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A World Without

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It had only been the other day that they had exposed themselves to each other, both literally and metaphorically. Nameless had met and came across all kinds of people from her own forgotten past, as well as a future that was never lived.

She was a strong god, one that the world feared. She was no different than she was now, the only change was the power she held. She was told she once had a skill that peered into the minds of everyone. Literally everyone. She could see all of their dreams and desires, their weaknesses and strengths. And she chose a single man to serve then. His name? Geno Ranzu.

Her vessel, Chisu Lau, had came from her destroyed city, only to survive by all she could find. She was a scavenger, and took refuge to living in the park. The man that saved her, also received her undying loyalty, this man by the name of Shura. A man, who happened to be a direct descendant of Geno.

Whatever her debt to Geno was, it was paid in full. All she owed Shura was the fact she took the life of his pupil, of which Chisu had placed upon her own master, in hopes her own power would be of better use . . . .

. . . Nameless looked up and shielded her eyes from the sun. She had purchased a room at a local inn. It wasn't private, and it didn't need to be. With the noise from around them as well as the people, they would be unnoticed, and almost forgotten. The only detail known of her was her ears, which today remained under a hood, for now at least. As for her companion, she would remain perched on her master's head, as she had always did. She would be the second set of eyes.

But all that remained in her head, was the debt she had to pay.

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