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City of Starlight [Solo, Training]

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Hosenka City was beautiful, and reminiscent of Rania’s homeland – a place she had never been to, but always wanted to visit. Rania visited Hosenka to spend some time with a guild mate, and also to relax after going on a number of missions for the guild she had recently joined and a lot of things had happened since then. It was always Rania’s intention to focus on her divine gift more; she wanted to be able to heal effectively and efficiently, and not just in a hospital where there were doctors and nurses around to assist the patients in need.

Of course there were emergencies and accidents, but after working in this country for a few years Rania had come to realize that there were other places she could go, places where her magic had more meaning. And because of this Rania had decided to join Blue Pegasus. Her life had rapidly changed since then, but all of those changes had felt quite positive. The Paladin had focused on her healing magic more than usual, and she was able to sense an improvement. It had gotten stronger, her healing spells had become more potent and if she had to take a guess it would be that it was due to all the practice.

Using her magic more frequently and on actual people in need had allowed her to grow even stronger and Rania wanted more of that – she wanted to improve even further, learn new spells and make better use of her magic pool. And because of this Rania decided to train. She wanted to meditate and seek ways to learn new spells, stronger spells and spells that had a greater effect on her targets. But learning spells didn’t come naturally to a mage and the woman knew that she actually had to sit down and work on it; look inside of herself and find ways to make the magic happen. If it worked, and if she had been successful she would simply know by how the magic felt.



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It was night time when Rania decided to leave her hotel and the busy streets of the city all together. The Paladin was headed down the alleys until she reached a part of the town that was close to its very edge, where the area became quieter and was filled with forests. It was beautiful regardless of where she went, and the young woman thought about how she wanted to return to Hosenka many times in the future. Oddly enough, the raven haired also found it easy to find work here, which made Hosenka all the more suitable for her tastes. Either way, Rania had chosen night time to see the full potency of her spells. Light was powered by the sun, very much like the element of fire was and even though Rania used her spells frequently during the day hours, harnessing the sun’s energy, she figured it would be good practice to do it differently from time to time.

Because of this, the Paladin was now wandering the dark streets and eventually drifted off into the nearby woodlands. It was quiet in the realm, but she felt no fear as she believed that close to the city it would be safe and sound. There were no enemies around from what she could tell, and because of this Rania was relaxed and at ease. The Paladin had also brought her trusty staff along. The Hierophant Staff was an item she had purchased from a traveling merchant in Marigold Town. It was quite the handy item, and made her look all the more mage-like. Rania liked that aspect, but its real benefit lay of course in its ability to increase her potency with spells. Casting spells through the staff somehow made them.. Better? She couldn’t quite explain it, but knowing that there was a benefit was enough for her to keep carrying it around. On top of that she also felt as though she looked really cool with it.



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Rania was looking for a forest clearing – a place in the woods that wasn’t too far off from the town, and also not too crowded and filled with trees. After some looking around and using her own light to guide herself, the sorceress eventually found a suitable spot where she decided to settle down. Rania had brought a small purse along, with a few snacks, a notebook for herself to take notes with and of course some water in case she needed refreshments. During the summer months it was important to stay hydrated, which is another reason why the mage had chosen night time over day time – it was simply cooler and the weather was easier to work with.

Now that Rania was all settled, she took a seat in the middle of the clearing, relaxed her muscles and closed her eyes. Her staff was laying on her lap and she had placed both hands on top of it, holding it while she spoke a few words in her native tongue desiertan. Meditating before attempting to learn new spells was always important to the Paladin, because she wanted to reach inside herself and harness her inner strength. Thus far her ability to cast spells was good and quite efficient, but she had seen some improvement lately and she wanted more where that came from. The Paladin stayed still like this for almost an hour while she tapped into her inner potential, collected her light magic and began thinking of ways she wanted to improve her comrades' health.

There was basic healing of course, the normal way to do it. Rania’s healing spells had been more effective than that for a while now, and the Paladin wanted to improve even further. She wanted to be better than that and do better than that.



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Her healing was efficient and strong, but on top of that she wanted to increase the abilities that her comrades and other people had – even herself if she was alone in a fight. And such the idea of buffing her comrades abilities came to mind, and in her thoughts Rania began to woven and create new spells. She gave him an appearance, imagined what they should look like and how she wanted to cast them and at the very last step, she gave them a name to make them more real. And once she had completed all that work, all that was left was to actually cast them and practice them.

Rania opened her eyes and uttered a sigh. Some time had passed and the moon was shining brightly in the sky. The weather was good and it was the perfect night to cast some bright light spells. She stood up and grabbed her staff into her right hand. For this, she would try and cast them through the staff right away. The first spell was a simple one. She had chosen another heal, because you could honestly never have enough of those. She had named it ‘Greater Heal’ because that’s basically what it was, and upon casting it she sent a bright ray of light out from her staff and into the distance. Good, she thought to herself. This would certainly do the job.

The next one was another healing spell that came in the shape and form of a dome of light, and even though it only covered a small area, it was plenty for her to protect and heal herself. The next one was more used for protection than anything else and a defensive spell. Rania had created a wall of light that was intended to block incoming attacks and protect those who stood behind the wall. The last one was a heal again, but more powerful than all the other ones had been. This one cost more mana, but would heal significantly more damage. Once Rania finished her training and was satisfied with all the results it yielded, the Paladin returned home to rest.


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