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TOURNAMENT ARC! NQ (Solo) Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 3:19 pm

Yugo walked into the stadium to a roar of bloodlust from the audience. The announcer had already announced the purpose of the tournament, and even spoke about the first round. But Yugo didnt care. He wasnt here for the starting fights. He couldn't help but stare at the gathered crowd as they cheered in the underground fight circle. He felt his blood boil in eagerness. He couldn't contain his own magic anymore as he approched the fighting circle. The owners threw open the cage doors as the announcer rushed to safety.


"SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH!" Yugo roared at the announcer who sheepishly obeyed. "My name is Yugo, and I came here to kill the champion. But before I do that," He pointed at the stands where the other fighters waited. "Come and fight me. All of you at once, come fight me!" He smiled, only for the smile to die away and be replaced by a face of anger as the crowd and fighters laughed at him. How dare they laugh at him, he didnt care if they didnt take his threat for what it was, he wouldnt forgive them for laughing at him.

Yugo was about to attack the audience as a figure approched and jumped into the cage match with him. Yugo smiled looking at the man, his wild yellowish green mana flared happily.

"I'll thank you for taking me seriously, who ever you are." The man didnt speak though, only throwing off his cloak and revealing a well build body. The mans arms glowed with strange glyphs.

The mystery man was silent as the announcer filled Yugo in.

"My word! After the grand threat of the newcomer, the reigning champion has decided to step into the ring! Is it possible he takes the mans bold threat seriously?!" Very shortly there after he received a note and upon reading it he smiled. "After a quick talk with the higher ups we will allow this impromptu title match take place!" The crowd roared once more and Yugos blood boiled with berserker frenzy. He could tell his enemy was stronger then him and that's what made it so exciting. The announcer continued, "IN THIS CORNER! HAVING WON EVERY PREVIOUS FIGHT HE HAD EVER TAKEN PART IN! JEAN "THE GODHAND"! AND IN THIS CORNER!" He paused and spoke to Yugo. "Hey kid, what's name ya wanna be known by?" But instead of an answer, he was grabbed and tossed into the bell, starting the match as Yugo flew forward to attack the champion. The Announcer groaned a bit before laughing. "and starting the fight off without hesitation is Yugo! "The BERSERKER!" The crowd went wild once more with thunderous stomps and devastatingly loud chants of blood and carnage further up, a mysterious figure was watching the fight from a shaded and well hidden view box.


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