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Path of the Dragon Pt. 2 [solo]

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#1Jan Ren 

Path of the Dragon Pt. 2 [solo] Empty Sun Oct 04, 2020 2:38 am

Jan Ren
"--That's about it though." The giant rotund man ended his notes, puffing out a cloud of smoke emitted from his cigar. Having taken the orders straight from the man on top, Jan Ren realized that his branding ceremony would soon come, most likely in private and without the underboss' presence. That was good, it meant Weirdlock's plan could be set in proper motion and the Sinese could bail out on the destined day. For now however, he was to play the good sport and follow the orders received. "Alright." He consented, a hand moving to his hip as his other fist clenched in some determination. He had to remember who he portrayed himself as so long as he interacted with these guys. "Consider it done." He declared, already heading out of the room, catching onto Yomu's amusingly worried words sending him off. "Safe trip~"

...How oddly satisfying. To know that these guys operated the same way any organization did offered some degree of relief. They may have been criminals and their ways were ruthless, but even they had a sense of comradeship. Unlike his guild however, the Black Dragons were easily more violent and possibly more dangerous on a wider scale.

As he made his way to the hot springs, Jan Ren couldn't help but utter a short-lived, smug remark about his boss; "A bit naive, aren't we." Sending a newbie to collect debt for the Yakuza? They may have been confident they could find him when necessary, but at the same time he could simply take the money and scram to the other side of Fiore if needed. Moreso taking into account the fact that he wasn't a legitimate member yet, and had no intentions of turning into one. After all, the detective made it clear that this was simply to gain their trust.

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Path of the Dragon Pt. 2 [solo] 2_1
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#2Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren

Turning the clock back a bit... Jan Ren had met with the pompadour'd man rather soon after his enlistment into the Yakuza ranks, the two exchanging a small cup to celebrate their oddly-made success. Despite the joy in drinking, this was still a business meeting and both were well-aware. Perhaps that would be why neither could enjoy their Sake as much as they'd liked. "You getting into the Black Dragons is a blessing. We can't be in a better position ourselves! Whatever they have with Ouroboros is closer than ever." He claimed, grinning some as the older man showed genuine satisfaction with his new aid's work. "Though we're only starting from here on. I believe the Black Dragons have something to do with the recent chain of murders. Try to lay low and investigate their stuff from the inside."

For the first time, the Sinese was effectively a double-agent. How cool is that?

The destination at hand was a local bathhouse, renowned for hosting a genuine hot springs in their establishment. There weren't many like this spread around Hosenka considering the rarity of the location itself and the procedure required for hot springs to even show up, and as such it was coveted rather much by the general population. Naturally, that means the Yakuza too. One could see exactly how and why they would set their sights on this place, probably beating other families to the punch when it came to reaching out to them for 'protection'. How lucky the Black Dragons were to have possibly the most popular bathhouse in Hosenka under their rule.

The building was humble; a two-story building at best, though even at such unfitting hours there was a line of people waiting to get in. Like the good sport he pretended to be, Jan Ren opted to actually stand and wait his turn.

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Path of the Dragon Pt. 2 [solo] 2_1
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#3Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren

Once eventually in, the Sinese took in the interior's design. The road seemingly merging into the entrance before a small stair of wood presented itself, many pairs of shoes neatly organized by the entrance. A common custom in Joya and hence in Hosenka, to remove one's shoes when entering a house of sorts. Many in Fiore forewent this tradition, though in this city it appeared to be far more commonplace than anywhere else. The dark-brown wood floor continued to show a modest interior, soothing music played through a Lacrima's device as a single, large painting was hung over the wall to the left; the right side hosting a short hallway leading to a door -- where one would begin their bathing procedure. To the corner on the right, further lockers in case one runs out of space to store their shoes. "--Usage of the lockers is free, you know." He heard a light-hearted voice claim, turning his attention to the small counter in-front. A rather young, charming lady standing behind it; wearing a professional smile as she modestly awaited the client to reach and pay.

"Welcome, sir."

"Thank you. Yomu needs a bath."

Wasting no time, Jan Ren gave the keyword he was told to state when entering, still keeping an air of professionalism; maintaining an apparent relationship of client and business owner with the lady. Her eye made the smallest of twitches as she bowed once in respect, exiting the counter and heading to lead the Sinese somewhere in the back. "I see. Right this way then, sir." She instructed, showing him to a nearby hot spring. A genuine hot spring; steam blocking almost all view as he made out the shape of several rocks, probably molded to serve as a bath of sorts. There was no end in immediate sight. "Please, make yourself comfortable sir. I will be back shortly to check up on you."

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Path of the Dragon Pt. 2 [solo] 2_1
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#4Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
"...Well, if we're already here." Making himself comfortable, the Sinese removed his clothing and folded it all neatly, put in a nearby locker. Unlike the earlier interior, this section of the spring seemed to offer its own, smaller assortment of lockers. Perhaps this was strictly for private use by the Black Dragons. There was merit in joining their faction after all, huh! Staring at the waters momentarily, the young man steeled himself before dipping both his legs in the water; having to hold himself back from remarking how unpleasantly hot the waters were. He'd get used to this temperature in time and dip his whole body in... Hopefully.

Except, that plan was never set in motion. As he was alone in this area, there shouldn't have been any sounds to bother his stay. Nobody should have been around. And yet he could hear it. Wheezing. He didn't pay much mind to it, though as it turned irregular, he finally leaped out of the water and went for the search. That's when the smell of blood hit his nose, and the wizard saw it through the steam. The body of yet another victim, freshly murdered; his mouth slit open, a White Star gang tattoo visible on his shoulder. "This is--"

"Shit, there was someone here after all?"

The sudden voice was the true surprise. Raising his gaze, Jan Ren barely made out a shape through the steam. This was a man, his left pec showing the tattoo of a black snake, rounded and biting at its own tail. "Ouroboros--!!" His magic immediately kicked into gear, but as he was prepared to attack... The man disappeared into thin air. A single Sakura petal falling down. "...Wha--"

... ...Well. That was deeply dissatisfying. After getting dressed again and notifying the hot springs staff of his finding, the area was locked for the while as they kept the victim hidden. The last thing the public needed to know was that the most coveted bathhouse happened to also be a murder scene. The same hostess he'd met with earlier soon delivered the pay he was to collect, neatly kept in a large and chunky envelope; the Sinese remaining calm enough to count the Jewels laid inside in-front of the woman, thrice. Not because of his professional approach, but rather... He couldn't shake off the sight he'd witnessed there.

A man with the Ouroboros tattoo over his left breast. It might have been possible that the Black Dragons weren't behind it. Or rather, one of their higher-ups at best, were involved in the case.

After retrieving the money and bringing it back to an awfully-pleased Yomu, the Sinese made his way away from the gambling den. "If that's all for today, I'd rather take my leave now. I'll come back tomorrow at the same hour, Mister Yomu." He waved off, keeping a rather pleased facade. There was no way he'd tell the fat man about what he found.

Though the detective, had to hear about this. "--Well?" Weirdlock asked, as soon as Jan Ren entered the office once again. "Any findings?"

"...I did find something." The young man laid out as the pompadour'd detective's eyebrows squinted some. "Hmm? Do tell." Whatever the Sinese found was perhaps vital to this case. After that, he went on explaining exactly what he found. At some point his employer had turned away and stared down the window; making sure nobody was eavesdropping on their conversation.

After all, Jan Ren was now one step closer into finding out not what... But WHO Ouroboros was.

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Path of the Dragon Pt. 2 [solo] 2_1
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