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A Deeper Kind of Blue [Aegis][Jan Ren][Masami]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka

Hosenka was a blast from the past for Tomoe, and he could simply never get over it. As he walked through the actual and legitimate Joyan soil of Sakura Alley, saw the ruffians and their gang operations in the Crimson Quarter and tasted the traditional and genuine Joyan cuisine of the Cabaret Crescent, it all felt so familiar to him. With his experiences throughout the city, it truly felt as if he was home.

"Disgusting.", Tomoe muttered, spitting onto the pavement as he now found himself outside of a prestigious hotel within Hosenka's Sultry Heights.

The rain from above descended like bullets, which when clashing with Sultry Heights' layers of mist from its prestigious hot springs all across the district, created a unique and enigmatic atmosphere. It also caused the crimson cutthroat's red mane to droop with the weight of the added droplets. He wasn't the type to use any products, so something as simple and as natural as strong wind or a torrent of rain could alter his hair significantly. He walked briskly towards the place he was to meet his comrades, and finally he was at its doors. Without hesitation, he pushed them open and moved inside. Thankfully the doors complied without much effort, and he was dry - or at the very least, he couldn't become more soaked than he already was.

Immediately he found himself in a well-lit and elegantly decorated lobby; Joyan decorations, of course. Empty suits of samurai armor stood, eternally on guard but eternally without their original wearers. Katanas were displayed neatly and tenderly inside glass cases. Artsy masks of various designs and symbolism rested along the walls. Scrolls in Joyan depicting the words of famous philosophers and war generals were contained within glass cases near the displayed weaponry.

"These guys know their shit. Gettin' all these display pieces together must've cost 'em half the price of the whole son of a bitch just by themselves. The rich know how to budget, eh?"

The place was known as the Kurikara Hotel, a place that boasted a fusion of Joyan and Fiorian architecture. The building on the outside looked very much like a traditional Joyan castle, and the decorations on the inside were certainly of Joyan origins, but the interior design more closely resembled a Fiorian manor or estate. It truly was the results of the modern world catching up with tradition, and that was a blend that Tomoe didn't hate; rather, it was to be applauded for its grand ambition for trying something new.

Not a single decoration interested Tomoe. Not really, anyway. He was called here for some kind of meeting, and it was a meeting that he would arrive to. The details were hazy, as apparently it was something to keep relatively hushed about until everything was official. Apparently it was mandatory for Mr. Tanaka to attend, but he didn't really know why - after all, Aegis always handled the social, economic and political sides of things. More than that too, probably, but Tomoe couldn't be bothered to pay attention for the majority of the time.

He approached the receptionist beyond all of the fancy ornaments and artwork at the very opposite end of the entrance doors, about 30 meters away.

"Hey, I'm Tomoe. Tomoe Tanaka?", the Joyan spoke lowly after approaching the well-dressed man in a suit and tie on the other end of the desk.

The man nodded his head expectantly, and dug into a drawer of his desk to retrieve a small silver key. He placed it in the palm of the swordsman's hand, and looked up at him with a knowing stare as if he was in on the whole thing.

"Room 705. A VIP suite! You'll find yourself catered to with the full excellence of our staff, Mr. Tanaka. Enjoy your stay, and call upon us with your room's communication lacrima if anything comes up!", the receptionist spoke, a jovial tone in his voice that may have hinted at more things than Tomoe was willing to acknowledge openly; nevertheless, the message was understood loud and clear.

"Uh. Yeah, gotcha. I'll call if I need a beer or somethin'. You guys have beer? No, whiskey, maybe?", Tomoe replied with uncertainty in his voice, clearly not accustomed to dealing with someone speaking to him on a more formal level.

With a nod of confirmation from the receptionist, Tomoe was off. He ascended the stairs of the hotel, seeing more Fiorian designs and architecture after leaving the main lobby. Upon reaching the seventh floor, his legs admittedly feeling a little tired with the sheer scale of the hotel, Tomoe had finally arrived. 705 was a room close to the stairs, thankfully, so all it took was a ten second walk from the stairs to make it to the room labeled 705. It seemed their meeting place was a VIP suite on the highest floor of the massive hotel, and all Tomoe could wonder was what was funding this meeting.

Livin' in a place like this in Joya, I'd have probably stayed. Damn, what was I doing with my life then? Robbery? Oh, yeah, right. Robbery., Tomoe thought with a chuckle escaping him, cracking himself up.

He grasped the key labeled "705" in his right hand and turned the key to the door it belonged to. Stepping inside, Tomoe would stay alert in case this was a setup for something bad. He had his pocket dimension ring on as always, so despite walking around in his regular Joyan casual attire, he was always ready to shift to combat with the full extent of his arsenal. He'd take every step carefully as he entered room 705. Maybe it was the luxury or maybe it was how much the Joyan design reminded him of home, but Tomoe Tanaka was not a happy camper just yet.

It was time to see what this meeting was all about, as he was just on time for it.


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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


The heavy amount of rain plinked down Aegis' cape and armour, streaking down in patterns only gravity could decipher. The water coating most of him inside and out, refracting and causing the crystalline armour to shine occasionally brighter than what was desirable. He thought to himself, luckily for him, that these roads were stone and not the mud or dirt he was used to in the mountains and areas around Marigold. It has been a while since he was back at home, and he was looking forward to it, as were the guests still staying in his airship.

His footprints clinked and had a slight splash as you walked down the road towards the building where the meeting would take place. Odd music playing throughout the area of town. A lot of effort from himself and other parties had come together to make sure this took place, and though you couldn't tell by looking at his face, there was a bit of happiness and relief. Currently, only five people knew of this meeting, and he was hoping to keep it that way. Tomoe had headed out earlier then him, so he was expecting at least him to be there, but was unsure about the others.

Even though the rain still battered down heavily, the area he was in look beautiful. As he did enjoy the designing, building, and crafting of structure, seeing the architecture for the first time in a long while gave him a slight feeling of peacefulness. It always had seemed more whimsical with some sort of formality in Joyan towns, and he had is missed it.

After walking a good distance from the airship, he came up to the entrance to the structure they were supposed to congregate at.
The entryway and garden were well maintained and honestly quite vast even for the area. He enjoyed the greenery as he walked up to the main entrance, knocking once before opening the door.

After making sure he wasn't containing a large amount of liquid, or tag alongs, he stepped through the entrance way and closed the heavy door behind him. Before him was not just obscene amounts of artifacts and relics, but a finely crafted desk and a older man standing behind it. "Good evening my friend. I believe I have a room secured. Aegis."

"Ah yes, Room 705. A VIP suite! You'll find yourself catered to with the full excellence of our staff, good Sir. Enjoy your stay, and call upon us with your room's communication lacrima if anything comes up! And may I help you with that?" he looked towards Aegis cape and armor. "Yes please, If you don't mind.". After a brief casting, his clothing and armour warmed up slightly, causing all of the water that was left clinging to the metal and cloth to steam off.

"I will, thank you my friend."
and he nodded to the gentleman as he made his way upstairs towards their room. 

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Whenever Masami receives a letter or any information of being essential, he delivers himself in an immediate response. This time, it was no request from a client. Not anything regards quests or missions, and that he needn't keep himself with Kurisa this time. Should she worry about Masami leaving at a certain hour under heavy rain, then it will be greatly appreciated. For some reason, Masami felt that such worry won't happen anytime soon; was that a good thing?

Being keen on leaving before the sun rose and heading to bed before the moon replaces the sun, Masami had taught himself how to prepare ever since he was a child. The rain didn't matter to him, not at all. He'd enter Kurikara Hotel with a completely dry figure. Before he'd step in and mark the floors with his wet wooden sandals, two hosts (or hotel staffs) had picked his umbrella up for them to keep in their storage room, and his sandals being replaced by the same type except with lower wedges. The entrance floor had cardboard boxes laying around them, as they were receiving a certain amount of customers visiting under the rain, and that the floors had never stopped getting damp. Using cardboard was an efficient way to recycle, even if it didn't make the beautiful old wood floors as beautiful as it is for covering it up. It was a good thing that it only covered the entrance steps only; Masami had rain sprinkled over his ankles up to his knees, and that the temperature of the hotel did not help. There was nothing much to say about his attire except a description of formality—Joyan formality—customized.

At least, this is better than Crimson Quarter, thought Masami when he took short glances over lobby decorations, common in Hosenka City. He had picked one theater mask up despite knowing that nobody was allowed to touch it; with the intent of looking at what was on the inside of it, he was stopped by a hotel staff who had the courage to ask: "Will you be purchasing that, sir?" By instinct, Masami had scanned him from head to toe, as quickly as that, and now their eyes are back to connection. He tilted his head without saying anything, his lip corners unintentionally grinning in curiosity. These were being sold, then? Or was it because they knew that he was under a wealthy Nephilim and assumed that they could get the same wealth from her (adoptive) son? "That one you picked," he continued, "has a tale of being cursed. But! It was found by a powerful mage, who had imbued their mana in it. Most of the masks here provide adequate resources of mana and—" Not that Masami said anything. In fact, he kept silent, and that the man (con man, whatever) stopped speaking on his own.

The best response to this was to simply place the mask back to the wall it was hung on. "I have one already," he'd tilt his head so that the man would face Momijigari, the same "cursed mask" that hung on the side of Masami's face, and then he'd meet with an unusual amount of fear, to the point that the eyes of the mask would seem as if it had moved. "Decorations are decorations. If you wanted to be a shopkeeper, then you could have reserved a spot for yourself – bad marketing strategy. Looks like you have been in Hosenka, but not in Joya." It was a maladaptive situation; Masami was still unsure whether that man was a hotel staff—no, he must be.

Come to think of it, people must have been purchasing hotel decorations here, which gave the others the impression that wealthy people are able to have—anything? everything?—that they see. The wooden slippers that was provided for him was of perfect, or at least, an exact fit. Would have been weird if his reputation got people to know even his foot size. Masami'd find his way through Room 705 alone, venturing without guides from any more hotel staffs. Certainly, this building had better space than the condominium he stays at along with his mother.

Dark wood's got a golden plate drilled over to tell Masami that he was in the right room. The people who had been walking pass this hallway seemed to have wealth, and most of their faces were the same audiences he'd met in theater performances here in Hosenka City. Those who knew him bowed their head to greet with no voice, and Masami would do the same; he was glad that he wore formal clothing of his own style, and not walk around in overly-casual attire. Some of these Very Important People were even quite unclean due to recent ventures like samurai training, or mage missions, something like those. Without further ado, Masami entered the room whose numbers called him out, he expected not of the familiar faces inside.


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#4Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
This heavy rain in the middle of summer, certainly was new. Was this a common occurrence here in Fiore? And, was it attributed specifically to summer to have these strong rains on occasion? It's odd. Actually, make it weird. In the midst of the hottest month of the year, we get a downpour rivaling the harshest of winter days. One had to wonder what were the gods playing at to grant them with such unsteady, unpredictable weather. A wise man would look for meaning in the matter, while an enlightened man would find it in himself. However, neither of those happened to be of subject; as Jan Ren was neither one, but rather. A fool who is not to think of matters like so, and simply...

...Suffer getting drenched from head to toe.

"Sir, are you alright...?" Naturally concerned, one of the staff members approached the drenched Sinese, watching as droplets of water fell rapidly from his classy attire and silky hair. While the heavy rain destroyed his visage, it was entirely in the young man's intention to appear as classy, as impressionable as he possibly could. As opposed to his usual preferred style of Sinese wear, Jan Ren decided to appear in entirely formal wear; presenting himself in the most dashing and elegant way possible. A black suit -- black jacket, padded well at the shoulder and coming with a neatly folded white handkerchief barely popping from out of his right breast-pocket; black trousers, trimmed to perfectly match his lower body's structure. Nigh-sparkling, matte black pointy shoes and white, short socks to match proper contrast should anyone even attempt sneak a look below his trouser sleeves; a black tie, perfectly tied and held right under his jacket -- and to flavor some, his own personal taste in the form of a red Qipao shirt, ironically sleeveless and fitting almost tightly over his torso, though leaving sufficient room to breath and to mesh with his front piece well. And to strike the final nail into this masterpiece of an attire, the Blue Pegasus' symbol was proudly displayed on the back of his suit, embedded there for obvious sign. All were to know, exactly where he came from and who this dashing gentleman came to represent.

Lately, Jan Ren has been dressing such fancily more often than he'd admit.

"Y-Yeah..." He uttered, wet strands of messy black hair over his face; dripping wet. "If you could just, help me out here...?" The young man requested, almost apologetically and sheepishly. Seems that the rain did him no favors; not only ruining his overly-emphasized outfit, but causing his body language itself to shift; from the proud gentleman's posture to a slouching, poor man with no shelter. Such sight caused the humble staff member to chuckle some unprofessionally, assuring the man a moment's wait as he activated his magic to dry the guest's clothes and hair in barely a few moments. It appears that magic comes and goes in many shapes and forms in this country. Interesting.

--"I believe I have a room reserved here. A suite on the top floor? Under Blue Pegasus." At the mere mention of the guild's name, the staff-man's eyes widened slightly; understanding who he was dealing with. "Yes, sir! Just a moment please." The worker shifted to quickly rummage through some documents below Jan Ren's field of vision, as the counter hid the other's work. He took a moment to gaze at his surroundings, forming a solid opinion of what this Fiorian interior represented. Though if he had to admit... The exterior architecture presenting the hotel in Joyan customary was more unappealing than it was honorable or patriotic. If anything, he was surprised this hotel was as well-funded as it was -- presented through the numerous Joyan furniture and decorations all around -- considering its unwelcoming, fort-like front. "Yes. It Room 705. You'll find yourself catered to with the full excellence of our staff, sir. Enjoy your stay, and call upon us with your room's communication lacrima if anything comes up." The staff member presented with a professional smile as he handed Jan Ren a key, marked with '705'; and with a piece of paper.

"Honored as we are to host your guild here, mister... Please sign here. We will finish filing transfer for the suite shortly." Understandably so; Jan Ren went to the utmost lengths he could just to make this meeting a possibility. With the permission-- No, privilege Master Alisa granted him, the young man knew he wasn't allowed to fail. Surely the lady wouldn't care as much so long as he was alright and didn't share many of his guild's intel; though he himself, would berate himself for days should this event flop. This is why, with the proper funding allowed, Jan Ren went and chose one of the most prestigious suites Hosenka had to offer -- despite being wholly unfamiliar with the city's attractive hotels firsthand.

Shortly, the Sinese was allowed to reach the suite. Not carrying even a single piece of belongings, simply showing up as is; he took a deep breath as he inserted the key into the keyhole, on the door framed with the number '705'. The last floor, offering a spectacular view into the city. "Alright... Let's go." As he opened the door, he was quick to turn on the lights in the suite, taking in its contents to heart. What did it have to offer?

Well. For starters, perhaps one of the most comfortable, king-sized beds he had ever laid eyes on. Cleanliness was an understatement; the place was spotless, speaking to its importance per the hotel staff's view and the level of professionalism held at this place. An awfully wide room, with a simple yet comfortable and inviting design. Several sofas presented by a medium-sized, round table; Joyan motif present only in its color ornaments, as the design was kept Fiorian. Possibly to cater to the masses' tastes, he'd guessed. The bathroom appeared too inviting for a simple reliever; and came equipped with a nearby, spacious shower; as well as a large hot tub. Just in case, probably.

"Phew." Now allowed some time for himself, the young man sat down by the sofa as he looked outside to the ever-darkening sky. Watching as the drops of water hit against the large windows, allowing view from above upon the glistening city. The heavy sound of rain accompanying him, the young man had decided to take this time to meditate. Go over the material, make sure he had every bit down, memorized. This was an important meeting. Seated down upon one of the sofas as he removed his shoes, leaving them by the entrance; legs crossed over the seat, back straightened. Breathe in, breathe out. Steady.

And so, he sat there. Waiting. For a good couple hours, the Sinese was allowed this blissful silence, focusing merely on his thoughts and his breathing. Until finally...


The sounds of the lock switching, as someone arrived. One of the guests had finally made it. How long has he been sitting there? --Not to worry. There are much more pressing matters at hand.

"(Very well. It's Showtime.)"

On cue, Jan Ren rose from his seat, and put on the most perfect smile he could muster, with his already elevated skill. He'd practiced this smile from years back, and he'd be darned if it wouldn't aid him in business. "I have been waiting." He exclaimed, humbly making a deep bow; as accustomed in Sin. Eyes still closed, facing whoever had entered.

"Thank you very much for lending me your time." He thanked, then slowly rose himself; eyes opening to see, who the Master(s) of Penumbral Guard happened to be.

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#5Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Admittedly, Tomoe felt underdressed. He wore his usual Joyan clothing, a kimono altered to allow him to move more freely with cut sleeves and hanging loosely around him. As "guild master" of Penumbral Guard, it stood to him to set the guild's tone. So as he stood there as the first among his guild to arrive, seeing a guy standing before him and bowing to him as Aegis and Masami also let themselves into the room behind, Tomoe was pressured to quickly make the first move on their side.

"It's a damn fine pleasure, my dude. Name's Tomoe, I'm kind of a big deal I guess. Let's pop open some drinks and talk about... whatever it is we're gonna talk about, I dunno. Let's loosen up a bit first, yeah? Crack open some windows even. This place is stuffy as a motherfucker.", Tomoe spoke plainly, giving a small and informal Joyan-style bow of his own to the man, before allowing Aegis and Masami their time to speak while he took to the other side of the room.

While they would say their pieces and their introductions to each other, listening the whole time of course to things like why he was here, what this was about and what the formal fellow's name was. These were all things to be mindful of, but Tomoe tuned it out as he whistled a random Joyan folk tune and started opening windows as well as a glass door leading to a balcony that overlooked the night life of Hosenka; truly a gorgeous view, and one not to be forgotten even if it did remind him of home.

With that, Tomoe shuffled himself onto the seat that looked comfiest to him, choosing the side of the sofa closest to the open windows and balcony door. He'd dangle his arm over the back of the sofa, with his left leg propped up to cross over with his right leg, waiting for the rest of them to finish their introductions and begin this talk properly.

"If we keep the formal behavior up too long we'll be burnin' moonlight. If there's a fridge somewhere in here then grab some drinks, and if not get some staff up here with some. I wanna see what this place has to offer while we're here, y'know?", he spoke as if the hotel and its staff needed to prove itself worthy to him, rather than the other way around; through all the stress of the actions of guild members not present in this room, Tomoe was finally allowed to relax for the first time in a while.

Tomoe would then pull a flask out of his pocket dimension ring, glowing magically to retrieve it from another dimension unknown even to the summoner himself. He would then take to drinking deeply from it, the spectacle of alcohol summoning magic long losing its luster with the mundane nature at the core of it. Perhaps summoning was the next magic that SHE would bestow upon him? Perhaps not. Either way, for the moment he would drink his whiskey and await his conversation partners and the arrival of better drinks.


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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


After ascending the stairs and giving himself a moment to prep, Aegis nodded towards Masami as they met up at the closed door.
It has been a while since they had seen each other last, and hopefully this meeting would go well as their second interaction.

As the door opened, Aegis quickly scanned over the two men that were inside. One of course, was Tomoe, already getting comfortable on the sofa with a drink in hand. The second was a more well-dressed man, and someone who he didn't know. He assumed that he was the contact that they were there to meet with. As he entered the room, he had to duck slightly not to hit his had a pain the lower hanging door. After making his way into the room, he nodded to the man who had bowed, and brought out a shimmering heavily armored arm from beneath his cloak, and offered it to greet him as well. "My name is Aegis. It is a pleasure to finally meet with you. I see you have met Tomoe already?". After the greeting, he would walk over to a large enough chair, and take a seat. Right before sitting down, he reached under his cloak behind his back and slowly pulled out Theo. He didn't want his little friend squished as he sat back in the chair.

The room itself was quite well decorated and adorned, with Tomoe having the windows seat and a beautiful view out into the rainy city. After sitting down and getting situated, he looked over towards Tomoe, then back to Masami after he would have entered and greeted their contact. "I trust you three had a decent time getting here?".

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Until now, Masami still was not used to witnessing a lich's presence (and existence) beside Masami. He could not read the creature's expressions, but he had watch the creature move until he was able to take a seat upon the specially larger chair, and understood that he moved like that of a normal human. Was he cursed too? Masami wasn't able to ask; he switched glances at Tomoe, who was already enjoying himself, then back at the man who was rather formal of attire. He had long, black hair and tied in a way that Sinese and Joyan men would. For a man who wore Western clothing in a very Joyan-inspired suite, Masami found it quite awkward to look at him.

A part of Masami forgot that he had to introduce himself, but he still had time to do so, didn't he? "Kita Masami," he shrugged with sharp eyes that analyzed the corners of the suite, but then he also did so with a smile so he embodied a very devilish expression. He also had not much to say about himself because he assumed that Hosenka City's men would know who he was already, and that if they need to ask more, then they are free to do so. However, it looks like Masami had taken his own words, so he had to break the ice himself by being straightforward. He wasn't only from Joya—the land of strict businessmen and workers—but he was also the person who managed (to be put briefly: owned) the theater here in Hosenka City, and such people did not have much time to stall. Knowing that there are three people who were from Penumbral Guard, and a foreign one who wasn't from the guild, Masami looked directly at Tomoe—the one he perceived as the guild master of their guild. "Why are we here? Knowing that Aegis was here as well, it must be something so serious," he was still guessing, of course. Masami did as he told and visited the suite. Sooner or later, the staff men would enter the suite with trays of food—a complete meal, including desserts—then Masami would take a cup with a tea bag in it and pour hot water inside. It was normal green tea, nothing so special.

Masami had a silly attempt and whispered to Aegis, with a hand that made the childish message private which said: "You look cool, by the way!" A smile imbued to signify comfort; Masami turned back to face the table and finally, his sharp eyes switched into a completely innocent, childish demeanor, who had no sign or hint of malice nor mischief. He had found the suite safe and sound, and that the food offered did not (seem to) have poison in them. "Anyway, it's all cool. You don't have to be too formal," he directed the word to the black-haired man who wore formal clothes before he'd take a sip over the cup of tea while waiting for their replies. It was a rainy day and Masami had to keep himself warm.


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#8Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
As Tomoe settled in, he felt his stomach begin to rumble. Was he poisoned? Was it simply the alcohol he brought not agreeing with him? He opened his flask to check its contents, and inside was a small yet colorful bug. Tomoe was beginning to question how it even got in there, but that didn't matter for the moment. What mattered was that he was about to start shooting C-rank damage projectile vomit out of his mouth if he didn't get to a bathroom in time. Was the insect's corpse juice infesting his drink? It would be rough coming on the way out, for sure, but he needed to get to a place of rest with lots of toilet paper - and a porcelain throne to sit upon, of course.

In a flash, Tomoe was dashing madly out of the room shouting, "Sorry, I gotta get outta here! I gotta take a shit!".

He made a mad dash downstairs, not thinking straight, and looking for a bathroom. Shoving employees out of the way and even decking one employee in the face as he ran just because he would've had to wait a half-second if he'd let the man pass. Tomoe made it to a bathroom on the first floor and almost kicked the door down as he entered.

"Clear the way, you fuckin' bastards!", Tomoe shouted as he entered the bathroom, kicking one person in the stomach who was about to enter one of the toilet stalls.

Hunkering down, Tomoe quickly did his business and let sweet release take over as he relaxed in the bathroom, ignoring the cries of pain of the man he just kicked. The guy was squirming and vomiting himself on the ground, but Tomoe didn't care. He got the log out and into the toilet bowl with a loud, thunderous splash and made his way out - only there was no toilet paper.

"Oh no... is this where it all ends...?", Tomoe muttered in despair, but as fate would have it, he had received a blessing.

A pale and womanly hand reached over the door of the stall, a roll of toilet paper as gleaming and fresh as snow found itself to Tomoe's side. A true miracle indeed. SHE had blessed him once more, and seen fit to give him this silky smooth roll of goodness.

Cleaning up in the bathroom, washing his hands to avoid sickness, he got himself ready just in time to see a cloaked figure leave the bathroom and head towards the exit.

"Hey, wait!", Tomoe shouted in desperation as he blitzed out of the bathroom and out the exit of the hotel.

With a trail of loose toilet paper sticking to his Joyan sandals, he made his way out into the rain to find HER, wandering aimlessly. Whatever the meeting was about, was the furthest thing from his mind at the moment. As an employee approached him as he exited, recognizing him as one of the mages participating in the meeting about whatever, Tomoe looked at the man. He had grabbed the Joyan's shoulder to see he didn't run away just yet, and that was enough.

Tomoe elbowed the man square in his face and then kicked him in his family jewels. As the man fell, Tomoe fled into the darkness to find HER, and see if SHE was real.

- EXIT -


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Where were they again? Sultry Heights? As far as Masami knows, it was just Crimson Quarters who had mostly poisoned or intoxicating food, but apparently his guild master had been attacked and had ran away. Instinctively, Masami followed without saying anything, as this is what they usually do when taking quests and their companion runs for no reason – the others usually follow, because something must have happened without anyone else's awareness, and that everyone must follow via intuition. Though, when Tomoe ran, he made an excuse that must have been unlikely. He was going to the rest room and Masami didn't think that he was being truthful, maybe something came up? He didn't know that it was the truth and that apparently, Tomoe's reckless drinking got himself some fancy fermented bug in his drink, which had caused side-effects earlier than expected. Likewise, Masami reminded the two, "I'll go check up on him," then sped off he did, closing the door behind him shut.

The hallway design allowed Masami to follow Tomoe with quick steps, even if the target was obviously faster, especially in the state of "wanting to go." Took a few turns until Masami heard a loud Bang! that indicated Tomoe's panicked state of entering and shutting doors, helping Masami spot which rest room it was. At this point, Masami's childish demeanor believed that the red-head needed "major help" in which the kid can provide comfort off, like when pregnant women in Joya were having headaches and pelvic pains, Masami was there to assist them by passing warm, damp cloths to place on top of their skin, at least giving some minimum comfort. He thought the same for Tomoe, even if he wasn't that pregnant woman that Masami had imagined using memories of the past. He was about to reach for the door when someone had (rudely) stopped him by grabbing the wrist that they held out. "You, finally!" they said, "Have you read the letter yet? You're just in time," he looked like he knew everything, but Masami had no idea.

"Uhh... what?" it was the wisest thing to say, rather than pretending that you knew everything. He was then reminded of a request that needed Masami's presence, and that said request has been in the mailbox for over a week now! For a workaholic, job-loving individual like Masami, he couldn't avoid pushing the request away, and the client was especially persistent. "Alright, alright! Mind if you let me go for a bit? My guild master's trying to deliver something here," he accidentally made it sound like Tomoe Tanaka was giving birth to a child in the rest room; either way, Masami's wrist was free and that he was finally inside the restroom. All of the stalls were empty except for the nearest one. The voice from that said stall spoke, "Oh no... is this where it all ends...?"

Oh! That's Tomoe, alright, he thought, looking around for whatever was needed. Over the faucets was a small cabinet that had first-aids; "Whoops, excuse me," he quietly muttered when he stepped to avoid a man that squirmed on the floor, perhaps was in pain, but Masami didn't want to help him at the moment. He grabbed a towel that he had layed over his left shoulder, numerous bottles that had healing factors in them—placed in-between Masami's left arm, then a whole roll of toilet paper held in the right hand, in which Masami had slid underneath the stall. Although he was supposed to give the other items, the man inside the stall (presumably Tomoe) had immediately snapped the toilet paper off of Masami's hands and with slight fear, Masami had pulled away.

Scary—looks like he's fine?—the restroom's door opened to reveal the same man as earlier, mouthing Masami with no sound, telling him to quietly, and immediately, get the job done. Trying not to roll his eyes for being rushed like this, Masami placed the leftover items near the man that squirmed on the floor, then went to the client to get himself carried. The client was a mage and had zapped his way out, Masami was being carried by the back, unto the Lobby where he'd get the job done and earn Jewels in the end. Maybe he can do this before coming back to the meeting?



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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


"Alright, i'll go get... and they are gone" He sighs, realizing that it might me time to head out. "I hope there are some around this area." He stood looking at who was left in the room before him.  Deeply saddened by this scene, he decides to quickly go find the man downstairs as they might have to postpone the meeting. Before leaving the room, he turned around to the well dressed man in the room.

"I am very sorry as it seems I have wasted your time on this night. I do deeply apologize. I hope we can continue this another night." he ended this with a slight bow and nod, then headed out the door just behind him. As he walked down the stairs and onto the main floor the man who greeted him came out. "Leaving so early? I thought you would be up there for a while longer. I saw the two head out quite quickly as well, I hope there is not any damage up there?" "No good sir, there is not any damage other then some empty bottles left by a slight drunkard." he sighed lightly. "It just seems the meeting has reached it conclusion before it started, another time perhaps." The older man gave him a simple nod as he tucked Theo back under his cloak as they walked back out into the night.

Today had been a mess, and the stormy night had become just a bit darker. "Back to the ship it is my little friend." he said to the small puff cloud under his cloak.


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