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Guarding, Touring, Peering [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Guarding, Touring, Peering [Quest] Empty Thu Aug 20, 2020 9:29 am

Jan Ren
A new city, a new job.

Donning a unique suit, Jan Ren made his way to meet with a certian Granny for the details required. Mind you, she herself called herself that very intentionally so no harm done in referring to her like that. With the several specially-lighted districts and very Joya-inspired style, it was almost like the young man was back outside the country. For the first time in a long while, he felt rather homesick.

Meeting up with the old lady warranted some slowly-prepared and granted cups of tea (yes, plural); which the Sinese had respectfully and thankfully accepted. Over this glass of green tea, he was informed of the request details thoroughly. As it turns out, there is a certain tour guide who has accepted quite the achievement-worthy request: serve as a guide to local nobles who had come to explore Hosenka. Relating with these nobles aside, Jan Ren wasn't sure why his help was needed at first; though on second thought, the abundance of crime underground and behind closed doors in this city, as far as he could see -- having only been in there for less than a week, it turned slightly more believable. The nobles themselves were in danger.

And so to meet with the tour guide he went, only to realize that negotiations were a no-go. The old man was stubborn, absolutely certain he didn't need anyone's help. How typical of these prideful old men! Some Joyans were just like this. Absolutely refusing to accept the young man's help, at some point the old tour guide had started flat out ignoring the Sinese' existence, as soon enough the nobles had arrived. That is to say, few had as he went to specifically pick the rest up. Naturally, Jan Ren was not going to back down; a mission is a mission, and this old man's pride wasn't going to stop him.

He also had a feeling he would incur Granny's wrath if he returned empty-handed.

Following the group from afar, the Earth Dragon Slayer had kept his distance, finding himself quite fascinated with the old tour guide's experience. Despite obviously being used to it, having done this many a time in his life, his explanation and demonstrations were still awfully lively, fun to watch even. It's a shame the young lad couldn't quite get close, lest he got shoo'd away.

The tour went rather smoothly; not a single offset, not a hint of malice from the surrounding groups. Not even the occasional punk coming up to raise trouble. In the end, Jan Ren had stayed with the bunch to the very end, making sure the nobles and their tour guide had all returned home safely. He could only think how useful it would have been, if his 'underlings' were with him there. Usually he'd depend on them for watching several places at once.

Nevertheless, with the request's conditions met, the Blue Pegasus wizard returned to Granny to receive his payment, for yet another easy, yet engaging job.

WC: 502

Guarding, Touring, Peering [Quest] 2_1
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