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Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI]

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Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Empty Fri Sep 18, 2020 2:18 am

"I wonder where Natsumi is," he told to himself, his back leaning against a wall around the border that separates Cabaret Crescent from Crimson Quarter, because Masami and Natsumi were tasked to beat people up and retrieve stolen goods, but Masami won't go unless he is with his companion, who was apparently not here yet. He had hoped that she didn't get lost, and that she knew that today is the day, but Masami didn't want to assume that Natsumi was careless and irresponsible, who only wants to eat; they were still guildmates, after all. It was also Masami's fault for being a little too early than what they had discussed a few moments ago. Ugh, I feel kind of bad for getting her in a mess like this, he thought, facepalming at the idea of dragging a friend into a mess, which is also a quest. They get rewards in the end, though, but at what cost, and is it enough for the both of them? His stomach also quietly grumbled, as Masami hasn't eaten enough for this quest due to the guilt he had felt when he watched fifty-thousand Jewels go down to drain in order to fill Natsumi's magically vast stomach, so he was unable to eat properly without feeling as if he was being gluttonous. Hopefully, they can get a (proper) meal after this.

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#2Natsumi Duranndal 

Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Empty Fri Sep 18, 2020 9:33 am

Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi had stopped by a shop to get a quick snack, not for her but her friend, Masami. It was a meat bun, a joyan treat. Knowing Masami by now, He would have had skipped breakfest so she had left her resting place abit earlier then needed to grab him a quick snack. Wanting Masami to have to repay her with flames. Remembering how his unique flame taste, tasted like Joyan mochi, it was quite good and she was gonna ask if she can get it or not. running down the streets, as she thought to herself.

"I better hurry, tho I am glad I met Masami back then, he is like my best friend now, Tho I do wonder at times......How did his fire get so tasty, no I can't think of food right now, I need to pick up the pace.

She thought as she was running, her shoes hitting the pavement, making light indents into the pavement, feeling the wind against her as she was carrying a paper bag with the meat bun inside it.

Soon enough she slows down, walking up to Masami.

"Hey sorry if you waited, oh I got you a meat bun, so you dont fight on an empty stomach"

She said handing him the paper bag with the fresh steaming meat bun inside. Standing tall as she looked up at the builded, eager to go.

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Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Empty Fri Sep 18, 2020 11:30 am

At enough distance, Masami's eyes had glanced at the right direction just in time. Natsumi was running until she had to walk instead, slightly making Masami feel wary as to assume that she'd do something reckless as to jump at him or something similar. Instead, she had given him a paper bag, in which Masami willingly accepted. Oh, it's warm, he thought when his palms finally felt the meat bun's heat from the inside of the bag, then he was told that Natsumi bought it for him so that he would not fight on an empty stomach. That was very nice of her; "Oh wow," he didn't expect that, "thanks! That's wonderful," he spoke while unwrapping the meat bun off of a layer of paper that stuck with it. So far, there's nothing wrong with the meat bun, so he went on and dug his mouth on it.

"Okay, here are the details:" Masami decided to speak while chewing on tiny portions of food at a time, "we go to this place called the Horoyoi Pub, then we enter the management room to pick the stolen goods back." Masami doesn't know what those 'stolen' goods are, but that's for them to see in the future. "You'll probably like the next one: we're told that we can beat up anyone who tries to hurt us," he added, assuming that Natsumi will enjoy what she would hear, knowing that she likes fighting and all of the sort. Masami didn't want to think that Natsumi was overly-reckless and immoral, but it was good that he had a strong companion. Apparently, Masami had recently learned that Dragon Slayer is a Lost Magic, meaning you don't see that often—it's also quite the reason why Masami invited Natsumi to join him in this quest: he wanted to see what she was capable of. Thus, Masami would turn around to a direction, "Shall we go?"

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Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Untitl19
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#4Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
She smiled seeing the fact masami Liked the fact she brought him some food, a little apologie on her end. She smiled as she listened closely to the details of the quest, her eyes lighting up to the idea of getting to fight freely, Smiling and giddy as the last time she truly got to fight without no restriction was quite some time. Smiling happily as she clasped her hands together.

She backed up, staring at the side wall, as she begun to streatch out her body, Bending over, cracking her neck and knuckles as she took a stand, breathing deeply. She stepped, the ground cracking and breaking apart, She started to run as she jumped kicked the wall, a burst of flames raging everywhere as the wall cracks apart as it shatters apart as she screams.

"Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!", She flies as her foot soon landed into someones fact, his face burning as he looked like the boss, his face being kicked it as he is sent flying into the other wall, it breaking apart and him being covered in rubel and debris.
Igniting her fists as she screams "COME ON WHO HAS THE BALL TO TAKE ME ON!!!!!!"

She yells as soon alot of goons start to dog pile on her, only to be sent flying as she soon started to beat them up, one by one with no restraint, only attacking the goons as civilians ran away. She was having the time of her life, a good number of the goons would be having nightmares about her. She was laughing and enjoying herself, grabbing two by their collars and spinning, bashing them into other and throwing them. She was quite eager to have to fight, clearly having been restrained quite abit lately.


She scream standing tall as she laughs making fun of them

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Masami had trusted Natsumi, he really had, except that trust was immediately broken when he saw Natsumi launch off, breaking things and beating up everyone she sees. At first, he had left her to run away and do her own thing, so he had stayed to place a palm by the face, shaking his head. "Wrong building, Natsumi," why did she go charging off on her own? Masami hasn't even moved from his spot yet, but now he did—he had approached Natsumi and pulled her by the ear, then faced the goons she had fought with. "Sorry, men, this giantess is a foreigner. She assumed that it was erhm... a tradition to beat random people up." The good thing about being famous is that people trust you, so these goons didn't bother arguing any longer. They had believed that Masami was honest, so they had easily forgiven the dragon slayer that had wreaked havoc in the wrong building. "Thank you, we'll be off now." Masami nodded and walked off, dragging Natsumi by the ear.

"I haven't even brought you to the pub yet. You can't just go around, kicking walls and all that..." he held unto Natsumi's ear tightly, slightly twisting it, and he continued to do so until finally, they were in front of the right place. Masami knew that it was the correct location as Horoyoi Pub's signage was located right in front of their building; he tugged Natsumi by the arm by then. "We have to act like customers, so you better earn their trust before we sneak into their management room," he whispered, nodding afterwards. He had opened the door for Natsumi to pass through first, "It was a save earlier, but I might just leave you if you mess up."

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#6Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Soon realizing she had ran into the wrong building, soon being dragged by the ear by the small guy, being dragged, feeling a searing pain as she is dragged by her ear. Whining as she is lectured, kneeling infront of Masami so they can see eachother on the same level.

"I apologize for bursting into a building.....I am sorry for goiing on a fighting spree like that....It has been a long time since I have actually been able to let loose and truly fight so I got, abit out of control...it is the only thing I am good at since I grew so big, I apoligize for all of it.

She looked up at the Signage, looking at it smiling "That I can do, Maybe I can get a drink to calm my nerves even, an Sorry again, I have been fixated on fighting for so long now, I am still adjusting and such. She gets up as she streateches abit, Looking at the building, wanting to barge in and start a bar brawl, but she resisted said urges. Wanting to make Masami proud as she would follow his lead on this, not doing anything unless she is told too



Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Empty Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:00 pm

Being acquainted with the fellow allowed Masami to easily forgive them, treating the situation lightly and effortlessly letting things go. "No, no drinking," he gently flicked a finger upon Natsumi's forehead, scolding her when he assumed that drinking may only worsen whatever bad thing was going to happen instead of calming someone's nerves. He had let Natsumi enter, leading her to a table near the center barstools, then called her to take a seat. The pub smelled more like grilled steak rather than alcohol, and it was rather soothing to the senses. "We could order some steak if you want," suggested Masami, sliding a little downwards as to relax himself, arms crossed, "their office is inside that room, behind the barboy."

Masami pointed at the man who was cleaning the wine glasses just now; he stood inside the bar, and a door behind him was opened, calling him every now and then. "We have to wait for that guy to leave, and he might take long," it was because of the grilled steak's scent that called Masami out to want to order one. He'd usually refrain from ordering food from these kinds of places, fearing that they might be poisoned and that Masami might lose consciousness, but this place seemed clean and quiet: gentle jazz music played in their stereo and it isn't crowded, so Masami's got nothing to fear about drunken men taking them all-around places. He doesn't know about Natsumi, though.

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#8Natsumi Duranndal 

Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Empty Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:17 am

Natsumi Duranndal
She felt the forehead flick, nodding in understandment but the feel felt like she had someone she could possibly call her family, earning for one ever since  her parents died and her remaining family living so far away from here. Getting up as she walked inside, as he let her first, such chivalry, Soon sitting down at a tabel with Masami, feeling the hard wooden chair as she looked around Seeing as how Masami pointed out where we needed to go and wait who has to leave first, she smelled around. Smelling the scent of food and alcohol, She also smelled something quite familiar, and might be trouble for both of them if it come down to it, having a sort of spicy smell, she looked nervous.

"Alright and No I rather not eat right now....due to the fact I smell something that is highly dangerous around us. A large amount of Gunpowder.

She whispered to him as she tried to pinpoint the smell, covering her nose as it was bothering her senses rather much, needing to adjust to it for abit but it would seem it was coming from the back room.
Where they needed to go to which means they have to be careful on how they fight and Natsumi couldn't run wild or fight like she normally would.


Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Empty Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:20 pm

A large amount of gunpowder...? In the doubt, Masami nor Natsumi was told that their foes would come with weapons. If that was the case, then they have been in trouble ever since the start, because that would mean that Masami and Natsumi entered the lions' den; once they leave, their names will be recorded and they might get hunted down in the end—that is supposedly the only thing Masami was worried about, partly about their safety, assuming he and Natsumi can easily defend themselves. However, Masami told himself that he won't go all around to attack people, especially here in Crimson Quarters... or were they in Cabaret Crescent? He had forgotten due to worry—he held a hand out and reached for Natsumi's ear, trying to keep the message in private. Therefore, he uttered, "If they go out with guns or if they recognize us, let's run away," he said, "if they recognize us, that means they know that you're a fire Dragon Slayer, and might use water against you." Not only that, Masami was also a fire mage, therefore if they attack him using water, too, his magic will be greatly ineffective. When he pulled back and looked at Natsumi in the eye, he gently nodded in agreement to whatever she'd speak of. "If that's the case, then we shouldn't risk it."

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#10Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
She looked perplexed, observing the area as she whispered back at Masami, in a discreet way.

"I personally dont think that they would recognize me as a Fire Dragon Slayer easily
,I am Known but in a vague way, apparently I am being called Salamander, but in the tales there are multiple different appearences....oddly enough most are of a man, but other then that, there are others way to tell, like if they have someone with a good nose, they can smell my scent is more like ash and death.

She said as she looked around, seeing a drunken man stumble about, completly plastered, as he stumbled over, knocking over a table and being doused in alcohol, the man whom it belonged to was a burly rough man, battle worn as he picked the man up by the colar with just one hand, spouting nonsense of wasted liquor, observing as the two fire mages can see it soon escalated into a full out bar brawl, Natsumi watching as it was something she would have loved to get apart of, imagining her fists slamming into the flesh of her opponent, no magic just bare knuckle brawling. Something she loved to do, and one of the biggest reasons she loves drinking. The thrill of a brawl can excite almost anyone like her. Wanting to just get up and beat all of them to the ground with her very fists, burrying them in the walls as she would more or less destroy the place even more, main reason for her exploits being known as salamander being invisioned a male rather then a female.

Knowing that Masami wouldn't approve, she shoved the thoughts out of her mind, trying to show self restraint which was physically hard for her, acting on impulse was just so much fun for her as the one by the door behind the bar, and some guards ran to break them up, having the perfect chance to make their way into the room they needed to be in.



Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Empty Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:30 pm

He tried not to let his lips fold into a slight frown. Now, I'm more worried about being known, myself, he thought, convicted that if they ever get in trouble, it will be Masami's fault for being known. He had a reputation especially here, in Hosenka City, just like how he was in Joya. Thus, if they recognize Masami, then surely they will recognize Natsumi as well. Sooner or later, Masami will find himself pulling Natsumi by the wrist while the coast is clear, directing her toward the room where they'd take the stolen goods while the pub's staff are still separating the men who were causing a commotion not so far away, but near enough as to not see Masami or Natsumi enter the room. He was glad that he didn't have to use fire magic, especially in Natsumi's case, as to finish the job in very messy ways – Masami had preferred a cleaner approach, with sneaking and hiding, maybe with the use of seduction. The arguments from outside the room Masami has entered were so loud as to keep Natsumi and Masami's voice hidden from inside the stash of stolen goods; there, Masami would utter, "This is enough, let's run for it!" and they will still be left unheard. Could they run away so silently? Masami had assumed not; suddenly, he found himself feeling nauseous with the ground swaying left and right, and he didn't even notice that he was already tucking himself over Natsumi's arm.

"You kids think you can run away?!" said one of the pub's staffs who had found the two fire mages stealing the stolen goods, and he as well was holding unto the door's frame to keep him from swaying away. When Masami looked at the ground he was stepping on, his feet had become sticky and that it was only now he'd notice the slime from the floors. Masami had pointed upwards, telling Natsumi that she may break the ceiling for them to escape upon, and also raising a hand to call forth a gigantic hand. The hand swept Masami off of his feet, and he held a hand out for Natsumi to assist herself into climbing up the palm of that said hand, so that she may take a seat and then they'd fly out of the pub.

"I assumed that dragons have wings," said Masami, and now they were in flight, "let's bring these back to our clients, Salamander." The last end was sort of a mock, because Masami found their epithet silly enough. Masami loved folklore and knew who Shuten-douji is, but the people had referred to him in such a name, even if they understood how Masami was far from that creature. Come to think of it, once you get to know her, Natsumi isn't really so scary, is she?

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#12Natsumi Duranndal 

Underground Associates VII [NQ: NATSUMI] Empty Sat Sep 26, 2020 6:18 am

Natsumi Duranndal
She followed Masami, Getting a bad feeling as upon the room starting to sway unlike Masami, Natsumi was hunched over, every ounce of strength in her body was drained as she was soon puking into a barrel, unaware of the enemy before them. There being alot of legends about Dragon Slayers, but One of the most oddest would be the motion sickness part. A legend which states upon moving objects like boats and vehicles, Making them from strong and useful to incredibly weak and useless.

Hunched over and graoning on the ground as she noticed the giant floating hand, reaching up weakly as she cant reach, getting all sticky from the slime as she tried to get up, clearly stuggling from doing such an easy task, struggling from the most basic of tasks. Soon managing to get onto the hand as she tried to produce a flame unable to summon up the energy to summon even a small flame, not even a spark coming out as she pukes over the edge of the hand. Looking miserable and pathetic.

"This......is....torture.......I....hate...this......and.....vehicles" She said weakly as it seemed she suffered from this quite often, trying her best to avoid Vehicles the best she possibly could

Not even hearing about how she was called salamander, no one ever having called her that openly before as she remembered of how she came upon this during her training, Only finding out about it after the said training. When she was riding her way back to most town via trains, She was unable to get off the train at her correct station she wanted, she ended up in Hasenko anyways due to this Slipup, She had hopped that this wasn't the case.

She rolled over as she was unable to properly move herself, Opening her mouth, trying to gather the energy to let out a roar.

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