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New Faces [Quest]

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#1Suki Lesalt 

New Faces [Quest] Empty Fri Aug 28, 2020 5:30 pm

Suki Lesalt
She felt super young compared to other trainees when she thought about what a trainee should be. She was only fifteen and five feet tall. To most, she was like some twelve or anything younger than that - year old girl. She walked slowly to the spa area that she never really goes to, but missions here were quite simple. They adored Suki's company cause it made all the weirdos and women come to their business. People enjoyed seeing her like some display, an antique doll even as she was quite the rare beauty. They always questioned on how she will look when she got older.

Granny petted her simply as she was just standing there herself nomming her bamboo piece. She felt super confused as she felt like some cat or dog, something that was not human. She did not need Mr. Fluffemz for this quest so she left him at home. Yes, home that she enjoyed her stay at since Mama Judith was kind enough. She loved her kids and kids in general so she was one of hers now. Granny explained that they will need to be watched carefully and trained. Each one will do something different and even have a break during so. Once it became evening she wants her to come back with them after gathering to be interviewed about the tasks they completed.

Suki clapped a few times and nodded. Slowly, her feet walked towards the students who were obviously older and taller than her. Her head turned towards the Granny. "Them?" Her eyebrows furrowed as to 'Why would they listen to me in the first place?!'. Swiftly, she turned her head back so her eyes wandered to study each of them after the Granny instructed them to listen to her. It was that easy, was it not?

Granny left, Suki studied them more as she started to give commands. "You go do the sweeping, you do the mopping with her --" It kept on going as she told one person to do the dusting, the organizing, and even laundry. Suki knew how to do all of these things including; cooking, massaging, sewing, and artistic values. She watched as they all split up - Scooby doo gang style. They seemed to not have any trouble as far as she was seeing. Her eyes gazed at the clock while plopping her butt on some boxes. Her feet waved up and down while waiting for what seemed like forever.

What time did she come here again? Suki felt clueless and taking a mission without Jan felt strange. She was just getting used to him just like Fu... Did he leave her forever as he did? Her lips frowned while eyes lowered by her gaze. She was deep thinking so much that she forgot about the break and all that. The girl felt really lonely at this point. She heard a creek to see all the people there who was cleaning. They were done and Suki explained that was what it was like to clean under someone who doesn't care for their well being. They went and told Granny on how they understood it.



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