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A night out

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A night out Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 7:28 pm



-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


Ever since he first laid his eyes on it, Hosenka city was much better in his mind and a relaxing sight after spending so much time in the dark and fog covered city that is Dahlia. He didn't like thinking negatively of any place or people, but Dahlia gave him a weird feeling, something he couldn't really explain in words, even being around the city. This was completely different however, from the architecture of the resorts and buildings, the famous Hot Springs, to the Grand Theater of the city. Of course Marigold had its own theatre as well, but the stylization of this one proved more mystical to him for some reason. Sakura alley proved to be a majestic place to visit, as the massive cherry blossom trees stretched high into the air, providing decent shade in the daytime, i'm blocking out the sharpness of the Moon at night. As the trees stood their ground within the wind, the blossoms whistled about, lightly coated the ground in a thin but slippery pink color. After spending a while there, he moved on as there was much to see. While he was on the cities parade grounds, not much was happening at night this day, but the large and well-kept square seemed to be a great place set up events in the city. As he walked about there was always at least a worker tending the garden or the paths inside of the designated area. He just as well aware of the notorious nest of the Crimson Quarter, and he has planned to go through it eventually to test the waters here compared to the relatively unmanaged Myras. He still had his passengers to worry about, but he wanted to stop here before making his way home as it was on the way, and it was proving worth it.

It seemed alive and vibrant, and he was glad to get to experience this atmosphere, as it seemed to be a welcome break from the norm.  

PG Quest -15%

WC - 333


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