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Underground Associates VI [NQ: SOLO]

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Underground Associates VI [NQ: SOLO] Empty on Thu Sep 17, 2020 3:21 am

“Actually, scratch that,” said Masami, who had waved a hand in front of him as well as he shook his head, “who are you? How did you find me?” It was awkward to know that Masami had only asked this now, when he could’ve asked the monk—Izanagi—and his identity since the start. Masami had relaxed himself when he crossed his legs, his back leaning against the curved palm that was gigantic enough to hold him. It was created out of magic, of course; at this state—the demon soul taking over him—he had no shame in using magic in front of an old monk, who had continued to sweep the old floors of an abandoned Joyan shrine and did not look at Masami when he listened.

The monk didn’t want to answer immediately. “I was your father’s companion; we have left due to the same reason: to find your mother’s cure,” he said; his vague memories were so strong that mists had started to form around him, but it wasn’t enough as to cover their visions. Interesting, the blond thought, resting his chin on a palm. If he was in his normal form, he would have taken the scenario much more seriously, how on earth are they going to communicate properly if Masami wasn’t in the right state of mind? He was rebellious and carefree, too relaxed to bother, but too confident as to leave things on their own. “I believe you two didn’t succeed?” was what Masami asked this time; his lip corners couldn’t help but fold into a small grin. A part of him found this annoying, but he couldn’t help it. When his demon soul takes over him—whenever he allows it to take over, he feels as if he was free to say and do anything he had wanted to do, but he wasn’t as reckless to do everything at once.

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Despite feeling overly confident and prideful, Masami continued to visually imagine the monk’s words as if it was in a play. He naturally did this—by instinct, even, and it was normal to imagine everything in very realistic ways that it was almost visual. “I believe your father is still alive,” said the monk, and he didn’t say anything else. That sentence was enough to give Masami the main idea that even he—the monk whom was the companion—did not know where Masami’s father was. Perhaps they ventured somewhere very dangerous—very dangerous as to lose track of each other, for years. Scanning the monk from head to toe, Masami noticed that surely, even if he looked physically and spiritually healthy, Izanagi was old. Compared to when Masami looked down and poked his own thighs, they were obviously young and firm, and they weren’t even completely developed for a boy. “Was it in Joya? The attempt, where it took place,” added Masami.

The monk shook a hand after raising it upwards, “No, no, it was in Joya,” he replied; his words made Masami a confused child, “the realm of spirits. Seeing you now, you haven’t been there.” He was correct: the realm of spirits did not ring a bell to Masami. Not at all—especially when his demon soul had taken over, and his pride lingering longer than his preserved humility. “I haven’t,” admitted Masami, “how is it different from the demon realm?”

After all, he wanted to know where his demon soul came from, because he was a cursed child, too. Like mother, like child—if she was cursed, then so was he, and then the rest of his siblings alike. “Where I reigned—I do not remember. You Joyan men kept me locked up—locking up an entity you do not know. This kid doesn’t even know everything.”

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“You did not exist in the realm of spirits,” answered the monk, and then he turned to Masami and threw a bronze pendant that he pulled from a pocket, “see if this is familiar to you.”

Masami had caught the pendant before it flew elsewhere, and he had analyzed the structure of the bronze carvings. “What is this, an ogre?” he asked, and the pendant was larger than two of his hands altogether, so he twisted and turned the pendant until he understood what the symbol was. “Ah, it’s an oni, isn’t it?” Oni rings a bell to Masami, but it did not ring a bell to the demon soul. The creature’s masks were common in Noh theater plays, because demonic characters were usually oni, because they were scary and powerful creatures. “Hmm, these definitely didn’t exist in the demon realm, and I certainly don’t want to meet one in the realm of spirits.” Masami threw the pendant back at the monk, who had caught it immediately with a single hand, not moving an inch from his spot. “Indeed,” the monk answered, “now that you’re quite familiar with it, I’ll open your eyes to—“

“No, don’t—!”

The shrine was filled by Masami’s loud shriek, because he had come unprepared and he did not expect such a strike of pain that diluted his demon soul enough to cause it to rip off of him. When he opened his mouth wide enough to cause such a loud noise, his neck couldn’t help but snap up, and the mist that formed around them eventually spun into a whirlwind of purple fire, and Masami’s form had grown in panic, uncertain whether to let the demon soul take over or not. That was Masami’s answer: it was like an allergy, like a demon but not. Slowly, his flames engulfed the old wooden floors, which the monk had kept clean, because Masami was unable to identify what he was seeing.

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Souls—not demon souls, but human souls. Spiritual souls; they had danced around Masami when they realized that he had recognized their presence. Masami saw what seemed to be a graveyard of souls, and different gods that had taken this old shrine into life—at least, their attempt to do so had slightly brought it to life. Surely, it pained Masami to feel the exact same way as these previous humans’ souls were extracted from them, which was why he held his chest until he saw himself bowing down, in a form that he was in without magic. His blond hair—now turned back to black at the moment, reached only ‘til his neck and his skin was covered in cloth. He couldn’t feel his wooden sandals from his feet, however, but this had already told him, without the need of opening his eyes to see what had happened next, that he was back to his original form, and he did not feel his demon soul present in him; he had felt empty at this moment.

It was warm, not the warmth that was pleasant, but it was uncomfortably warm that it was hard for him to breathe and to open his eyes, even. When he managed to make a step that had lifted himself up, his eyes opened the same, and what he saw was a sight he had never seen before.

With scarlet-red eyes that allowed him to see the unseen even without his demon soul taking over him, he had realized that he had burned the shrine down. The whole shrine, it had been smothered into ashes by the flames that Masami himself had caused. Other than that, he saw things that he could not describe into words, so he held the bronze medallion closely before he was able to turn away and run out to safety, and then he could finally identify which was real or not.

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Like a sleepy child, he had restlessly rubbed his eyes when he was finally outside of the burning structure, and that he could no longer feel the warmth that he had described as “uncomfortable” compared to what he was feeling a while ago. Still, the sizzling sound of wood being burnt could still be heard right behind him, but it wasn’t as intense as when he was visually seeing things that weren’t there—or perhaps they were there, since the start, and that Masami had been naïve enough as to be unaware until the end. The monk touched Masami’s shoulder from behind, and Masami was no longer sure whether or not he truly did physically exist or if he was a spirit all along. “Look for Zeami, he knew himself enough as to give you the theater,” his voice echoed, as if he lived in Masami’s head all along, “do take your time, wait for him to be back, and then he will know what he will do.”

After that careless whisper, Masami could hear something else instead—voices, a crowd? He had stopped rubbing his eyes to realize that he was back in Hosenka City—in Starlight Parade, to be exact, and things were normal. They were completely normal that it was odd, and slightly scary; Masami’s eyes were back to his golden color and his hair, too, were of natural blond, and his wooden sandals were back at his feet. The bronze medallion that he held unto a while ago was an origami crane that was as small as his hand, and then there was music that although pleasant to hear, did not let Masami prepare enough time as to enjoy it.

“What…? I’m not—?” he couldn’t help but look around and question his surroundings, after all. Did that shrine exist in the first place?

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Oh, he didn’t want to know anymore. His whole self felt that the origami crane is meant to lead his path, to when he would need it in its’ best next time. Still frightened by the memories that had lingered within him, Masami held the origami crane close and fell down, and then he’d embrace his knees and silently wept. How could he forget his main reason of leaving Joya? He blamed himself, and believed that he was never blameless. However, he immediately wiped his crocodile tears with his fingers and stood up, pretending and convincing everyone in sight that he was silly, and that he had acted up with irrationality, and that he was alright.

Where will he go while waiting for the man he needed to meet with? He had no more time to waste, and that he should bid farewell to Hinoki Theater while he was at it. In his pocket was a bag of Jewels that wasn’t there a while ago, and that Izanagi—the monk—had rested his final piece into the paper crane that he had folded himself. While the night still rests anew, Masami smiled and started to walk, getting out of everyone’s paths. He would prepare himself to bed before a final relaxation, because while he’ll wait, he’ll have no time to waste. Wherever fate will take him to next, he would no longer expect anything and truly, he will not let those stop him from his main goal: find his mother’s cure, find his father’s ventures, and come back to Joya with honor. With any cursed blood in him, he will cut them off as if they have never existed in the first place. While he ventured back home, he prayed: “Please, I beg that I come back blameless. Let me finish what I have started.” Surely, he was heard.

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