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New Faces [Quest ft. Lorelei]

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#1Jan Ren 

New Faces [Quest ft. Lorelei] Empty on Fri Aug 28, 2020 2:54 pm

Jan Ren
Management, again.

A task the Sinese was far too familiar with, confidently making his way towards Granny's place for a quick brief. Having dabbed a hand in the job back in his home country and a couple times here in Fiore, Jan Ren was certain this would be an awfully smooth request. The only thing he wasn't so sure about, was his partner. Not knowing who you were teamed up with always warranted some sort of worry, despite it rarely going south.

Worries sided for the sake of professionalism, the young man had arrived at the entrance to greet the old lady with his signature, deep and respectful bow. "We meet again, Granny." Honestly, using 'Granny' to refer to her just felt weird. "Jan Ren of Blue Pegasus, reporting for duty." He topped it off with a well-practiced introduction, soon enough receiving proper brief.

"Ahh, yes, yes... How good of you to come!" She started; "We will begin shortly, once your friend arrives. Have some tea for the while." And of course, the old lady had already prepared a cup of green tea beforehand, to which the young man couldn't refuse.

Staying still, drinking from his cup slowly; the young man simply relaxed in wait.

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New Faces [Quest ft. Lorelei] 2_1
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#2Lorelei L Lakefield 

New Faces [Quest ft. Lorelei] Empty on Sat Sep 05, 2020 12:09 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
She was a part of a guild now, she had to pull her wait, she had to do her part. Bring in the bread. Get that dough you know? As she was considering all of this, her thoughts started to drift off to heading to a bakery. About how she'd rather be engrossed in the wafting aromatic sensation of confectioner finer things!

Alas, she was not headed for a bakery, she was heading for some...place? She hadn't been told much about it beyond lending a hand to an old lady. As someone who would rather make due with getting herself out there and learning as she went, with the thought of sparking some memories along the way, she was all too eager to put herself out there and go on ahead without much worry about the consequences.

With all that was said and done, the pink-haired amnesiac was having a spot of trouble. She didn't know who she was looking for, only that they were an elderly woman. Well, that helped narrow it down a little. Judging by looks alone was sometimes hard for Joyans, but age was one thing she was skilled with noticing! Smell was another for Lorelei. with a keen sense of it, she was more than able to sniff out the different people based on their age. As grotesque as that sounded, they tended to use more wafting aromatic perfumes to garner the attention of people.

About thirty minutes after Jan Ren had met with the old woman, Lorelei showed up, a proud look upon her face. Beaming with confidence. "I seem to have finally found my way here! And it only took me thirty different houses to barge into on accident!" Did she really do that? Judging by the number of people that were rather perturbed out on the streets? Yes, yes she did do that.

"I just figured I would try and sense magic and follow my nose!"

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#3Jan Ren 

New Faces [Quest ft. Lorelei] Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:29 pm

Jan Ren
Soon enough, a cute, pink-haired, ditzy lady barged in with an honestly amusing backstory. Odd, but amusing most definitely. Staring the girl, the Sinese' sense kicked into action immediately as he rose from his seat abruptly, reaching to introduce himself to the lady. "Yes, yes!" He claimed, faking it in a perfectly-practiced smile and attitude; "One new to this town would have a hard time navigating, indeed. It is only natural." He claimed, taking another step towards the young girl, then giving her a fair bow and his signature smile. "I am Jan Ren of Blue Pegasus. It's a pleasure, I will be your partner on this mission."

As Granny explained, the request was actually rather simple. The duo were to monitor some newbie workers as they practiced the Art of Cleaning™ in this small guesthouse. On occasion, fix their mistakes and advice them further. This type of mission was awfully easy; one the Sinese had no qualms performing, especially considering how little he even had to do! When the bunch arrived, after the young man had made several attempts at proper conversation with Granny and the new lady, the lot went straight to work; showing that they have, in fact, came packed with sufficient experience.

Of course they did. Everyone knows how to clean... Not everyone can clean well, though.

Jan Ren's main reason for taking this request was easy money; though with Lorelei's entrance. It shifted into making a good impression on a lady! As such. Even when his help was not needed, even when the new recruits did their job perfectly, the Sinese still inspected them from up close, and gave his proper feedback accordingly. One could find something to improve even in the most picture-perfect situations, and getting better was all the hype around his guild in the first place. Needless to say, there was no better man suited for this job, especially under the assumed motivation, than this Jan Ren!

The day was short, however; and his time was cut midway through. Noticing the Sinese' attentive yet slightly overbearing work, Granny was quick to dispatch the young man; with an awfully threatening expression, too. Perhaps, she managed to see through his actual intentions. By the end of the two hour mark Jan Ren was allowed to participate, the old lady simply shoved a handful of Jewels to his hands and shoo'd him away quickly.

"Jeez, she didn't have to be that pushy about it..."

Nevertheless. A penny's a penny ~


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New Faces [Quest ft. Lorelei] 2_1
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#4Lorelei L Lakefield 

New Faces [Quest ft. Lorelei] Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 10:35 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
She smiled softly as Jan Ren introduced himself and bowed to her. She too, bowed in turn as a sign of respect, before looking up to him. "Pleased to meet you, my name is Lorelei Laguna Lakefield. You can call me Trip-L for short. I recently joined the Daeva Eye guild and I'm looking forward to working with you!"

The little old lady told them what they would be doing and it just sparked something briefly in Lorelei. While Jan Ren and she were going to be instructing new people on how to clean properly, Lorelei's mind flashed with sparks of memory. Little flash images of when she did something similar, and she tried her hardest to hold onto that memory for as long as possible this time. She'd be spending her day just working on instructing the workers on how to properly dust things and make sure that their work was done properly.

Her first order of business was getting a pair of clean white gloves on and doing the finger swipe test. Her demeanor briefly changed to something a little more stern, even as Jan Ren was let go early, her work ethic and skill with tending to a wait staff showed. Lorelei was going to be here all day, remembering she used to be a maid of some degree, and the head maid used to be a taskmaster, someone with a cold way of handling the tasks and making sure that the workers got everything done perfectly, but on a schedule, so that they could get out of the way.

Who was that person in her memory? Was she one of the maids? Was she an onlooker? She couldn't place faces or looks, they were all flashes of grey with mouths, no eyes, no hair, no defining features. Like background characters in a comic book, they were just masses without details.

Thankfully, at the end of the day, Lorelei had managed to teach the team on how to make sure things were properly clean, and she changed quickly to make sure she had a more polite way of talking to them, even showing them the proper technique herself! She didn't want to be like the draconian head maid in her memory, and thankfully, after everything was done, she had a memory this time that wasn't floating away like a piece of paper on the wind!

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