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Hosenka To Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel]

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#1Juni Anastos 

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Juni Anastos
Although she said she would follow Caius, Juni had other plans she needed to attend too. In signing her allegiance to him she also found herself bound to a new guild. This didn't bother Juni but now she had to meet the guild master and by extension work with him in order to establish some sort of familiarity with him. From what she was told by Caius the guild was named Sentinel Syndicate. Juni wasn't familiar with them but then again they were far off from her previous guild and she never made any contact with them until now so it made sense that she wouldn't know them. She wished that Caius would have gone with her to meet with the guild master but she understood his business was of utmost importance. With her needing to depart Juni did what she always did when traveling to another area, she packed for the occasion. Juni liked to pack light, it was easier to move around that way and she would less likely be a target on her travels. Just a bit of food, some medical supplies, and one change of clothes. Unless she was in a hurry she stopped at each town for at least a day to restock on supplies if she needed it and rest in the best inn for a good boost of energy. Her stops usually landed her with some good information and juicy bit of news and she would always promise herself to come back to that town.

With everything packed up and herself ready to go she made sure to say goodbye to Caius, she would, of course, catch up with him at a later time but now she had to pick up her new life and start etching out a new goal. For a long time, she was confused at what she wanted to do in the world. One interaction caused that whole mist in her mind to clear up. Now she knew she had to get much stronger than she was now so that she could be useful to the man who let her see the light. Not only that but she wanted to obtain a higher form of being, something much stronger than her current Nephilim form.

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#2Juni Anastos 

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Juni Anastos
Juni was out of Hosenka with a heavy heart. She really didn't want to leave but soon found herself on the road at the crack of dawn. She always began her traveling with the sun but she never stopped until she got to the next town. Most of the time she got to the next town just as the sun was fully set and the dark of the night took over. This was good for her because traveling during the night was a pain in the ass and she didn't wanna deal with all that came with it. She wasn't immortal and every encounter was always intentionally dangerous, especially for a cute girl like herself.

With the morning sun guiding her the next stop for her would be Dahlia city. She heard the place was a lawless land but that was right up her ally. No one would bother her or question her if she happens to partake in some rather questionable activities so she was fine with being there for a day. The problem with Dahlia though was that someone might actually try her patience which was on a short fuse currently. Dressing in long dark cloaks with a covered up spear that looked like a long object on her back would draw some attention but it would draw less action if she kept the fact that she was a female away. Men loved to test their luck with her or anything with breasts and a vagina. The travel from Hosenka into Dahlia was thankfully quiet but she did need to restock on food and wash her clothes while she was in the city so that's what she did. Nothing too out of the way happened during her shortlived stay in the city so once the sun rose she set out again.

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Hosenka To Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel] Tumblr_pyx5lxTUxo1usc9y9o5_540
#3Juni Anastos 

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Juni Anastos
The next city would see her out of east Fiore and straight into central Fiore. Marigold city was a sight for sore eyes for someone coming out of Dahlia. Although the people there were more welcoming and therefore more annoying to her she felt safer in that city over the last. Upon entering Marigold she removed her hood to be less suspicious-looking but she kept her spear under wraps. Although she changes faces regularly to keep out of the public's eye as one of the persons who helped in the hero's relic collection against some very unsavory people, she didn't like the fame that came with it, and even though that fame is slowly dipping off, it always seem to surge right back up when the weapon in question was in the eye of the public.

Juni was lucky to not need anything from Magnolia and when the next day came around she thought about restocking. She wasn't dangerously low on products but she felt as if it wouldn't hurt to restock just a little to be safe. Going over to the markets she quickly got the things she needed and departed. Every city she passed was just a pit stop. She was close to Seighart at some point in time but she noticed that she was being followed and at the same time she figured whoever was following her knew that she knew. Stopping to confront the person it turned out to be some lost child who for whatever reason thought that she was his mother. Juni couldn't look at a child let alone be around one for too long so she left the child where it was and soon she was at Seighart after a few days. The child turned up every so often but she ignored it until it went away. Setting up in Sieghart was easy and soon she found herself requesting an audience with the guild master of Sentinel Syndicate.

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Hosenka To Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel] Tumblr_pyx5lxTUxo1usc9y9o5_540

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