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Watering the Grass [Solo]

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#1Lorelei L Lakefield 

Watering the Grass [Solo] Empty Fri Aug 21, 2020 11:26 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
How'd she get here, surrounded by four men, with three others on the ground, in the middle of a long grass field? She had to take a moment to think back on her day, her memory wasn't THAT bad!

She had been invited to join the Daeva Eye guild, and met with many people since her arrival in Hosenka, and since her brief lapses of memory retrieval, recall her magic proper, not just a molding mage, but a dragon slaying mage. It was thanks to all of the events that happened that helped her to get to where she is now. But, it also came with meeting guys like these.

An outfit of men calling themselves yakuza. SInce coming to this fine city, she had learn a bit about them. The organized crime with honor troupe of some multiple thousand-strong gathering of men. She could only scowl at the thought of that. Honor and crime do not go hand in hand. They are but the same hand, the same coin. She had made a point to inadvertently get involved with them harassing her regularly.

But they were fine, they hadn't done anything too out of the ordinary other than cross her path from time to time. But today was a little different. These men seemed to be from a different branch, and were dealing in something that just made the little dragon snap.

They were trying to cart a couple of ladies off, something about Bosco and the trade services, along with making a good buck off of them. Slave labor. It triggered something in her. She had been a good thirty meters away when she picked up on the shouting.

And on the drop of a pin, she was rushing in at full speed, utilizing her Water Dragon's Rapid to get some extra distance. In the blink of an eye, she was in range. ANd she had formed a magic circle around the ground as her feet came down.

"Water Dragon's Claws!" Vaulting over into a handspring, she came around, swinging her foot through the air while a claw shaped flow of water followed suit, and crashed down onto the three men in question!

Following that, she forced herself into the center of the gathering, to protect the two people who were going to be sold off as slaves.

"The hell's your problem?" "Oh wait, boss, she's the one we're looking for." "You sure? "Yeah, pink hair, water magic, eyes that kill?" "You're right. Well, let's gather her up as we-URK!"

He was cut off by Lorelei jumping in close with another use of her Water Dragon's Claw, even though it wasn't the proper use of the spell, she punched the guy square in the gut, followed by the magic flowing out and shoving him away, skidding through the grass into the distance. Her eyes glared over her shoulder at the remaining three men.

"You guys are grunts aren't ya? I could do with a little prep work." She had a rather menacing grin splayed over her face. Normally what she said would have been corny, but that look in her eye, the way she said it? She was honestly enjoying hurting these men!

Working on auto pilot, she would be getting glimpses and glints of memory. The three men had no clue what was going on, and sought to make a move back, readying their little wooden swords with various magic spells imbued into them to fight her with nature magic.

She backed up as well, forming a wide circle around the two huddled up would-be slaves. "L-let's go!" Shouted one as all three rushed in together.

Lorelei just rolled down onto her shoulder in a somersault, and went into a little break dance inspired move, swinging her two legs around as she formed the magic circle under her body, throwing off wide arcs of her spell at the three men. Striking two with one blow by forcing one into the other, and knocking them over. It reached around enough to avoid the two that she was protecting.

With one guy left, he just stopped in his tracks, before making a break for it, shouting about how they would remember this and she was as good as dead.

Lorelei meanwhile just sat down to help untie the two on the ground, "Go on, get outta here." She would bid them a quick farewell before they ran off, scared of those eyes and teeth of hers.

She just smiled, remaining where she was in the field with time to think to herself.

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Watering the Grass [Solo] DSj5Tim

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