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Deal with the Devil [SOCIAL; JOSHUA]

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Deal with the Devil [SOCIAL; JOSHUA] Empty Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:17 pm

Loans have been going all around quite recently, not that it wasn't rare in Joya in the first place. Some people loan to pay debts, then loan another time to pay another debt, and it gets neverending—Masami's mother taught him not to loan, it's a way of digging your own grave. Masami doesn't remember ever loaning before, since he was a kid and he didn't need to ask people for money, at the same time he was handling the theater so he should be getting quite the income for it. Being in a guild also allowed him to gain more money than normal citizens by taking jobs, even if he was just a kid.

"Man, I'm tired!" Masami uttered while stretching his arms, he was in the management office and was counting the profits and all the things the theater needs to purchase and handle for the week; all these funds on-going throughout Hosenka City, Masami was used to this kind of thing even before he left Joya. Apparently, he sucked at mathematics but can easily handle money and funds? The office was small, having a single table in the middle, pillows where people sit on and bookshelves to the side. If anyone needed to speak to the owner of the establishment (which was Masami himself), they'd only have to visit here.


#2Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua sighed softly as he made his waway through the theatres main area. Despite being in the same guild as Masami, Joshua hated that thwir first real interaction would be him asking for money. But he thought back to the broken remains of the punisher, and if he was ever going to get it fixed hed need the money. He approached the reddish Mahogany door and politely knocked. He waited outside until he was invited in, or the door was opened. Either way he would enter and politely introduce himself.
"Thank you for inviting me in." He politely bowed, speaking in very formal Joyan, he wasnt an expert, but he had spent enough time with traveling Joyans that's he had picked up enough to be stiff and overly formal.
He would take a seat if given one and if not he would wait to be addressed. If he was asked why he was there he would remove his cowboy hand and nervously ruffle his red hair.
"Sad to say... I'm here for a loan. I just joined the guild, and since I was in need of money I was directed to meet with you." He hoped he looked decent to the man.


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Masami's attention diverted to when the door opened, not that he was surprised, people often come in and out of this room after asking and receiving. "Oh? Welcome." respectively, Masami also replied in Joyan, even if the person who greeted first was another red-haired lad, whose appearance is quite far from that of an actual Joyan, and his clothing hasn't much to say about ethnicity. "Ehh, a loan?" replied Masami, automatically in Joyan. Why couldn't he ask for a loan in a bank instead? The question was immediately answered when the guy mentioned something about some guild. With impishness, Masami smiled at him, trying to test the guy. "What guild?" he did mention that he was new, but Masami still wanted to test if the guy really knew what sort of web he entered. 'Does this guy even know my name? Having the guts not to introduce himself first.' the kid sighed in the inside. Even if he was just a child, money and all that sort, he knew that they were hard to gain. Ultimately, Masami didn't mind giving the fella some cash, but he doesn't wanna give it to them that easily. After all, where's the fun in simply giving a stranger cash without getting anything in return? Other people have these things called "paychecks" but... Masami is a bit more creative than that.


#4Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua nodded as Masami replied in joyan, but he spoke fiorian now. 

"Forgive me for not introducing myself. I... its not normal for me to ask for a loan. My name is Joshua Bell Graham, and the guild is 'Penumbral Guard'." He smiled as he gave his answer. He took a seat, now that things had started. He resisted the urge to ask for a drink to calm his nerves.

He took in the room and the young man who sat before him. He must have been from a good family. That was good, a good family meant a good upbringing. It only added to the shame Joshua felt. To think hed have to go to someone younger then him for money. He hoped he wouldnt bring this up to any of the other guild members. 

To think, there was a time when others came to his chirch, asking for jewels to help them. Joshia gladly gave it to them, he only hoped that now the universe wpuld help him as well. Perhaps this could even be the start of a wonderful friendship between him and Masami. He would answer any other questions the man had with honesty. Joshua fixed his hair shoetly after.


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'Ah, looks like he knows what he's up to.' thought Masami, enjoying such a sadistic aspect of this exchange. To express this bliss, he clapped once and smiled at the man who proclaimed himself as 'Joshua Bell Graham', which is completely a non-Joyan name. Masami would like to mess around more, but that would be mean and he might get the man (who was also apparently his guild member) upset, and despite Masami's nature of wanting to make things more interesting, in a trade like this, that wouldn't entirely matter.

He looked through the pile of papers that were on top of the desk, fortunately he had everything that he need in one place. 'Huh... I'm nervous all of a sudden.' was what he thought before taking a certain piece of paper out of the multiple sheets. "Alright, show me your guild tattoo first then tell me how much you'd need. I'll fill up the paper for you." even before Joshua started to speak, Masami had already started to write in the details of the transaction. He was taking half of the theater's funds for this transaction, and Masami definitely wouldn't allow it if this guy gets away with the money.


#6Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
With out a word, Joshua stood and turned at his question. He lowered his belt line just enough to show his guild grest. It was bright green. Joshua allowed him a good look of need be and exposed more if it was required. Though he made sure to not expose anything he didnt mean to. Joshua then returned his belt line to where it belonged. He sat back in the seat, and with a tone that made it clear he wasn't joking he told him in Joyan.

"Hyaku Go Jū Man..." he let the last bit linger, he knew it must sound crazy to ask for a loan of that amount. But otherwise the chances of repairing his weapon would be impossible. Hell the chances of repairing it were very unlikely even with the best Smith's in the world. 

He then cleared his throat and said it once more with more of an explanation. He still spoke in Joyan.

"I must ask for one million five hundred thousand Jewels. I can assure you with enough time I can pay you back with interest." Joshua blushed again and put his hat back on his head. He was starting to feel the blood rush back to his outer limbs after saying the amount.


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Woah, Masami paused for a second there. "Hold on, you're serious? A million and five-hundred Jewels?" of course, the kid knew that Joshua wasn't joking when he asked for it (since he had to say the same thing twice), but Masami just couldn't believe that he was right! He burst out laughing, "Oh no, what did you do? You got into a large debt, didn't you?" he was just a kid, alright, but it was money. Joyans have a thing for that sort of thing, so Masami's thrifty personality allowed him to stay financially intact, even if he was just a traveler from Joya. "I'll give you the money, alright." then, he wrote the amount back down, writing the numbers exactly as Joshua mentioned.

He hesitated, not giving the guy the paper (in which he would give to his local bank to receive the cash) when Masami was done writing. The kid, even if he was obviously younger in age, looked straight at Joshua's eyes, as if threatening him despite being in the same guild. "Pay within thirty days, otherwise I'll increase the amount by twenty-percent, each day you haven't payed. I'm not as cruel as the infamous Blackwood Bank, but money is hard to earn, you know?" of course he knew, Masami, as Joshua is an adult himself. The kid had to remind someone older about things that they obviously knew; he then slipped the paper right inside Joshua's hands. "Also, you don't have to speak Joyan with me, I can speak Fiorian as it is, see? See?"


#8Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Listening to everything the young boy said, Joshua nodded in affirmation when he wanted to confirm. He didn't explain the need to repair his weapon, despite being part of the same guild, Joshua couldn't help but protect the identity of his weapon. He nodded and apologized for trying to force the conversation into Joyan. 

He accepted the bank slip and bowed respectfully. 

"Thank you very much. You'll have full payment within thirty days. Thank you so much for trusting me with this loan. I will not let that trust go." With a heartfelt thank you, and after allowing Masami to dismiss him politely, Joshua made his way back to the main theatre area. 

He said a silent prayer and thanked Masami once again as he left the building. Making his way to the bank and waiting in line for what seemed like hours. He then left after placing the money, and using what little change he had left. He returned to Masamis office. He set a food order on the ground and knocked before leaving. 

On it was a note of thanks and a small prayer from Joshua. He would make sure to pay him back as soon as possible


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The boy, who had just given a grown man a loan, waved the man goodbye and watched him off. "Oh well," sighed Masami, "that's a million, eight-hundred and seventy-five thousand Jewels down the drain." he even had to pay for the bank interest, quietly hoping that the man would not pay within thirty-days so that he would pay more in the end, even if that was such a greedy thought. Masami thought if what he did in the end was the right choice, or was he too soft because Joshua was his guild member? Masami has managed the Hinoki Theater ever since he visited Hosenka City, and until now he had enough time to manage everything that he needed to, but the establishment's income also goes down to the staffs, and then the materials and costumes—how exactly is Masami going to immediately repay all of those today? There was no way that Masami is going to ask someone else for another loan, not to mention that someone loaned him quite the amount and is yet to pay him within a month. "Ah, adults..." mocked Masami, fixing the papers on top of the desk and starting to get back to work... wait, what was he doing again?



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