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Hosenka to Oak [Travel|Flight]

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Hosenka to Oak [Travel|Flight] Empty Mon Sep 21, 2020 1:20 am

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter had been doing some shopping around Hosenka in preparation for his leave. He'd picked up a new, fancy sword... being Tomoe's old sword that he threw away in the trash for some reason. He also recently picked up some leaves that he just jammed down Kratos' throat so that he was able to talk. Kratos was very unhappy about that, but Gunter simply said "It's either the oral or the anal. Either way it's gotta go in a hole." After their shopping was concluded, a smile could be seen on both Gunter's and Kratos' faces. Gunter because he was finally able to leave this shit show of a city; these disgusting, putrid, shit and piss smelling streets in front of him. Anyone who wanted to build a guild in this city would be a fucking idiot. Anywho. There was only one last thing that needed to be done. One final stop that needed to be made in Hosenka before they could never return to this place again... unless Tomoe requested help, then it was back to hell with these two.

Gunter looks at Kratos and didn't even have to say anything. Kratos looked back and nodded as they walked into the building right across the street. This building was a brothel.

Upon entering the brothel, Gunter was met with a familiar face. A balloon-like, bloated land whale that they simply knew as Tubby Lumpkins. It was indeed Yomu. Gunter and Kratos simply ignored Yomu as he ate and got larger in his natural habitat, looking at not only the food but the various employees as his next meal. The reason Gunter and Kratos came here was not only to get some pussy, but also because they sell liquor and cigarettes. Specifically, cigars. Gunter, who had just ran out recently, decided to quit the bitch smokes altogether and step it up, going to cigars. So he purchased five cases of cigars for his current travel. And enough liquor to kill Yomu. Upon loading it up in bags and attaching them to his massive Leviat outside, they knew their trip would be long and... probably take about a day, if not less. They knew that they wouldn't receive pussy for that period of time, and thus they needed to get it here while they had it.

Gunter talks to the owner of this fine brothel and hired himself two employees for a couple of hours. The owner said that Gunter and Kratos could stay as long as they wanted. The girls would keep track of their hours and that when Gunter and Kratos would leave, they'd have to pay before exiting. Obviously Gunter accepted these terms, knowing he wouldn't be paying a single Jewel upon his exit.

Gunter and Kratos were upstairs for a couple of hours doing various positions such as missionary, Eiffel Tower, and spitroast. Kratos would then go on to spitroast them again by causing the floorboards to pierce the hostesses, killing them instantly. Gunter thought back to a man long ago, in a bar long ago by the name of 'Cheesey's', fighting against a man by the name of 'John'. "I wonder what happened to John?" But that thought didn't last long, as Gunter and Kratos had to jump out the window to escape the unhappy staff of this establishment. Upon getting outside and hopping on Gunter's Leviathan, the staff came outside with their land whale Yomu.

Gunter flew off while saying to the staff "Thanks for the women, assholes! I'll leave the cleanup to you!" Gunter looks at Yomu, thinking to himself that he's never gonna see this son of a bitch again. Therefore, he'll say one last thing to him before taking off from Hosenka.

"Hey you fat piece of shit, you fucking land whale, can you hear me, Tubby Lumpkins? Make sure you focus on what I'm about to say and not your next meal okay? So here it is! I want you to look for a ladder, fat ass, and I know it will be tough for you to climb up it because you'll need to take a 20 minute breather but that ladder is important, lard ass! It will help you reach your next destination: the noose that you'll use to hang yourself because you're fucking useless and don't deserve to breathe the same air as me, you fat bitch!"

After that rant, Gunter flies off. As he flies away, all he can hear is Yomu's roar. Yomu shouts "Next time I see you, I'll fucking kill you! And then eat you! And then shit you out!"

Gunter then makes his way to Oak City through the air on his Leviat.

Word Count: 779/200 (50% reduction from Leviat)


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