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Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes [Solo]

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Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes [Solo] Empty Thu Oct 01, 2020 7:58 pm

A letter borne of a magic flying pigeon arrived on Ziann's windowsill of the Inn he was staying at here in Hosekna. As he opened the window to examine the green glowing bird, the magic dissipated into a paper request for him to see Big Bro Akabo again in the Crimson Quarter. Pulling his cape about him, he climbed up into the window. "Wind Make: Spring." Forming a ball of wind on the narrow ledge of the window, he hopped onto it, bounced five feet upwards, and hurtled to the ground. He landed safely as the wind dissipated harmlessly as he hit the pavement below. Dusting off his cape, he quickly moved away from the Inn towards Akabo's office.

Once there, he found Akabo surrounded by other enforcers. He shooed them out of his face as Ziann approached, but they didn't go far. "Good, you're here. We need your nobody face again." Blunt, to the point, and only a twinge hurtful, Ziann conceded that he was indeed nobody, but he didn't have to like it. He had  finally come out of the Manic mood that had tripped during the last request of Akabo and was feeling mild at the moment. Not depressed, not manic, just... mild. It was a good place to be, not one he was in very often. He was just riding the waves until he crashed into one of his other bipolar moods.

"What's the job?" Ziann was informed that there was a drug manufacturer that was causing problems for the mob. His drugs were just too good and too cheap, causing an imbalance in the market. Akabo wanted his supplier shut down so that this Aavis wouldn't be able to continue causing problems. They didn't want Aavis threatened or injured though, so Ziann would have to be stealthy about it. He agreed to the job and headed for Aavis' clinic. He limped into the small room where the peddler kept his clinic and pretended to be in a great deal of pain. He was evaluated and while Aavis looked skeptical at the wincing every time the leg was touched, he decided to prescribe this special opiate to Ziann that the mob was so upset about.

"I don't want to take anything that I can't trust its purity, though, you know? There are folks out there that will slip you a sugar pill and take all your money. What do you make these from?" Ziann thought he was being smooth, and while Aavis looked suspicious again, he spilled the beans. "There's a team of herbalists downtown that get the purest of pure stuffs. Don't worry about purity, it'll do the job better than anything you've had before." Thanking Aavis, Ziann limped out of the clinic and headed straight for downtown. He asked around for the herbalists' shop and soon found himself there.

Finding the door unlocked, he headed straight in. "Whatchuwant?" The tall trio of men turned and looked at the Wind Make mage with suspicious glances. They weren't expecting a courier or a customer at this time. "Aavis will no longer be your customer. Higher powers demand it." They just laughed. "Higher powers mean nothing to us. Get lost." Ziann cracked his knuckles. He was told to stop the supplies to Aavis by any means necessary. Sensing the hostilities from him, they drew knives and bore down on him. "You're dead, punk. Who do you think you are?"

Ziann turned to the side to avoid the first thrust knife and grabbed the man's wrist. Finishing turning around, he lifted the man up over his shoulder in a fireman's carry, then tossed him at the second charging man who collapsed in a heap together. The third herbalist was wiser, holding back and waiting for an opening. He almost got a stab in, but Ziann was ready for him. "Wind Make: Gust!" A large ball of wind was cast out at the last guy, striking him in the chest and knocking him into a crate of herbs and other drug ingredients. Ziann followed up with repeated kicks in the stomach to all of the men until they were on the verge of unconsciousness. Before he left, he set fire to the rest of the stock of herbs. "The higher powers send their regards..."

Returning to Big Bro Akabo, Ziann reported a successful mission, collected his reward, and returned to his Inn satisfied with today's work.

737/500 WC

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