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Drifting Pondering Questions.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Drifting Pondering Questions.(Open) Empty Tue Sep 29, 2020 4:57 am

Judith Karlinius
What better why to question and wonder upon your own thoughts then an area, Then the more relaxing and mindless luxuries of area of Hosenka. The mindless and peaceful luxuries were nice, just which one exactly was a harder question for Judith. Then again she always had a lot more on her mind.

There was that moment where she wanted to speak to some one particular, then again she also just wanted to figure out what exactly she felt like she was sure she wanted to do.

Judith would take her time to linger and walk around these parts to choose, After all she did not have much she was rushing to do currently. There was a fair amount of things here which, being slightly in decisive, Judith did not mind taking the chance to more linger and roam, For if the right thing came up or a person of interest it would help Judith more make her choice on what to do.

Judith was also wondering so many things to herself, but that was normal for her she was always thinking and pondering things to herself, Just never speaking of it right away.

Did she want to seek her daughter out again, She left so soon and something made Judith felt Judina wanted to disappear forever, Did she seek Kuri out? fix the bond they use to have in some manner? it was interesting things to ponder.

For now, much like learning and exploring the city was still of interest to her and some what still relaxing, Judith would use it as a way to think over what exactly was next, It would be a good chance. So far Judith was enjoying Hosenka, But even if the city was nice, It started showing her so many changes coming to the life around her, Mostly changes that internally worried her.


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"Ma'am Judina!" called Masami with a hand raised in the air, and he had called out from afar as he ran. Although he knew the person by the appearance of their clothing, hair and body figure, and that he knew the person by how they acted, Masami couldn't differentiate "Judina" from "Judith," name-wise. Both had "Judi" in them and being foreign, as well as falling under the impression that despite the two were directly related to each other, they did not "seem" like it.

He stopped at the right distance, Masami has been in such a good mood ever since he has sent the parcel (which included supposedly the cure for his mother) a few days ago. After that, they renovated the theater, and now it was pretty much all brand new. He was nothing but a ray of sunshine ever since that; now that he remembered that Judith was one of the people that had comforted him in times of trouble, he surely had to return the message back. "How have you been?" he asked; the boy knew himself that he was truly interested in what the woman had to say. She didn't seem to be with her daughter, did they get separated again? Well, the daughter didn't seem to be close with her mother, that's what differentiated the two. Masami was awfully close with his mother and he'd do anything to cure her – except, that mission was already accomplished, now he had a lot more to think of.

But maybe it's time to be selfless for a bit, a meantime while Lucifer is still tired and absent within Masami. Therefore, the demon won't get angry if Masami decides to know more about the woman, would it?


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#3Judith Karlinius 

Drifting Pondering Questions.(Open) Empty Sat Oct 10, 2020 4:42 am

Judith Karlinius
It might have be the a case that in reality naming her daughter as she did Judith should have saw coming, They names were far too close. When asked normally it was simply because Judith thought it sounded nice, same for how she works.

Calling out that name Judith look around in hopes that her daughter was around and was going to see her again, Even bringing her more content and neutral expression to joy and excitement as she looked around for that taller, dark haired daughter of hers.

Did her daughter come around and come to be a bit more social? to the reality that it was her being spoken too and her daughter was not around, Judith would have to deal with her disappointment later, After all she felt like there was other people to talk too first, her own dismay would have to wait.

That moment of dismay that Masami could, just with in a moment gone so quickly, The always positive spirit she was would walk over to him. Not bringing up the mistake in names unless she needed too."I am quite well, Just getting lost exploring in a city that is so different."Judith would start off with.

Judith at least had gotten over the culture shock of how different the lands felt to her."I hope you are well considering how our late meeting was like." Judith could was mentioning since she was curious but not asking outright after all it was entirely up for him if that was talked about with her. She sounded at least slightly happy and delighted to talk to Masami again.

"This city has a lot of liveliness, there is various things, a lot of plants that are very well taken care of too."Judith at least did not seem any different,  her simple enjoyments in life always showed.


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Judith's expression when Masami called her name (as much as he thought so) had flustered, and even worried him a little. Did I get it wrong...? he bit his lip, but Judith made a response right after Masami's entrance, so he did not to worry in asking whether he got her name correct or not. Thus, his face lit up when Judith told him about her status, then he'd respond, "I am very well," a part of Masami had forgotten how conversations go again. Hello? Hi? How are you? All of those sounded awkward as hell, and he has never actually said those, ever. "You aren't with your daughter?" Masami tilted his own body in attempt to view the space behind Judith, a childish piece of him assuming that Judina was there despite being obviously not... he'd facepalm, but only internally—Ah, the daughter was Judina, then the mother is Judith—he got it correct this time, but apparently it was too late to correct himself. He thought that it was better to let Judith question her hearing instead of question Masami's ability with names; such a devilish attempt to life.

There, Masami would question Judith's relation with nature itself. "You are fond with nature," in where Masami lived, there were lots of nature, too much for magic to even exist in it, "then you must be a mage relating to it. Perhaps your presence had helped the nature grow here in Hosenka, but that seemed too good to be true." Of course, "too good to be true" unless Judith is some sort of demigod, or spirit, but those don't exist outside Joya, do they? Masami scanned her facial expressions, but not to the point of overly scrutinizing the person to make them uncomfortable. Only a little gaze to the eyes then to the lips; "Is there something in your mind?"


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#5Judith Karlinius 

Drifting Pondering Questions.(Open) Empty Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:52 am

Judith Karlinius
Maybe now Masami could realize, what Judith was a mother and a person was like, Internally she seemed to bury a lot of worries, Only showing them rarely either for her own determine way of thinking or making sure that no one had that reality knowing that Judith was worried about something to keep the look of a positive always bright soul who was enjoying life."Wonderful, glad to hear it."Judith would reply right away with Masami doing well, After all she had advised him, in your odd way mind you as she remembered.

It did almost seem like Judith might be sore about it."No, Alas she seems to have gone off with out a word." She did not sound disappointed or worried at this current moment."I am far too worried about her, Maybe just beyond the point of healthy."Not being blinded that it could not be sane for how she was acting, merely a worried mother.

So he noticed, not that Judith was hiding it at all she just did not use the magic much."Fond? I guess it is that level of fond of nature, My house is filled with all kind of flowers, herbs and vegetables, Finding and learning of ones I don't have."So Judith had that as a goal out in the open.

It would be insightful for Masami."Just maybe, I would try to make anything I can grow, But that was before gained: The Blessing of Mother Nature."It was her magic title, Then again Judith was unsure fully if she made plants grow more and they stayed grown or she just let the plants spread out that where in her control. it could be many things."But there is more to my actual magic then just what is in plain sight."If he asked then Judith would show and explain it to him, If not it would be left at that.

But Judith's just calm and peaceful way of being, She would finally mention it that part too Masami."I have a few things upon my mind, But if I can settle them is something I am unsure of."Judith was being honest about it and mentioned she had a few worries, What he pressed would be interesting for him to figure out if he wanted to do or not.


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A smile plastered across his cheeks, surely Fiorian people had odd, long names to call their magic. "Ah, Blessings of Mother Nature Magic," he repeated, a bit of awkward laughs in between. There was no way Masami could admit that his magic was known as "demon soul" and that the said soul takes him over when he allows it every now and then—no, that's too much to say. Masami scratched the back of his head before Judith would continue her tales, about the things that were going on in her mind; It must be hard to have such a distant child, he thought, lowering his head a little. He was too young to think about having his own and he was no samurai to pass the legacy, nor did he even think about getting married in the first place. That sort of life cycle was a little too overwhelming for a free-spirited child like Masami. He thought that Judith must be thinking about Judina very well, and a part of him was prickly and believed that it wasn't the same for him and his Nephilim-adoptive-mother. Stupid—not like my demon soul would even abide by it, true, he underwent different changes when his demon soul intertwined with angel blood, and now all his demon soul wants is to completely get rid of it.

"Why are you and Ms. Judina so distant from one another?" wait... he said the names right this time, right? "Err... right—you're Judith, and she's Judina," he pointed fingers to two directions just to express himself more freely. He thought that it was silly that he'd get the two names mixed around, and hopefully that would be his last. "I don't get it, really," he admitted, "maybe something in the past...? If one is loved as much by their parents, why would they feel otherwise? Do they think that it's a hypocritical thing to do so?" he was an ignorant kid who used to be so obsessed with finding the cure for his mom. Now that it's all settled, he had no more bound worries nor pent up feelings, and it was a disappointing thought that those who promised to help him out eventually left him to do things on his own, even if it was exactly as he wanted it to be.

He'd try not to get too close; Masami hopped to Judith's side and arms freely hovering around the air. "Are you alone? Do you need some company?" he was going to go out for some shopping, anyway—Crap, I almost called her 'grandma' for no reason; ugh, I can't Fiorian properly today—Masami has been speaking nothing else but Joyan for a week now and to suddenly overwhelm him with a completely different language... surely, he has gotten enough humiliation!


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#7Judith Karlinius 

Drifting Pondering Questions.(Open) Empty Sun Oct 18, 2020 3:44 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith seemed to chuckle about it."If I could have a shorter name for it, I am sure I would. But I keep the name of the magic as it was given to me, Out of respect."That was just how Judith seemed to go out and about these things."But that could just be something I tend to do."Judith would mention so casually as she normally would.

They would move on for the talk, But it seemed they where in for a pretty interesting conversation."Well...That is just how she always has been."Masami might be digging into Judith's life, But now he would learn maybe why this small woman was always searching when she heard clues of her children."It is the same for my two sons as well."Masami was getting the information that might help him understand, That in fact seemingly all of her children where all so distant that she was just merely trying hold on to them because she loved them."The only of my family that I still see and hold onto is my husband and the family that lives next us."It could give Masami an good idea that might be going on.

"They have always been either independent or hiding away from people, I rarely see them."More and more it is Judith being a worried mother, worried about her kin and if they were okay, Seeing them turn away might be breaking Judith's heart, caring for people for so long."My children are like their father, They seeming tend to just do whatever they want and alone, Not realizing they do not know how to open up to people,Stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of either working or the comforts of the lonesome quiet."In reality Judith knew she was that way at one point too, trying to make sure they did not go down that path, The life of being alone was comforting lie that Judith knew about so well.

"I would like the company. Sometimes walking alone even if normal for a long time, Feels some what bleak."
It would also help Judith most likely settle emotionally for a bit, Even if Judith seemed some what stable for the moment.


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A slight sense of bitterness escaped Masami's eyes when Judith unintentionally reminded Masami of his own father, whom had disappeared perhaps before he was even born. Truly, he did not mean to glare at Judith at that one second of glaring, because Masami had rolled his eyes and scoffed, turning away instead with his hands freely resting right on his nape. That single bit ticked him off, but all of those were unintentional and that he hoped that Judith didn't notice. These were one of the moments where his demon soul—Lucifer—was trying to say something, and that it would try to force itself out of Masami, such as the name of his magic: Take-Over. "Ah, kids..." he said instead, acting as if he was pissed off of how Judith portrayed her children to Masami, as if he was trying to act like the good kid, "I would honestly never do that—well, if I did, then my mom would die immediately after." Masami referred to being distant and cold, believing that "inheriting traits from the other parent" was no reason to act like it; inside, Masami knew that his demon soul knew something about his father—whoever that guy was—and it was an awkward situation for Masami, really.

Whenever Masami lets Lucifer take him over, their memories shatter, and they only regain them upon going back to their original forms—at the same time, Lucifer is passive instead of active, thus Masami will never really know what the demon soul was thinking not unless Masami uses his take-over form. If only my 'magic' was as easy as Judith's, now, although Masami rarely complained, he has complained in this one part. He had already sent his cure back to Joya and now, he had to focus on himself only... at least, until the time comes and he can now come back to Joya.

"Two sons, huh..." he repeated in a mutter, recalling the faces of his older sister, and then his older brother, and then the younger twins; he wondered how they've been so far. "Wait... the family that lives next to you?" Ooh, did that feel a little too sudden? It did for Masami—he had accidentally pushed himself despite wanting to avoid Judith in this state, only because that part sounded iffy and weird. Why would they have to involve other families? Usually, the only "family" that would bear the burden is the blood-related family, no other than that; or was it a Fiorian thing? Masami will never know what has been going on in these Fiorian people's heads.


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#9Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
There was only but a peaceful and content smile upon her face with Judith mentioning."My children are all far older then you, middle 20's to almost 40 years old,I should try to be considering then adults more then children."Judith would mention base off of his looks. She could be wrong after all Judith look much younger then most people would what she would look like if she mentioned her age to others."My youngest son sells tea in Magnolia, My oldest and other son is a forest wanderer, My daughter well...seems just as aimless as my oldest son."It seemed Masami had dug into a lot but more and more it showed that, Judith was a truly a mother who cared and loved her children.

Then Judith would mention."All three of them linger upon the path of loneliness and seemingly have no wish to stray away...I can only help to worry, Even if they are seemingly acting more of how their father is."Now however Judith would seemed that she had been able to deal with her with emotions enough that any worry and fears upon her mind where no longer express upon her face.

"They were so different when they were little, some adventurous and protective, some scared and shy, Some easily frustrated and stubborn."Nonetheless Judith would start walking, assuming her company would be following.

Judith not really noticing herself that growing around her left shoulder was a purple rose."Yes, There is a lot more to that family to keep in mind, She use to work with my daughter, need some one to help her look after her two children, Thus she ended up around me."Seemed simple enough who better to help with children then Judith?

"I ended up being their grandmother figuratively."Judith would say with a smile upon her face."After all, I have no grandchildren from my actual family...Only one there was is dead."It seemed Masami learned a mother's woe's easily, but it would highlight that this ever positive seemed to be able to deal with her suffering and always tried to keep pushing forward."But if fate lead my children to be they way their are now, I will not abandon them, But I will devote my time to helping other, Just as much as working for my guild."It seemed Masami now learned what kept pushing Judith forward as a person, It was something typical of her with how she came off, always just trying to progress another person life one way or another, After all she's achieve a fair amount.


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A grandma...? this whole time, it must have been Masami who has been judging by the looks. Upon hearing that word, Masami's eyes ventured from Judith's head until down to her toes; she was smaller than Masami was, but it was probably her magic that made her look young. At least, she looked extraordinarily young to Masami and despite her motherly nature, a piece of Judith felt more like an aunt to Masami rather than a mother. The boy would blink twice – an awkward smile latched unto his face before a reply. Actually, he was left puzzled and speechless; he should have expected this scenario beforehand, for talking to a Fiorian woman. "A-Ah... your c-children are all adults," he replied instead to that section, trying to stray far off from the "age" topic. He remembered how scary women can be when they get angry... oh well, maybe he was just overthinking it, considering Judith's consistent kind nature. Still... I feel like I haven't been respectful enough, as they say: "Respect your elders," but what if you didn't know that they were elders?

For an apparently old woman, she freely told Masami a lot of things about her and her families. Masami knew that it was normal—old people had lots of stories; okay, maybe Judith isn't even that old (as the boy assumed she'd be about a hundred years since with magic, you can look however you'd want to look like). "I have four more siblings," replied Masami, raising for fingers in the air, "two of them must be around the same age as Judina, then the younger two were twins of a different father; mine died before I was b—" Masami coughed, a little too hard on that case. He was fast enough to cover his mouth before he did so, afraid that there might be blood but... fortunately, there weren't anything disturbing when he looked at his palm. He was following Judith wherever she goes as they talk about family and life... "family" and life. Surely, something was wrong.

He took deep breaths before sighing in relief; Masami felt as if he stayed too long, he'd be in great danger, and hopefully this does not affect Judith as well. "What's your connection with Kurisa of Daeva Eye?" Almost everything that Masami said ever since a while a go, were intentional and tried its' best to be well-thought of. It was only now that impulses ran through his mind, and this statement was one of those. Ah, I forgot about Kurisa, he thought, feeling slightly guilty for it. Truly, he loved Kurisa for being his adoptive son, and that her blood ran through his veins and—"What do you know about that damned angel?"—ah, Masami had almost forgotten about that. Lucifer was a demon that resided in Masami and he did not like, specifically, the blood of anything else. Surely, after this, he has to force himself to leave.


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#11Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed like a delightful part of the conversation they where having would shift soon, Just not yet."I had hoped for one more, But my husband spoke against it at one point." Leaving out that Judith had adopted a fourth child, Being a grandmother to Judina's work friend Alice and her children and some kind of aunt to Kurisa's kids."youngest is almost 25, Judina is close to 30 herself."Yes adults, all form this tiny happy woman. She was strange and in some way seemingly a lot more wholesome then most people.

So far, Judith still for the moment was rather content and happy. The fun part was that they were sharing information about each other. Hearing how his parents were not around anymore Judith did seem to empathize."Well it is a shame to hear about the loss of one parent."Judith mention but Judith would take note that only of his parents were gone."Do you still speak to your siblings and mother?"Judith was curious, It felt like a harmless question, She did care about Masami as a person and was in some manner investing in Masami's life to some what see if she could help when needed.

That question Judith found strange to ask, She left no clues to it after all Judith had still did her best hide that part. To just ask out of no where was something, not expected. Judith seemed to internally debate lying to Masami about her connection to Kurisa, That flower growing on Judith even started slowly going away now. Her normal way of acting just seemed to figuratively die right in front of Masami.

Realizing how quickly it all change Judith knew she could not really cover it up that general connection now, Normally she would not cover it up, Given how this seemed to be playing out and how Judith was making no mention it as it stood."Oh....you know of that do you?" There was no longer any joy on her face or voice, the best way of realizing is Judith when deadpan."My connection to her fairly deep, To go into detail it would a really long story."So there was a connection, Judith however did not go into much detail about it right away.

It was peaceful for a while for as always Kurisa in some way or another has something connected to her, always come back to Judith. it some manner it a curse to her, Now she would still be in that deadpan manner ask."it is entirely upon you, If you wish to hear."Judith would mention because it only seemed fair, It would be a fair amount of information for Masami.


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Truly, Masami wanted to tell Judith Karlinius everything about him—about his family and friends—his life back in Joya was, despite all those bad memories, were worth sharing to a woman like Judith. The Joyan wanted to rejoice and tell Judith that his eldest sibling was of Judina's age as well, and share all kinds of stories about his odd younger twins and why they were odd; he wanted to tell Judith that he didn't have much friends despite speaking to many, and that he was closer to his family in many ways. He wanted to boast about how he started to work at such a young age, and then he'd like to get praises for his efforts. Truly, as much as Masami had foreseen it, he wanted it to happen.

However, Masami just stood there, staring at Judith's eyes with his scarlet, widened eyes. His jaws were shaking without his control and at that point, he had forgotten everything else apart from one word. Thus, he uttered, and then his form would change; the crowd would notice, turning their gaze towards the boy's shadow, in which had taken form into a dark purple miasma that had risen from the ground. Masami's hair was the most noticeable, because it elongated until it reaches his waists; at this phenomenon, Lucifer had finished taking over and as the demon wanted, he'd kill Judith.

If only Masami was not present, then the deed would have been done, but it was Masami's side that stopped Lucifer from laying a hand on Judith. Thus, he'd instead utter, "That was disappointing," he'd ignore the jeering of the crowd that had halted on their spots, nor the murmuring that now surrounded them. "I'm afraid that if I heard more, I don't know what will happen to my vessel," it was Lucifer that let Masami reach a hand to hover it over Judith's hair; as in this form, his body had gradually appeared more mature. "Thank Illumin, this kid's far more kinder... despite having a demon inside him. If this angel's blood continue to run around his body, then he'll eventually die in a few months," that said, it was time to go.

Masami raised a hand and casted a spell; a large magic circle appeared in the sky and caused the crowd to gasp. Hosenka City has never known that Masami, who owned the Hinoki Theater, had something dark inside of him. The magic circle dispersed a hand, large enough to swipe Masami off of his feet, and then carry him from the palm. "Thank you, Judith Karlinius," that was the last thing he said before he flew away. Although Masami wanted to say more, Lucifer knew that this would be the best choice for now.




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#13Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
In reality with how it seemed, Judith was expecting the worst of the turn out, She even expected to die for a moment, Every time she had this situation almost seemingly come up. Judith expect and even in some manner embrace the possible reality of her dying in this moment. Judith wouldn't even blink she would seemed to just deal with it seemingly coming for her, Alas Judith seemed to get away from death again, it was almost a curse in some manner to Judith since she always felt like she was fleeing from death even when embracing it.

So Masami was a good soul as she thought, To be tied in with Kurisa even if in Judith's mind risky was not life ending, For details that Judith would not tell Masami since it seemed to be openly hinted not to talk about about it. Judith could just admit right away."I did not expect him to bring it up or know of that name.."Judith would admit right away, It was not like she would avoid answering anything, just know it might not be best.

It was not something to expect to her a different almost like a different voice was there, something else was compelling and controlling Masami so to say. Masami and said demon would be gone and Judith would realize what was going on around her.

So Judith was left to wonder if Masami was now gone forever now and she would never see him again?"Farewell and be safe."It was her being paranoid that he would be gone forever. All it left Judith to think to herself is."No matter whom I am with, you always seem to haunt in some manner so to say Kurisa."Almost like Judith assumed in some manner Kurisa comes back for her in some way.


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