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Underground Associwhatever [NQ]

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#1Jan Ren 

Underground Associwhatever [NQ] Empty Sat Sep 26, 2020 8:46 am

Jan Ren
A very short while after Jan Ren had taken refuge in a different inn -- on the other side of the city, trouble spewed once more. Of course it did, things couldn't just stay peaceful for a while now, could they. Especially with a whole family's worth of a mafia on his tail for deceiving them in an operation. Although it took longer than expected for anything to happen, the Sinese still made personal note to be wary of any changes in his environment, to the best of his ability of course. With how well-constructed their plan was last time, he figured -- if they really came at him with their full force, he'd probably done for.

Not just him, actually. The whole inn would be in for trouble.

That same night, Jan Ren chose to stay outside; a tad too paranoid about endangering everyone uninvolved. It really sat wrong with him. Not stealing from the criminals, but the fact that his actions could potentially lead to some massive disaster. It would bring a bad name not just to him, but to the guild. And besides... It sat at odds with whatever sense of justice he felt.

Finding himself simply standing outside in the chilly night breeze in his paranoia, Jan Ren took the time upon realizing his standing (pun intended) to meditate and think how to approach this. A good hour was spent sitting in the oddly peaceful scenery by the inn, though always half-wary of any familiar or odd smells entering his vicinity. Through some thorough thought, he'd ultimately arrived at a solid conclusion. While he already used this fake name to register here, acknowledging it wouldn't be too long before he's found, he could use that made-up title to exploit his enemies. After all, they were mafia right? Gang fights happened all the time in this city.

I'm talking of course, about the alias -- Tenma-Gumi.

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#2Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Not one too proud in claiming himself to be a criminal, Jan Ren wasn't overly fond of the idea. Though with it discerned as the best course of action -- and not being able to confide with the circumstances in anyone due to the sheer stupidity of his previous act -- a decision was made to go through with it, even if it proved threatening. Better safe than sorry -- in this case, about his lodgings. He would claw at his own throat each night if he knew he was held responsible for the humble inn's destruction.

That said, Jan Ren unfortunately forgot to take into account one specific detail. A detail well-known in the city, that didn't come up as of late and as such was forgotten. That is, each establishment in the city was most likely receiving protection (read: extortion) by some form of crime organization residing by. As such it's highly likely that this very inn too was under someone's control. As lady luck would have it, that was exactly the case.

The Sinese happened to learn this fact in sufficient time to make his hastened escape that night, though never expected mobsters to show up in the inn opening random doors -- not so soon, anyway. He'd figured that with how far he'd gone, there would be ample time to act or at least plan out his attack. Life is tough however. Forced to escape with all his belongings, the young man figured he needed to find his enemy's headquarters as fast as possible if he was to execute this idea. A direct assault against the crime organization was risky, and there was a high chance he'd lose his life. However, it was also the safest bet before word spreads around that he's not to be trusted. Sheesh... These mobsters really held too much influence here.

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#3Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
With the guys who broke into the inn present, Jan Ren had an idea. If they showed up here in the first place then that meant someone from the inside informed them of the Sinese' lodgings despite using a fake name. Ironically, being pursued worked perfectly this time around; as quickly, the young man went and nabbed one of the offenders and knocked the other out cold; bringing the captured man in for quick questioning.

Now with no place to really lock the chaser down -- the inn being rigged against him and no apartment or empty space to exploit -- Jan Ren had to make do with some alleyway where he'd locked the target's limbs down using his own magic. Unfortunately, the kidnapped man was tight-lipped and refused to speak of his headquarters' whereabouts; preferring to risk being caught by the Rune Knights and potentially dying just to keep confidentiality. He'd be lucky to have a subordinate like that one day... But that's a far-fetched dream. Either way. Whether the man's motivation was in loyalty or in money, Jan Ren still had an idea of how to interrogate him despite his lack of cooperation. This is where four familiar punks came in to cover for him.

In a surprisingly fast period of time -- less than even an hour spent on interrogation -- Jan Ren's own lackeys managed to get an address. Taru-gumi's headquarters was in fact a modest home, posing as a tea shop right in the center of Hosenka. Unguarded most of the time in virtue of its perfect disguise, the occasional mobster stopped by to simply drink tea... As a farce, while in truth it was to guard the area personally. Clever, indeed. Though the Sinese thought to himself how it'd only be a matter of time before they were exposed. As it turns out, that exposure would happen now.

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#4Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Sneaking into the teashop in the middle of the night like this, now that he knows where he is, did have some merit; but also harbor some potential risks. For instance, given the masses weren't aware of it being a mafia headquarters for Taru-gumi, it could result in some questionable circumstances regarding his reputation. In addition, if the man was lying... Things would only spiral downwards as Jan Ren effectively plays the fool. The obvious upside being, catching the head off-guard (hopefully) while also finding the base loosely guarded. Sending a scout at this hour would also prove futile with nothing to find, and waiting for the morning to come will only lose him the element of surprise.

With the options and details laid out, it was ultimately decided to strike the teahouse anyway. Something about how cooperative the captured man was seemed off, but given his tight lips once the Sinese himself attempted investigation, he had a hunch this was the place after all.

And so the outbreak against Taru-gumi began, with Jan Ren uncomfortably breaking into the closed tea shop by breaking a window and hopping inside. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness inside, and with no visible entrances or hints of it being a hidden base, he opted to check the floor. His seismic sense kicking into gear, the young man managed to find a hidden entrance under one of the floormats behind the register. As he kept his seismic sense at play, descending down the stairs in absolute darkness, Jan Ren had to wonder if the tea shop owner was the mafia boss or, just an executive of sorts.

It didn't take long until the Sinese landed on well-lit floor; spotted right away by some goons patrolling the area. Disregarding the sudden yell for alert, the young man began running; connected to the earth while admiring the underground structure in his mind.

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#5Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Outrunning those goons wasn't much of an issue. It's when their numbers increased as security was quick to come, that trouble ensued. Much like his previous heist this was one man versus an army. In his wildest dreams he never thought he'd manage to stand up to so many at the same time, rather effortlessly to boot. One after the other as they came up, spells or guns, the young man managed to knock them out of the way. Surprisingly, there weren't many highly capable guards down there. Though his assessment remained wary as he never bought into their ranks being as weak as portrayed. No, Jan Ren was convinced that the 'true fighters' would appear eventually. It's just a matter of time.

Thanks to his seismic sense in motion -- despite not being completely mastered, the Sinese could tell for the most part what laid wherever he was going to turn and in conjunction with his heightened sense of smell, could locate incoming assaults all the more easily. Why didn't he think of this before? Strong or not, these men weren't all that much if Jan Ren held the element of surprise on his side all the while. He'd reach the boss in no time.

Once he learns how to navigate this place.

He must have fought at least 50 men, and finally began showing signs of tiring out. Panting as he grew exhausted from exchanging blows and recharging his own armor and spells, the Sinese found himself backing into a corner. These guys... Were seemingly never-ending. If he was to find the boss, he needed to plow through them all at once and resume his dash. Problem was, just as expected; the longer he remained aimless, the more enemies showed up -- including some more threatening foes. With his back against the wall he was pit to think out some way to dash through. It was all meaningless if he never reached the final boss.

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#6Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Somehow managing to leap past the goons as he utilized three of his spells at the same time, Jan Ren managed to get out of the corner and resume his dash. As time went on, he realized his sense was deteriorating; and maintaining spells grew more difficult. He must have been down there fighting for at least fifteen minutes straight and yet failed at getting anywhere closer than he already did. It was simply a rat race in a convoluted maze. Even with his spells aiding him and his natural strength most likely besting any of the grunts sent, he found himself giving in.

When suddenly, a passageway he was sure wasn't even there before... Probably thanks to one of the goons coming out of it carelessly. Showing itself spectacularly, the Sinese wasted absolutely no time in rushing in. If there was a chance the boss was there, he'd take it; especially after growing as tired as he had become. Sure enough, this corridor was different from the others; whereas the ones he ran around in were pure white, this one was black. Not a shred of light harboring as it led to a specific room by the end of a tunnel-like passageway.

Though before he had the chance to reach, he was struck in the face with an unknown force; toppled over and dropped to the ground, feeling his arm yanked at and pulled behind his back in an effective lock. His left arm now pinned as an invisible force assaulted, Jan Ren could hear a faint voice speaking to him. Remarking about his exceptional strength and stupidity, not only stealing from Taru-gumi mid-operation but also having the gal to break into their base and attack head-on. "You've got guts, I'll give you that..." The voice said, followed by a clicking sound as the Sinese felt something push firmly against his head. "...But this is the end."

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#7Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
This situation... This must have been a gun barrel against his head. Unable to see or sense with his feet not on the ground, Jan Ren instinctively let out a loud roar, not even thinking at that moment. A mighty, inhuman roar; shaking the entire establishment so much so that the goons far from the corridor were hindered by the loud sound as well. And if they had a hard time functioning with the roar, assume that is what knocked off the offender as the object left contact with the Sinese' head; his arm loosened. It didn't matter what this was; it was time for a counterattack.

If he couldn't see his opponent or track them by the smell, that means he's in immediate danger even if the other was hindered. But that roar just now managed to paralyze the invisible force and as such one could deduct that it's at least human, or had human-esque hearing. Hurrying to move, the young man used one of his spells to raise a boulder from the floor, underneath himself as well; damaging his own armor in the process, but finding it suitable; as a loud grunt followed, signifying the attack's success.

From there, the young man continued to dash forward; finally entering the final room, to witness a shriveled old man simply seated upon a Joyan pillow by a tea table. In his hands, nothing. No form of protection. But the room itself was decorated with artistry and jewelry like none could imagine. The old man sat there, smoking from a pipe; right by a ginormous bed. Seems Jan Ren had woke him up. "Taru-gumi's boss, I presume..." He started, panting heavily as he made sure to rest for a moment, seismic sense at work to detect any upcoming assaults.

"...You've done well to come this far." The old man said, looking to his unwanted company. "You've given some trouble to my men... And stole from us while pretending to join our ranks. And now you're here again. Are you truly planning to crush us?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "This entire district is under our protection. If you take us out, these businesses and establishments will have no one to protect them... You're effectively disturbing Hosenka's peace, you know." 'Peace my ass,' he thought. "Is that so." He asked degradingly as he took a leap forward, sweeping his leg in a wide arc before the old man managed to pull out a gun from seemingly nowhere; his head kicked firmly as he was knocked unconscious.

"Well, your protection isn't needed anymore. From now on, our Tenma-gumi will take charge." He declared, having his way with the numerous fortunes the back room held. With the boss out, Jan Ren had conquered yet another establishment. Wonder where that's going.

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