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The New Garden [PSF - Phase 1 | CLOSED]

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#1Crissandra Clearwater 

The New Garden [PSF - Phase 1 | CLOSED]    Empty Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:02 pm

Crissandra Clearwater
The Young wood elf made her way to the backyard of the Guild. She had been given free reign over the Gardening aspect of the guild. She made her way there followed by a Wheelbarrel that she was magicly controlling with her magic. The wheelbarrel was filled with seeds of all kind, but there were special seeds mixed in as well. They were fairy seeds. Special plants that were magicly designed to encourage fairies and other small Fae creatures to take residence in them. She had taken the last of the usable seeds when she had left her home in search of her uncle. The young elf smiled to herself as she stopped the wheelbarrel and took a deep breath in.

She began to chant softly, the very roots of the grass began to grow and lift themselves upward toward the seeds. She smiled as they grass helped her bring the small and tiny seeds carefully to their designated areas. She had already mapped out the area, and had the entire plan already formulated in her head. Crissandra giggled and placed her hands together in the form of a circle, she then began to pray to the Gardener.

“Once upon a time, a gardener and a winnower lived together in a garden.” She smiled and began to pour her mana into the ground. She closed her eyes and kept speaking.

“They existed, because they had to exist.

In the morning, the Gardener pushed seeds down into the wet loam of the Garden to see what they would become.

In the evening, the Winnower reaped the day's crop and separated what would flourish from what had failed.

The day was longer than all of time, and the night was swifter than a glint of light on a falling sugar crystal. Insects buzzed between the flowers, and worms slithered between the roots, feeding on what was and what might be, the first gradient in existence, the first dynamo of life. Rain fell from no sky. Voices spoke without mouth or meaning. A tree of silver wings bloomed, yielded fruit, shed feathers, then bloomed again.

In the day between the morning and the evening, the Gardener and the Winnower played a game of possibilities.”

While she spoke, the magic moved through the ground and as the final seeds were placed the first that had been planted began to grow. It was a long and slow process. If she tried to rush it, the Plants would become to large, and begin to go wild. She would take her time and do it properly. The trees were the first to grow. Each seed sprouted and took root before slowly, yet much quickly thanks to crissandras magic, they began to grow into treelings. They were barely a foot eye, their leaves young and full of energy as they began to absorb the sunlight in the back yard and grow.

The trees began to connect their roots where possible underground, and as they grew they lifted a section of the ground out between all of them. The roots filled up the newly dug area, and dug deep into the ground. They touched the aquafor Crissandra had found during her scouting of this area and crissandra could release her magic for the moment, at least on the trees. They began to grow and form themselves into a building like shape. The trees soon settled and solified into a proper shape. Stairs grown from roots connected the ground to the area in the building. The treecover allowed in just enough light to provide life for all the other plants to come, while still providing shade.

Next came the Bushes and Flowers Outside the building. Each seed sprouted and flurished into life as she giggled. Each plant was exactly where she wanted it. Inside the building, a fantastic jungle of life was grown. Giant mushrooms, idealic picnic areas, even a swing made from a sturdy branch and vines. It had it all as she smiled and put on the finishign touch.

"The Gardener is hard to bother; she is constantly amidst her weeds, kneeling in the tangent dust, gloves covered in a mix of distant soils and metallic saps. She is listening to the music of the insects amidst the flowers, tending to her gardens with only one thing in her heart. Love.” She reached out again and using her magic, she made sure to provide housing in each and every tree, or creation for wild animals. She used the roots to dig and transfer water to a Pond within the Garden itself.

“The Gardener tends to Each flower, determined to give them as Much love as possible. She cares for each Bulb as if they were a child of her own bosum, for she knew the winnower would take not just the best, But all of them when he arrived. She could not stand to let her children go unloved.” The small wood elf smiled as the garden applied its own fionishing touches. She had guided it, but it was a good thing to let nature have a little wiggle room.

Once she had recovered enough Mana to walk without stumbling, Crissandra made her way into the new building. She smiled very happy with her work. She took a tour, checking each and every area she could. She would need to get fish delivered to fill the bond, and various other items as well but they would come when they did. She sat down and put her feet in the empty lake.

She closed her eyes and layed back, letting her legs soak as she sighed and opened them once more. She looked around her and smiled crossing her hands over her chest as she enjoyed the atmosphere she had made. She smiled once more and after allowing herself a brief nap, she left the garden to return to her normal duties of welcoming guild members and working the counters of the guilds mission board. She enjoyed her job, as it let her have interaction with nearly every guild member. Even if those moments were brief, the Young and Lonely wood elf enjoyed it. She felt at home with the guild, a much different feeling then she had become used to before meeting the guild.

She was thankful for everything that had happened, even the bad things. Without them, who knows where she would be.


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