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Underground Associates Smth [NQ: SOLO]

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#1Jan Ren 

Underground Associates Smth [NQ: SOLO] Empty Sat Sep 26, 2020 2:32 am

Jan Ren
Continuing on our line from last time, Jan Ren had gotten rather lazy lately yadda yadda. You know the drill, he needs work.

And work he got! Apparently an awfully easy request was waiting just around the corner, quite literally; in the form of a well-dressed, sleek-haired man just waiting to fish out some candidates to help out his boss. However you look at it, the guy was a mobster looking for newbies. There wasn't any better opportunity to take and as such, the Sinese decided to help out the guy -- or at least hear him out. That was common courtesy, no?

Now I know what you're thinking, Jan Ren is a good guy. Or at least good affiliated. He wouldn't agree to help the mafia so easily, especially if they went for some questionable tasks. Right? Well, you'd be right. Even in desperate pursuit of money, there are better ways to go about this. There are likely a ton of quests in Hosenka he had yet to take part in, but it just had to be this guy and his entire family's faction. It also didn't help that they recognized Jan Ren's face from his reputation going ahead of him, as was the case as of late; though ultimately, the gang agreed to hiring the young lad.

What did they request, exactly? It, appeared not to matter. Something about extortion of organized theft happened to be thoroughly thwarted as the Sinese disagreed with his employers' way and outlook, ultimately joining their ride only to sabotage their attempts halfway through; escaping the scene of to-be-crime with a large sum of money. This would mark the first time he attempted to steal from criminals, and it went awfully smoothly with his newfound abilities supporting his actions. And just like that, Jan Ren caused a certain mafia family to go broke.

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#2Jan Ren 

Underground Associates Smth [NQ: SOLO] Empty Sat Sep 26, 2020 2:40 am

Jan Ren
On his way back, counting the Jewels he stole from the bunch, Jan Ren's nose began picking up some scents he wasn't all too fond of. Strong cologne and perfume seemed to be following him as he made his peaceful way back to his inn room, taking note that it might have been possible that he was followed.

And if he was... That would spell trouble for the inn-keeper and any of the other guests residing in the inn. If the Sinese brought trouble with him it wouldn't end with just a general ban from the local street's inns and hotels. Given the situation at hand he had an idea of who might be following him too. Anyone can deduce, the mobsters he just intercepted weren't done with him; evidence being the awfully aggressive scent following. Though he needed to leave the money stolen in some place, and his personal inn room was the safest bet... Things would take a swift turn with these guys pursuing.

Sheesh. This city harbored a laughable number of mafia factions...

To rid himself off the chasers, he chose to take a short detour on his way; making sure he was thoroughly followed and it wasn't a fragment of his imagination (or guilt). And as it turns out, such was the case; the ever-lasting scent of cologne tracked him and followed on every turn. Quickly ended and discovered with Jan Ren taking an abrupt turn over a fence, laying in wait a fair distance away until the pursuers showed themselves -- dispatching of the two in no time with a suitable spell and a following slam to the face. With two mobsters out cold, firearms dropped off their bodies; he now had three figures to worry about dumping. Two criminal bodies and a respectable sum of Jewels. He couldn't just waltz into his room like this, huh...

WC: 620

Underground Associates Smth [NQ: SOLO] 2_1
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#3Jan Ren 

Underground Associates Smth [NQ: SOLO] Empty Sat Sep 26, 2020 3:37 am

Jan Ren
Out in a certain corner in an unfriendly city, a disturbingly large amount of Jewels stuffed in his pockets and undershirt -- and two bodies laid in-front. Out here in public, for all to see; Jan Ren's expression turned perplexed as he contemplated. "What to do with these guys?"

For now, the safest bet was to take them somewhere isolated and question them... However the motive at hand was already clear. He was chased by the same family he'd just stole from, and they figured two men would suffice to retrieve their lost fortunes. If they recognized the Sinese' identity off his reputation though, they should have known two mere grunts wouldn't be enough. He was a considerably powerful -- not the most, but capable -- wizard on his own right, and mere nobodies wouldn't be able to take him out two alone if they didn't use the element of surprise.

Analyzing will only get him so far. Taking action with these guys, wherever he could dump their fainted bodies, was better done. With that in mind, the Sinese reached to pick the two up and put up a farce to the surrounding witnesses about taking them to an infirmary -- and quickly scattered away with the two. Though this up close, his nose was completely blocked by the odors the two emitted. If he didn't know any better, he'd guessed they wore that much deliberately.

--Which, just so happened to be the case. A sudden gunshot was heard as the Sinese' back took a direct hit, the bullet coursing through his body and tearing up some blood vessels before ultimately exiting from his body. Causing him to drop the two bodies carried and attempt to piece what had happened, when a sudden surge of yelling hit his ears; more gunshots fired, as he narrowly escaped before getting hit again.

WC: 926

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#4Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Despite taking a direct hit and having nearly nowhere to hide, Jan Ren had to admire these guys' tactics. Supposedly, the mafia had two of their men wear a disgustingly exaggerated amount of cologne to distract the Dragon Slayer's nose, aware of his heightened sense of smell. Sending these two out alone as a mere distraction, knowing full well he'd dispatch of those in no time; and taking into account his personality and tendencies into play, realizing chances of him not committing murder or outright leaving the bodies there, was highly likely. Such a simple yet effectively constructed plan, just to capture him and retrieve their money. With that, his back took a major hit; and only thanks to his durability did the young man remain active and moving.

Incredible. If it was anyone less sturdy, surely the deed would have been over right there and then. He would benefit to learn from their planning.

Escaped to the other side of the fence and acknowledged that there was little time to act, Jan Ren hasted to coat his form in a layer of earth to prevent another strike; realizing he was targeted by, easily a whole battalion's worth of men. Not quite a fan of one versus many but not new to the situation either, the Sinese figured he could outrun them or even potentially win the fight, if he tread carefully and considered the opponents' weaknesses. Off the bat, he had no information about his enemies, considering he was jumped in a sneak attack; only taking into account the possibility of non-magical guns utilized. How classy.

Unfortunately, the Sinese didn't have enough time to construct a plan of attack either; as he was soon found, several meteors coming his way. Yes, meteors. Freaking out for a brief moment before dodging the assault to the other side of the fence again, his eyes met with his pursuers. So not only did they have weapons, but spells too.

Oh boy.

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#5Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Sure, stealing from the mafia mid-operation might not have been the smartest idea. Case in point being, this whole predicament. And there were probably smarter ways to do that too, rather than flat-out infiltrate their ranks in a quick hire and run off with the loot. But such is life.

There must have been at least twenty men on the front, and with his nose blocked he couldn't track -- but figured, that there were more coming from the back. He was caught in a splendid (assumed) pincer attack with little options to escape, seeing how civilian life was in immediate danger around him. These guys... Goons or not, they needed the surrounding folk's life intact, merely for business reasons; but weren't beyond assaulting them if need be. So he figured.

Right as he went out of hiding, a couple more bullets hit against his form, deflected thanks to his protection's efficiency; though evidently denting his armor and pushing the young man back, staggering as several other man charged -- some with spells and some with weapons. --Yeah, he couldn't deal with over twenty men at once; running was the safest option.

There was also returning the Jewels. But judging from the intensity of their attack, simply returning his 'debt' wouldn't solve this. No, they wanted him dead.

Finding an opening of sorts, the Sinese leapt back, keeping an eye to his side to make sure not more of these guys were coming at him. And sure enough, there were more; as a well-directed snipe of a bolt hit straight against his airborne form, knocking Jan Ren off-balance into the ground. If the earlier gunshot wasn't enough to warn the surroundings, the bolt of lightning was; as in no time the area was cleared out, leaving just the one man and his hoard of pursuers.

WC: 1,558

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#6Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Eventually, he needed to get on the offensive and do something about these guys. None of them posed an immediate threat against his armor, but surely if that was gone, all together will take his life. He needed to find a way out before his body or armor gave in, both already showing signs of such. So where does his opening lie? Does it even exist in this onslaught?

It exists alright. And it's right there. Both parties were charging him with everything they had, seemingly; so the most obvious answer was to pit the two parties against themselves. It would be a hard-pressed solution considering the locations of the two, but with the fence big enough and the goons being mere NPCs easily controlled, it was possible. All Jan Ren had to worry about was... Getting out of there for it to happen.

Hand placed to the ground to support himself and flick himself away with a quick but firm push, his arm barely avoided yet another gun shot as his body turned airborne again; predicting another upcoming bullet or lightning bolt. Holding faith in his armor to hold on (as losing that would bring his end, surely), the Sinese braced himself for impact; firing off a countering spell of his own, as from beneath the Northern goons rose a boulder, dispersing their formation and injuring some to a low extent. But a low extent won't do; now in the air, he was visible to both parties and both could monitor what offenses the other threw at him.

Using a quick spell to propel himself away, the Sinese managed to secure himself a path out of the onslaught as the two groups formed into one, large party of an angry mob. Ironic, as they were mobsters. Though with the tide shifted somewhat, Jan Ren had an opportunity to end this.

WC: 1,869

Underground Associates Smth [NQ: SOLO] 2_1
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#7Jan Ren 

Underground Associates Smth [NQ: SOLO] Empty Sat Sep 26, 2020 4:15 am

Jan Ren
To finish off, the young man took some fair distance away from the pursuers -- using whatever spell he had at his disposal to form further distance as much as possible. And when reached proper point, making sure he hadn't strayed too far away from his chasers -- as that would leave them with room to exploit his position -- he began his counterattack.

Stretching an arm out and knuckle clenched, the Dragon Slayer fired out a large fist of earth, rushing towards the mobsters; who easily countered the assault with their own combined efforts. The earth fist dispersed into dust in mid-air, from which leapt out Jan Ren. Readied and in position with a new armor protecting his body, a palm strike delivered with all the might he could muster, aided with the speed from the leap; straight into the leading goon's chest, pushing him back with the force into his comrades. This alone, was enough to take out some of the pursuers. But there still plenty to defeat, unfortunately.

Now in close vicinity, Jan Ren was subject to the mob's attacks; most of which hitting their mark perfectly, denting in his armor -- but not breaking his spirit as he remained standing. Another roundhouse kick to dispatch the surrounding mobs, followed by a quick leap into the air; aiming with the same position he fired from before, into the center of the crowd of criminals. Yelling out the start of his spell's name, only to trick the bunch as they unsuspectingly fired at the man in the sky. A sudden boulder rising from beneath, large enough to raise all the remaining attackers to increase the velocity as the Sinese fired off his constructed fist of earth. Smashing into the goons in a fell swoop, aided with the lift from his previous spell.

Landing on his feet, with no time to confirm the downed folk, Jan Ren made his successful escape. Relocating into another inn as soon as possible, the loot stolen still in hand. Registered anew as Tenma-Gumi, for confidentiality.

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