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Magically Jebaited (Quest)

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Magically Jebaited (Quest) Empty Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:39 am

What an enjoyable climate in Hargeon, today and perhaps forever for Vice. A soft sun with a naturally safe boundary to nature with the sea. Gentle breezes fitting for a sea quest. Dangerous beings less likely to fancy this place. Do flying lizards act like birds and pick off sea monsters? Vice mind wonders to if he can race change into a safe sexy lizard mermaid, for his magical retirement. Well, what better place to have his human Blue Pegasus guild, than a beach town? Vice pats his face, wondering about the climate's effect on his skin. Vice stations himself today before a cafe table, set up for port workers and their family to relax. Standing up he has completed a scrumptious bowled meal. At the side of the tabletop one can notice a notepad. Staring down at the notepad seriously, this Blue Pegasus mage wears a tight-fitting grey cloak.

Preparing himself leisurely, Vice had woken up in a stranger's house, and now he's taking his publicly correct numnums eating time, to find a soft spark for his day. The notepad is small but has quite a few booky pages. Jet black ink stains the liveliness of the book's back pages. Dirtiness can be attributed to Darkness Magic, but Vice in particular has only been focusing on theoretical magic research. Contrasts manifest in the front page, now shifting the culty blackness away by Vice's stare or the wind. Flowery doodles overwhelm the majority of the front paper, and at a small corner a coded reminder letter for Vice's upcoming quest. Mindset can be important for success. Transitioning from morning work is still happening for Vice. Overall, Vice is just treating this outing as time off. Apparently a man named Jacob has a magical bait item, and Vice is just desperate for something interesting like that. For fun, Vice has put on his tight street-fighting look, but until he gets super-magic, Vice's only intent on pushing fisherman Jacob as bait in the water if needed.


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The weaker businessman can be scary. What if they get trapped at sea and have to eat each other to survive? Ah, Vice is a Pegasus actually, he'll be whisked away by his flying friends. Thinking further, of course, Jacob would be saved then too! Safe quests are the best quests! Psyching himself up, Vice happily prepares for the eventuality of a Gyarados Hyperbeaming his grunt-like existence away. Realistically, maybe he's one level off meeting such Cthulhu pessimism.

"Helloooooo" Turning his head naturally in a breath, with his mouth bumbling full of food still apparently, Vice engages Mr. Fish? Mr. Jacob Fish is his name actually, and Vice begins to form his anime stare. Jacob stares back, him having emerged coming around the cafe building Vice sits outside of.



"Hello! Look at my bait. Isn't it shiny? It must contain really special mana, or stuffed full of rich shininess at least. Moving on, I'm sure you want to help me with my request? That's why you randomly, stalkingly, called out to me with such adventurous spirit. Here, let me kidnap you out on my magic boat. It's the latest model! It makes no noise or Hargeon mages on vacation would blow it up ^^." Or at least Vice heard things this way, deeply said in contrast to the boyly man's appearance.

"Of courssse Blue Pegasuuus is happy to heeelp." Advertising, Vice apathetically sings a creepy song, while he pulls out a bone flute of his meal out of his mouth. Putting a hand back toward his bowl Vice also grabs out a small fishy piece he didn't like. Cheap fishy piece gets pushed toward Jacob. Sadly, Jacob was already walking away for some reason. Maybe Jacob won't eat Vice later because food was offered. Not bothering to talk to Jacob on the way to the boat, they embark to the seas. Of course, the boat isn't the best-looking, even for someone with the means. Hard work takes it's toll. All sorts of worldy contaminated stuff resides on the fringes of the boat. In some cases, Jacob needs to willingly pull the dirtiness to him, or outsource it barely. Experience is not all-encompassing, so Vice gratefully listens to the directives of Jacob to spread the magical lure. Vibing with Jacob isn't really happening unfortunately. Another Jacob Fish of many fishies.

Soon after reaching the designated area, Vice quickly declothed, and jumped into the water. After all, these seafaring companions are so close, will the danger really be ignorant whether Vice is in the water or not? Pulling Jacob's leg figuratively, Vice decides to mingle in the dirtiness to cheat. Finding a baby so-called magic fish is completed quickly by Vice. Once the baby fish is found, Jacob conveniently reels it in while Vice fights off the environmental struggle in advance. How magical can Jacob's vessel be, to beat a mage's agenda? Magic problems need magic solutions but Vice is lacking on the final step. Bubbling chagrin builds up in Vice as he surfaces to meet his employer. Coming into the water where it's neat and mysterious should have been fun. Without spellcasting Vice feels helplessly pathetic. An Icebergian who can't even coastal raid properly! Shaking himself off with a sleepy run, Vice grabs his reward from Jacob, who might need more help with that leeching baby fish's family.

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