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An Interesting Idea (Training, Solo)

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An Interesting Idea (Training, Solo) Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 7:54 pm

"Alrighty, let's do this!" Zane sat on a hill on the outskirts of Hosenka. His eyes came to look over the city, the night lights making this spot quite a good viewing point. If Zane knew how to paint this would certainly be a pretty good thing to draw a picture of. "...How is this training exactly?" Beelzebub asked, Zane chuckling to himself a bit. He had said that he and Beelzebub (technically just him, since Beelzebub only really existed in Zane's head at the moment) would be heading to a hill on the outskirts of the city tonight to do a bit of magic related training. He supposed that this wasn't the first thing that most people would have thought of, but Zane had a grasp on what he wanted to accomplish tonight.

The little hill the two sat on was one filled with soft green grass. It was near a road that led outwards of the city, small lamps on it illuminating both the road itself and the areas near it. There were forests to the the west of them as well, though not a very large one. Overall, this place seemed to have the best of both worlds. Not only could one view the impressive city, but they could also go and look around the forest as well. Why was this important? Ideas.

Zane didn't bother talking to Beelzebub through his mind this time, instead opting to simply speak out loud. It was very rare for anyone to be on these roads at this time of night, so there was no need to worry about being seen as a crazy person with an eyepatch who was talking to themselves. "This place is ripe full of ideas we can turn into spells, Beelzebub! Tonight's training is less about action and more about thought. Perfect for the two of us, right? Beelzebub let out a hum in Zane's head, curious about if this would actually work or not. "Couldn't we have done this in the hotel room? Why all the way out here?" Zane did admit the lord of the flies had a bit of a point here. Still, something about going out and seeing the sights made Zane feel like inspiration would strike him easier. "Sometimes a change of scenery can give ya some really good ideas! Just give it a few minutes and I'm sure we'll have thought of something or another."

A few minutes passed. The pair didn't think of anything. So far it was just Zane sitting his legs crossed on the grass, his arms held out behind him as he looked out to the landscape. He whistled a little tune, one some might recognize as a popular lullaby that mothers might want to sing their children. "You seem to do that one quite well, Zane. This is the first time you've whistled without me wanting to blow my metaphorical ears off." Zane laughed at Beelzebub's comment, not realizing the demon wasn't joking about the ears part at all. "Thanks. My mother used to sing it to me all the time. She said that not many parents in Fiore knew about it. I wonder if anyone would recognize it if I sang it in town." Still waiting for ideas to come into his head, Zane continued to whistle the tune once more. He wondered what his mother would think of this idea he was having. She would probably say it was stupid, actually. He missed her quite a bit...

Then Zane decided to go home, the end.


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