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Bailong the Chad-gasus [Travel to Hosenka]

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#1Jan Ren 

Bailong the Chad-gasus [Travel to Hosenka] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 1:09 pm

Jan Ren
"Hnnng...!! Come, on...!!!" And yet, the creature refused to budge. Fighting against the young man's pulling powers with every ounce of its strength, the majestic, ever-attractive and literally glistening Pegasus simply pulled its head away from its supposed owner, as soon enough Jan Ren submitted to his frustration and the horse's will (or lack thereof). Panting, slumped and still holding futilely to the strap, the Sinese watched as he could swear he saw that animal smirk at him. "Oh, please!! At least try to help me out, will you!?"

When he was gifted a Pegasus by Alisa herself, the young man was ecstatic. He was however, quick to learn that expectations would often betray you. Badly so.

"Alright Bailong. We'll do this your way." Having resigned himself to the animal's wit, Jan Ren let go of the strap, though kept walking rather close to the animal to make sure it wouldn't run away. Surprisingly, once he was free from human grasp, the horse simple paced, hooves clicking against the ground as the duo made their way through a certain trail. ...Huh. So it just hates being controlled? There was of course that smirk from earlier to take into account... But all's well.

...But what's the point of having a Pegasus if you can't fly on it??

--"This isn't good..." Jan Ren commented, interlocking both hands behind his neck in discomfort. The two had reached an open field of sorts on their way, and it was getting rather late. "I'd hoped we wouldn't need to, but looks like we're going to have to camp out tonight... It's still a long way to Hosenka. Bailong, let's colle--..." On a turn to check on the Pegasus, the Sinese quickly learned that his words fell on deaf ears.

There was no horse there. Well, actually, there was. Just far away. And two of them.

Huffing, grunting, flapping and yelping noises were heard as Jan Ren witnessed a scene not too far away. Having found a wild horse, presumably of opposite gender, Bailong the Pegasus had its way with the surprisingly obedient steed, all the while looking to its 'master', with that ever-present smirk on its face. Doing some unspeakable things, the entire time.


...It took them quite some time until they finally reached Hosenka.

Bailong the Chad-gasus [Travel to Hosenka] 2_1
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