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Underground Associates [NQ|Manzo]

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Manzo woke up early in the morning, the beautiful city of Hosenka had been his temporary home for the purpose doing work in the name of the guild. But that was not anything new for him. He had been doing work on the behalf of the guild for quite a long time. Since he was a teenager to be exact. That being said, on this particular day he had yet to get out of bed. It was something he would get around to doing, but just now was not the particular time for doing so. He had a fairly long night before hand, and was feeling rather sluggish this morning. He had found a nice cabaret, strong drinks, good people that kind of thing. So he was out quite late, and felt like he needed some extra time in bed this particular morning.

That being said he knew he could not drag his feet. He knew he had to get out of bed and start his day. The money he needed wasn't going to just make itself. So after a bit of thinking about the whole thing. He decided to finally pick himself up out of bed. Take a nice long stretch and look outside the window for just a little while. That being said, the view was beautiful. All of the Joyan architecture that lined the city skyline did remind him a bit of home. Though these were things he had only seen in books. It was rather odd to be seeing it all right now in front of him. Never thought he would, didn't think it was possible for the son of a rice farmer. Though seeing it all now, he did indeed miss the rice fields sometimes. More than anything he missed the part where it all felt like home.

After a bit of time just sitting in front of the window, which did feel like a bit of an eternity. Well, to say he got lost in the view would be an understatement, because to be fair, her certainly did. But there was nothing wrong with losing ones self every once and while. There was no sin to be found it, not in his mind at least. He enjoyed the quiet moments, desired them above all. He reached over the nightstand and grabbed his pack of cigarettes off of it. Placing one in his mouth, snapping his fingers. As he lit it, he took a drag off of it and exhaled. It was a pleasant burn, even this early in the morning. It was a hard to describe other than euphoria. Pure joy, almost as good as sex, well what people have told him sex was like at least.

After taking a few more drags off of his cigarette, he put it out in the complementary ash tray left for him. It was a nice touch, well it did come standard for smoking rooms. But it didn't have to. They did cost extra money after all. But this was a rich city, rich in culture as well as in just pure currency. But that being said he had wasted enough time, well maybe not. Maybe he could stand to sit here long enough to get himself right for the day before he went to go take a shower. But the shower would feel very good. Then again, he can't smoke in the shower. Then again, fuck it. He picked up another cigarette and lit it. Chasing the buzz that he usually got off of them. It was a nasty habit, the good news is he took very good care of his teeth.

But that was a different story all together. But speaking of which it was time to do his daily routine. As his stomach was rumbling quite badly. He would walk from the bed into the bathroom and situate himself on the toilet. While doing his business he flipped through the complementary news paper. He flipped through the news section. "Wow the tax rates in this city are through the roof. I hope that's just the property tax. If it was income tax, I"m not sure I'd be able to get a house here if I ever wanted one." That was something that did concern him a bit. What were the monarch of this country thinking of giving individual cities the ability to tax what ever they wish. That was very uncommon in most established and modern countries such as this one. Very strange indeed.

He flipped over to the next section. Finding some coupons for local eateries and markets. "Huh, that's not a bad price for a melon. But it is just a standard melon after all. Anything higher than twenty jewels would be absurd." He said to himself as he continued to do his business on the toilet. Though truthfully speaking his business has concluded but he was still lost in this great local news paper. "Huh a coupon for ramen noodles at the local stand. Now that is something I could certainly see myself using." He said as he flipped the page over to the yard sale listings. Quite curious to see what people around here part with, and for what prices they part with them. It is interesting to see what people place value upon. How does one judge their own possessions. It was a concept he didn't understand, partially because he had nothing.

"Wow, they want 10,000 jewels for an old chair. That chair had better be the best chair I have ever sat on. What a rip off." He said to himself as he looked down the list once more. It was odd to see something like a chair going for such a high price. "I mean really, is it even hand made. I couldn't bring myself to buy something used for that price without it being hand made." He said while looking down the list again. It's all very weird, he had never actually been to a yard sale, or in some places an estate sale. Though he always assumed in order to have an estate to sell, one would have to be of money. Or semi rich, maybe he was wrong. but who was to know. Not he, because by all accounts he was very, very poor.

Now that, that little tangent was over it was time for him to get off the toilet, wiping himself of course. He would do so, now it was time to get in the shower. It was another key thing to start to the day. He jumped into the shower and let the water roll over him. Enjoying every moment of it, for it brought him nothing but happiness. Then it occurred to him. "I wonder if dogs would rule the world if they had thumbs, everyone loves dogs. It only makes sense." This was a dangerous rabbit hole to fall down. But it was too late now, the rabbit was in the hole now. "Do dogs understand us, like really understand us. Like if I say something to a dog, does he actually know what I'm saying. Or is our language primitive to them, like we think theirs are to us."

"Why do they chase their tails. Like do they think it's not attached to them. And that it is indeed another member of their species trying to sniff them. That is something else. Like if I had a tail would I too chase it. I'd probably be really bad it." He said as he began to wash his body while continuing to have all of his strange shower thoughts. "I wonder if anyone else thinks about weird shit in the shower. Probably not, most people are in too much of a hurry trying to get somewhere. I feel pretty bad for them." He said to himself as he applied the shampoo to his head. As he was applying it he began to think. "What is this stuff even made out of. It has never occurred to me to actually look about what I put on top of my head."

He looked over the label as he rinsed his hair, tilting his head backwards under the water as to not get any in his eyes. "Wow, that's a lot of words I didn't know even existed. Yeah, this can't be good for my scalp. They all sound like chemicals used to like, torture people." He said as he went to reach for his towel. But something strange happened. Someone was in his bathroom, handing him his own towel. This was very weird indeed, why would someone be in here. Why on earth did he not hear or smell them coming. It was probably because he was so deep in thought. This was a fine situation to find himself in. He took the towel and wrapped it around his waist as he pulled the curtain back. What he would see would certainly catch him off guard. He didn't expect company today.

"Hello White Wolf, your country needs you." This was something out of the ordinary for sure. He wasn't sure as to what country he was talking about. He stepped out of the shower. "I don't know who gave you my name, but I have no idea what you're talking about." He quickly walked out of the bathroom in the common area of his room. When he walked into the room he was met by another stunning sight. It was Joyan ambassador to Fiore. "Hello white wolf." she said softly as Manzo stared at her dumb struck. "All though, considering your newest acquisition to your arsenal. I'd say calling you a wolf isn't very appropriate anymore." Manzo snapped back to reality and bowed before her. "What can I do for you excellency." He asked her, knowing if she was here that it was a serious situation to say the least honestly.

"What is it you require of me ma'am." He asked while still bowed. She chuckled at him for still being so reverent. "I'm here to ask you to do your job." Manzo brought his head back up. Not sure why it is she would have come all this way for simple hit. "Ma'am I don't mean any disrespect, but why come all this way to request a hit?" She chuckled once again. "Well, you were the very best hitman our country produced. This is no ordinary hit. I'm asking you assisinate the head of the Black Shark Yakuza family." Now it all made sense. He was going to have to clean up a mess they could not. He nodded his head and was given the details of the job. He would leave after getting dressed and wait outside for the signal to infiltrate. Once given the signal it was go time.

He donned his disguise and walked in disguised as a waiter for the restaurant they were going to be dining in. He quickly made his way to the back, where he would activate his lacrima. The kitchen staff was in on the operation so they were very cooperative with him. Not asking any questions and just simply letting him operate as he saw fit. He would spit lethal doses of poison from his mouth into the drinks of the Yakuza members. Meaning he would not only take out the boss, but all if his underlings in one swoop.

Upon receiving their drinks, they all dropped dead on the floor. The city guard as well as the ambassador coming in to inspect his work. They were very satisfied by how good of a job he had done in carrying out the hit on the crime families top members. Which would make their job in rounding up the rest much easier. Manzo then received his payment from the guard and the three of them headed their separate ways. Though his direction was heading straight for the bar. Where he would begin to drink again, and think about all he had done in his life.


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