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Cleaning Pirates! (Quest)

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Cleaning Pirates! (Quest) Empty Tue 01 Sep 2020, 14:11

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Accepting this will be a stressful day is a good idea. Maybe the quest employer, or the backers, didn't get the memo about Vice. Magical and fighting power is non-existent in Vice. Someone found out Vice can't do magic? Ah that might be it, and he's being sent to have his mage card revoked. Sitting on the deck of a coastal boat, Vice is far from pleased. Grimacing, he's wondering if he has to forfeit his life heroically, just to attack some third-rate pirates. Trying hard will have to bring Vice success this time. Unreasonably thinking back, Vice thinks he should have found literally anybody for help. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts. Plotting out a plan of action is key. Time is not a luxury, as Vice has been notified of an escape, rather than a prevention. Evidently, Vice who's wanting to deal with pirates, must first intercept them and secure everything relevant about them.

Still residing on a borrowed coastal boat, Vice can promptly dig into the mindset of the engagement. Reservations are present from top to bottom. There's no structured force to deal with the pirates, but it's also beneath stronger mages to deal with them, to conclusively waste time. The methods of the pirate operation, as Vice contemplates, are overall amusing. Guaranteed or repetitive escape routes, and no backing that Vice has been informed of. Sooner or later, the pirates in Hargeon will have offended someone they can't offend, as they're non-discriminatory. Luckily for Vice he's only facing a smaller cell of the pirate force. Thinking about how the quest is to just show appearances won't help how Vice will engage, and only brings his morale down. Estimating the level of strength is what's important. Vice doesn't really care to elaborate his mindset toward the goods stolen, casualties provoked.


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Really, if merchants want them gone, they'll band together, and get the pirates at the root through full-force mercenaries. In a way, Vice is sure he's also being pushed to get a practical fight appearance, by the forces of niceness. Sanctioned purges give little wiggle room for Vice. He will have to escort these pirates the whole way, making sure they won't escape, and ensure the matter is handled in full competence. Finally, Vice has to return the loot. Shortsightedness taking the loot is foolish, and Vice doesn't want to be a burden on his guild. In fact he has no way to fight the pirates without his guild. Even though the pirates possess magic, Vice lies in wait through their escape route, with them having little wiggle room due to all the adjacent forces. Besides, these pirates are simply an unorganized splinter of the pirate's main forces. Guildless mages aren't even good enough for a lawless practice, like dark guilds, in Vice's experience. Limited by mana or resources through their pirate adventure, Vice can quickly board the pirate's vessel. Imminently approaching, the pirates notice Vice's vessel in advance, without Vice on it.

Defective mages are on the pirate boat, so Vice only focuses what's in front of him. Emerging from the sea, he grasps on to their boat, which conveniently slows down to look at Vice's old vessel. Hanging on to the edge initially so Vice can scout is first accomplished. Then, once he's estimated their formation, Vice creeps fully on the boat. Not worried about an exterior threat and fully resolved, Vice begins his assault. Masked in rudimentary camouflage, the anti-mage doesn't expect any benefit. Appearances will be kept at only the most base level, to hide expected injuries. The first to notice Vice notices a Blue Pegasus emblem and flinches. Then, noticing Vice's cautious approach, he laughs derisively. Running through all the pirates, Vice uses his guild ability, and eventually deals with them. He runs back to turn them in after becoming lucid.

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