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翁 / Okina [SQ: SOLO]

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Finally, it was time.

Word was given to Masami, announcing of Zeami's presence back in Hosenka City. When Masami saw this, he had to immediately pack up; passing through Magnolia City to inform Kardia Cathedral of his return to Hosenka City, and then getting his clothes back. There was no more choir boy Masami – he was back to Noh performer Masami, and he couldn't believe how unfamiliar his body suddenly felt when he wore his original clothes again. Apparently, they got used to Fiorian clothing in the span of one week but this time, it was finally the moment to visit Hinoki Theater once more and tell people about his ventures, assuring them that this whole time, he was alright and everything that had happened was a learning experience. Hopefully, that was enough to assure them, but he will definitely come back to the same city once he is finished with all the tasks he needed to finish away.

He travelled by foot, but had assisted himself using magic so it shouldn't take more than a day to arrive back to Hosenka City. He didn't want to ruin his clean outfit with sweat and tears, just in case he gets tired and frustrated. Finally, he flew directly to Hinoki Theater's doors wherein the staff would surround him—embracing him whilst asking how he had been through the week(s) he has been out of town, off to somewhere they weren't aware of. Happily, Masami would quickly tell stories of his identity as Magnolia and Crocus City's choir boy, but he had no time left to waste. After a quick breakfast, he'd ask, "Where is Zeami-dono?" he referred to the person who dropped the theater down to him; they quickly directed him to the alleyways, the corners, the narrow paths, until then he'd meet with the awaited person.

A piece of Masami believed that he resembled a deity, like the one he had met from an old and abandoned shrine. Apparently, Zeami appeared more of a deity, and Masami was unsure whether he truly was human or not. "Why were you searching for me?" fortunately, he said this in a very kind tone, kind enough to leave Masami away from intimidation. He spoke in Joyan and Masami completely understood—at that point, he felt at home, however it was a very awful feeling. Masami could hear himself breathing, and his heart pumping blood throughout his whole body. "Why?" he asked, "Why did you give me the theater?" Was that too much for the child to ask?

It seems as if Masami did not understand yet, and Zeami completely understood the naivety of this child. "Come with me," he said, flicking a finger at a direction, and Masami expected a spell to be cast so he closed his eyes just in case of any sort of spark. There wasn't any, and he was glad that Zeami only moved from his spot, albeit in a very quick way. He was only walking but it felt as if time had stopped at certain points, and Masami started to feel nauseous. Without his awareness, he was brought to the entrance of Zeami's home, and it reeked of old wood and Joyan herbs and spices. "We will awaken your soul," he said, but it did not necessarily answer Masami's question, so why is that? "Perhaps... have you encountered with a demon?"

Yikes, that hit a little too much. "Yes," admitted Masami as he steps inside the home that Zeami brought him, following the man with the deity-like appearance, "if you have asked that, it meant something inside me had gotten worse, is that correct?" Of course, Masami had every reason to become anxious, even until he had taken a seat upon the pillow right beside the tables, wherein he'd face Zeami and meet his eyes, and then he'd have no choice but to comply. "No, it seems as if you have controlled it more," replied Zeami, and his smile had comforted the boy, "exactly as I assumed you would. I'm proud of you." Afterwards, his smile immediately faded into a frown when he started to paint letters on what seemed to be amulets, what could those symbols mean. "If you are ready, just close your eyes."

It seems as if Masami's eyes were already closed before he told him to.

「travel + d-rank quest wc」


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