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New Facade?(Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

New Facade?(Open) Empty on Sat Sep 12, 2020 8:32 am

Priscilla Ivalice
After having rested with Nasira and Hasani, Priscilla would finally come up with kind of different act that she could easily fit herself into while he roamed the city of Hosenka, After all as she would know, no one would know who exactly she was here, It was a good time for her to figure that part out. So after making sure Nasira would be comfortable and able to find something to pass the time, Priscilla would go forth with her new found facade.

Of just a tourist mother on vacation trip away, A stroller for Hasani to be in while they walk to sleep in in case during Priscilla's walk. She wanted Nasira to still feel like a normal person she would let her go on her own for whatever she wanted too.

Priscilla was in control of herself well enough Nasira did not need to be, Most likely she would go give Aura a letter that Priscilla was in Hosenka if the fox woman was looking for Priscilla. But this was one of the few states were Priscilla was much different, This would be how Priscilla actually was outside of work, Valerie Ivalice, A name even if mentioned a few times by others most would not realize was Priscilla's legal name, Rest were cover names.

Nonetheless while walking in hosenka, Even her attire would be different, none of her normal gear, Sleeveless black blouse, Being sure her guild tattoo not going to be seen, A white skirt that when to her ankles, Black knee high socks and black shoes. A Priscilla or Valerie none would normally expect.

With how her hair would normally cover up her missing eye, With an assurance of her guild tattoo being unseen, Getting what supplies she would need with her for Hasani while she was out.

This was one of the few moment in life Priscilla would consider pure bliss for her, During her pass time looking around, Hosenska was something different and it was oddly enjoyable. But not wanting to seem like she ignored her child she stopped for a moment and looked in to check up on him.


New Facade?(Open) Empty on Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:16 am

Aly was happy. Not for any particular reason, and this wasn't all that rare for the young woof elf, but he was. He walked through the streets of Hosenka City with a big grin on his face. His hair was styled loose today, covering his ears until a light gust of wind revealed them. He wasn't trying to show them off, nor was he trying to hide them. After all, they were just his ears. He'd left his bow in the apartment, as it felt wrong to walk through a populated area with a weapon on his person, but he still enjoyed the comfort of the vest he had recently acquired, a gift from his mother for his recent acceptance into the Fairy Tail guild.

Hosenka was a new place for Aly, as he had only recently ventured out of Magnolia, which in turn was his first visit after leaving the woods of the north, so he didn't really know where to visit or what to do. He hadn't heard great things about the city -at least, compared to some of the others- but surely that was all conjecture. It couldn't really be all that bad after all, could it?

As he walked, that big grin ever present on his pale face, Aly noticed an odd sight. Well, odd for Hosenka at least. A woman walking through the streets, seemingly innocent with her child in tow, and a stroller in case the child, as children did, got lazy and complained. Walking up to the child, as kids usually loved looking at elves with their 'funny ears', Aly would wave and speak in his friendliest voice, tucking his hair behind the ears to show them off now, "Hello there. What are you up to today? Are you behaving for your mummy?"

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

New Facade?(Open) Empty on Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:51 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It was a rather odd situation for Priscilla to be in, a bold move walking over to a child right right in front of there mother, Not even saying anything to her first. Were elvish people that bold normally? After all no human generally would just walk over and greet a child so casually. That or Priscilla was most likely being overly defensive in her mind, Unless he really tried anything else aside from a greeting Priscilla really would try not to play it much mind.

This was also the werewolf's first time meeting an elf as well. It was not something she could personally admit expecting right away if asked, Elves were always something she felt would never really show up here, It was a rarity really only other one she recalled close enough aside from this one now was Vali and as far as she recalled he was half elvish.

Nonetheless rather then being locked in her thought and allowing this moment to happen, Priscilla did not want to come off as a overly protective mother. She was not assuming anything he could or would do.

Only watch as her ever so quiet soon seemed to at least giggle at the new person who was talking to him, Priscilla seeing how this moment could progress would stop the stroller and even stop walking for now.

Since her new facade was a friendly motherly she knew now she had to act the part. Hasani would slowly reach towards him generally, the young mind interested in the person before him, being so far a innocent mind he seemed happy."Seems my son has made a new friend."Priscilla said with a slightly happy and friendly tone of voice. Priscilla was intending to be encouraging for her son as he grew up to be comfortable around people and be friend with everyone.

It was oddly relaxing for her still at least, these were more wholesome moments in life Priscilla did cherish. So answering his wonder."I have been blessed in this manner, He has been a well behaved and quiet son, unless he needs something."Priscilla felt she was managing to be some what sociable, Even if just starting to piece this facade together a part of her, Hoped it was one she never had to shift away from, After all she was trying because she truly wanted this kind of life, Even if it was just truly just her and her son who ended up together for as long as Priscilla lived.


New Facade?(Open) Empty on Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:47 am

The little boy seemed to be curious about Aly, reaching out towards him. The wood elf would support the boy's hand in his own, shaking it lightly by way of greeting and beaming at the innocence of youth. It was the mother's voice which snapped him out of the ethereal moment, who simply remarked that her son had made a new friend. Laughing and straightening up slightly to face the woman, Aly would extend his free hand to her, having not let go of the boy's yet so he wouldn't feel like he was missing out. Children were such odd creatures.

"Apologies, I guess it was a bit rude to appear out of nowhere. My name", Aly would look down at the small child as he continued, "is Alyssandra Davenport. I know what you're thinking. 'That's a girl's name' and you're right. But my mummy still gave it to me." Another slight laugh came from the elf as he started making faces at the child to see if he would also laugh along. Aly was usually great with children, but so far it had only been elven children, so he didn't know how different it would be when dealing with a human child. For now, he would continue making faces while asking, this time directed at the mother so as not to cause any offence, "What are your names?"

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

New Facade?(Open) Empty Today at 4:41 am

Priscilla Ivalice
So far, If this is what the reality of being a mother just casually roaming areas was like, Priscilla might have to stick to this since it was starting to be the kind of life internally she wanted, Well most of the life she wanted. For now there was something missing even if she was resisting that missing feeling with in her mind, It was something she might deal with later, Since her focus was on this little one and a few other people she in her own manner work to improve the life of, After all everything she did was to improve said lives just as much as her own.

He had manners offering a hand and an apologized, Something she did not expect, It was flattering. After all one of the few things she never hid was the fact that manners was key to impressing her, Even respecting a person with manners much more then most people. Taking his hand as he seemed to offer, she would not admit he was delighted with how the situation seemed to be going.

So that was his name, No mockery in any manner would come from her, Nor would her son be able to say anything since he was far too young to speak. Hasani was entertained after all even in her trying she was not as good as entertaining a child with various faces. So far, She was not judging names."I am Valerie, My sons name is Hasani."with a smile upon her face with the enjoyment of this so: Simple, quiet and peaceful."A name is a name, I was raised that a person's action and behaviour meant more."That was something she would stick by as long as she could. Hopefully as Hasani grew he would reflect that."Pleasure you meet you nonetheless Alyssandra."With watching over Hasani's young and childish laughing as he had been entertained by the elf faces.

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