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Lost Time, Cycles Anew.(Manzo)

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#1Judina † 

Lost Time, Cycles Anew.(Manzo) Empty Tue Aug 18, 2020 6:30 am

Judina †
Hosenka was not exactly a place she had adjusting quickly too, The reality of culture shock still lingered on Judina's mind. She wondered why she had came here to start with, Then remember she had been told to go on a vacation from her guild master, So something left her mind far too easily.

So her and Alistair would continue roaming about, It did not feel much like a vacation to her still, Then again She was doing something vastly different when in reality she just kind of wanted to sit somewhere away from people and noises and quietly sit and hear nothing but the wind, At least that what she thought her mind seemed to think.

Judina never thought anything was always in place considering her plans and what life had going for her. Judina could not help but feel a bit hollow of late.

So Alistair and Judina would find that just perfect place that wanted. A very more comforting spot in some way that people expected Judina could be at, OR maybe eventually strangers could find her, it was just something nice and peaceful

So when the area was peaceful enough Judina would finally sit on the ground, To kind of attempt to collect her mind into something that was one place. The quiet and so far empty place Judina settled nicely as Alistair would just sit foot or two away from her.

Maybe this was just the peaceful moment she needed. A moment of almost complete prefect peace, then her mind just lingered into the thought of wanting a cup of tea. The wonderful problem of the minor enjoyments in life where now so far away and Judina was not interested in moving. The desire of tea would have to wait until later, For now this was suitable for Judina to be comfortable

Lost Time, Cycles Anew.(Manzo) Alexss10

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What a day to find one's self in. Simply wandering the streets of the city. Not particularly looking for anything in particular. Just simply existing in this moment. But he did want to find a nice quiet place to just exist. Somewhere secluded and apart from the rest of the world. There had to be somewhere like that in this place. A park, or maybe a clearing with a nice tree to sit under.

As he would wander aimlessly he would find such a place he was hoping for. Not something he thought he would find. But it was nice to know it did indeed exist. He saw only one person there other than him.
He would walk by her. "Don't mind me." He said as he found a nice spot under a tree to sit.

He would lay down under the tree and pull a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. Putting one to his lips. Snapping his fingers to light it. He would take a draw off of it and exhale smoke into the air

"Feels like home, but isn't home. What a weird feeling." He said chuckling.

#3Judina † 

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Judina †
So far neither of them minded Manzo to start with, If anything even if he was not upfront trying to sit with them right away there was content feeling of him being there. Then again it was also they both seemed to just be enjoying the peaceful moment.

Then again Alistair did not react at all. The cat seemed if anything started to go settle into taking a nap, Why? he watched Judina all night when she slept in area he did not think she was safe in, he was also vastly lazy sometimes and just liked the the time to take a nap, More sleep now less needed later.

Normally the type to not enjoy the smoking, Judina could just ignore it this time but not help but chuckle slightly."The only thing missing form this moment is a cup of tea."Judina might not realize who she was talking too right away, they had tea before and have met before, But it must have been long a go that other things had taken her mind then."Far to nice to leave this spot.."She did not sound disappointed or sad just more like she had considered leaving.

Alas she would not, because it was just if anything blissful laziness. Talk of home was always a harder one."If only homes I could find, had spots like this, maybe I would consider getting one."Judina was trying to seemed at least talkative, which she was managing to do. A home like this would be prefer for her and well...the six foot cat behind her."After a while sometimes what the mind wishes is a bit strange."At least that is what Judina thought over all about that. A lesson from that mother of hers she knew she needed to visit.

Lost Time, Cycles Anew.(Manzo) Alexss10

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"Yeah, no kidding. This morning I thought it would be a good idea to put sour cream on a blueberry bagel." He said with a laugh. Though she did have a point about the mind wanting strange things. Weird food was just one of them. But he often thought that it had more to do with his changing taste buds as he got older. Which only meant he could no longer eat in public. The last thing anyone would want to see is someone eat that kind of thing. A very strange thing that was, but he was in the company of others and couldn't let his mind wander too much. That would be rude.

"Pardon my weird taste in food. But what brings you here?" It was a nice day, but they seemed to be the only two present at this particular spot. Maybe it was just a stroke of luck, on days like this it was hard to get times to one's self. Even in small numbers. "Why did I even ask that, it's a beautiful day, most normal poeple would love to be in the sunshine." He said with a laugh as he took a drag from his cigarette and smiled, closing his eyes while soaking in the suns rays.

#5Judina † 

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Judina †
It would be an interesting conversation, Judina was not judging him."Not the Strangest thing to almost do, But I am sure other people have stranger taste of food."Judina was being polite and nice about it, If anything was it a situation of, is it horrible enough that before judging such a thing to try it first? it was odd but workable in some manner. However currently Judina could not really remember that one one she heard side from what this man admitted to him in this moment. Then when should recall one she heard at one point."One that I would not try at all is apple pie and cheddar cheese."It was a common one she had heard before.

Leaving it off on that note, The more casual pace the conversation did stay normal"The peace and quiet, The sight of nature...all kind of just sometimes for a person."Even it would lead up to the man figuring out that answer himself."Or yes...that works too."it was interesting that way, Judina could not help but find a bit of humour in it. Some one seemed to have foresight and it was actually interesting that way.
"It does help when the mind is fixated on something, To try and leave it at some level of peace."I was horrible easy to see Judina had a few things lingering on her mind that she seemed to have trouble getting rid of, All people seemed to have different way of dealing with stuff and Judina might be dealing with it by not talking about it, That might not be really helping her. Or she is too stubborn to realize she might need to let it out."At least my cat seems to be happy here as well."Calling Alistair a cat might be an understatement but still slightly fitting.

Lost Time, Cycles Anew.(Manzo) Alexss10

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