in said bathing areas like these in a while." Which was why Priscilla had came here to start with, Lorelei just happen to be chosen to deal with Priscilla at random because she like the spot, The or it was the least amount of people that was something else too that might have been a factor as well.

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