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#1Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
After a short travel back to Hargeon, his guild's hometown. Jan Ren took a short break at his by-now-dusty room in Blue Pegasus' lodgings, having spent most of the returning day's remainder fixing it up with some good quality cleaning. The next morning he woke up, underwent his regular morning routine, having adopted some new habits at Marigold; and set out to sightsee. Having spent so much time in Marigold made it so he was almost visiting a new place, and with Hargeon being a port city, what better place to start but the docks?

Much to his surprise, the Sinese won some recognition in his hometown. By now it appears that people have noticed his existence, attributed his personnel in the guild to a good impression and even greeted him randomly in the streets. True to his vanity, he simply loved it. Having received this much attention from the surrounding people, even the cute girls around; it appears that he made the correct choice in joining a famous guild and working hard, even if it warranted some unpleasant moments, in and out of said home, at times.

Once he's arrived at the docks at a reasonable morning hour, the young mage spotted a relatively old familiar face, an acquaintance he's helped on occasion. Reign Valystasia, a local nobleman and a surprisingly benevolent one. Some other faces, some familiar and some less so, were seen around the lord's presence and as it turns out the Sinese had come across the bunch in the middle of some celebration. An assortment of food and drinks laid out in a fashion not very typical for the docks to host; and he should know, for one who'd spent a long time there. Approached by Reign upon being noticed, Jan Ren was taken aback, but flattered nonetheless. Man, this reputation was great!

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#2Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
As it turns out, today was Reign Valystasia's father's birthday and as such, the honorable son had thrown a respectable party for all at Hargeon to take part in. A very noble idea for sure, especially considering his father had passed away not too long ago. Jan Ren had all sorts of questions regarding that, most prominent of which being whether the nobleman wasn't sad throwing something like this up; but it was ultimately left unsaid, for good reason. He wasn't dumb enough to ask something like that on a happy day, after all.

Though his arrival was apparently just required. When spotted, Reign had come up with a request on the spot, for the young man to help build something in honor of the deceased man. He wanted to build a massive warship to honor his father, and with seeing how much dedication the blond nobleman had held solely based on the party's scale -- and the silent determination held in his grandiose request, Jan Ren immediately agreed. Reeled in on the job, he was given direct instructions to build the ship by himself without catering to the townsfolk for help, seeing how they would be taking part in the celebration; though if he could recruit the help of others, it would still be alright. His materials were already at the ready it appears, and due to planning this celebration and preferring the workers to take it easy in this instance it was put off; though with the Blue Pegasus mage at the ready the desired task was now legitimate once more. Wood, nail and even rations were all prepared at a certain Mywand Olden's warehouse, just waiting to be pulled out for proper usage.

So with the target now clear as day and deciding to give from himself to the town and its lord, the Sinese headed to said warehouse.

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#3Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
As it turns out, Olden himself wasn't present at the celebration, for whatever convenient reason I cannot be bothered to think up. This was good new for the Sinese however, as with that he had proper direction inside the warehouse, and even someone to greet who would give him all he needed on the spot. No time wasted was always a good thing on requests like these which obviously required some time to complete. After all, building a ship from nothing was no easy task, especially for someone who had no expertise. Surely if Reign had ordered one of the city's shipwrights, such should have been a lot easier and quicker. But Jan Ren was apparently on the ready for even something new like this.

With several cattle-driven wagons making their way in a straight line through Hargeon City towards a dry spot by the docks -- paralleled with the beach, and the materials all unloaded one by one, the Sinese took a long moment to stare at all the lumber, wood and tools he had received. So much at his disposal, yet nothing of which he could take for personal use. Then again, what would he himself require so many logs for anyway?

With most of the city at the occurring celebration, such was an easy task at first. Of course, the young man had to plan out his work first, and fortunately the request came ready with blueprints at bay. Perhaps a scrapped draft of sorts, but it would do. He was confident he could figure the rest out by himself, and granted it would never take a day in a lifetime but rather closer to a month if he alone was working on it, he surely wasn't going to finish today. So preparing everything beforehand was the first step.

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#4Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
... ... ... ... ...

So far for progress on the first day.

As expected, someone like Jan Ren with no experience whatsoever could only do so much in a single day's work, even if he'd decided to dedicate his time entirely to crafting this ship. At most, he managed to piece together a part of a flank, yet to properly decide how to finish it, or the rest of the ship, by himself. He could take care of the mast by the end, he'd figured, but would soon enough realize he was wrong on that assumption as well. Goes to show how much his lack of expertise played a part.

With the day coming to an end, the Sinese had wrapped up whatever he could, having to trust that the night would go smoothly with no mad lad coming to steal so much construction equipment. His hopes were met properly come morning, seeing everything the same way he'd left off. With the second day's arrival, the Blue Pegasus wizard had come to request the local shipwrights and construction workers for help; at the same time, recruiting his band of sixteen thugs to aid him out. With so many a personnel working on the project, he figured it wouldn't take long at all, and the huge warship should be done in less than a week's time.

To his surprise, it didn't even take five days. Experience borrowed from the locals, tips granted and instructions thrown around, the Sinese was relegated to simply monitoring, giving orders and occasionally stepping in to help; the same way he had in a mission just like this. By the end of the fourth day's noon, the gigantic warship was completed. In honor of its completion, many decided to take pictures with their fellow co-workers if just for fun. Jan Ren, easily, among them. This must have been the quickest a vassal like so has ever been built at.

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#5Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
By the fifth day, Reign was called to witness this grand work. While not precisely the same way he'd imagined, he still judged it to be a job well done, congratulating the Sinese for his efforts and admittedly impressed with the work. In a simple five day's time, the young man had managed to pull quite the construction, a huge ship like that installed fully and completely with no setbacks, no apparent errors and most importantly -- entirely done by hand. No magic involved.

Right. The part about not using his magic may have been part of the deal, though in his honest defense, Jan Ren lacked any magical abilities that could even aid him in such a request. As such, it may have been a given, but it sure was nice to know the temptation was lifted regardless. Nevertheless, for his efforts on this grandiose item, Reign had gifted the young lad with a hefty sum of Jewels and bid him farewell... For now.

On the seventh day upon receiving the request, the Blue Pegasus wizard was called to witness an event at the docks. Invited alongside many other, all of which he had recognized, to behold as the warship was towed by yet another ship already at sail; prepared to be tested on real waters. In a spectacular manner, the nobleman had announced the ship's name and embedded the Blue Pegasus' emblem upon its left side before finally giving the signal for its depart. Hargeon Valentine, manned to the brim, took off for the first time in history. With an odd name but rightfully granted in light of its importance. Reign, looking proud as ever; though for a moment, appeared to wince, as if repressing an expression. A feeling.

It truly was a touching sight, one to take all pride in for sure. And on that night, Reign Valystasia silently wept.

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