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Under the surface (Quest)

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#1Luxin Orihara 

Under the surface (Quest) Empty Wed Aug 05, 2020 1:17 pm

Luxin Orihara
Annoyed was what Luxin was right now, Dan in all his wisdom had recommended him to Awali, the queen of the underworld. The goddamn queen, sighing Lux waited for her arrival amongst the lowlifes and criminals that skulked the streets at night, people like himself, thieves, murderers and criminals alike all hung around here.

He didn't even hear her approach, he hadn't needed too, not with the way people moved out of the way like she was Moses parting the Red Sea. Awali in all her Holiness strutted down the cobbled street completely unfazed by the company surrounding her or the fact that she was unguarded or at least seemed that way but Lux knew better. As she stopped right in front of him, Lux could see why she was given her title. despite the seductive gaze and tantalizing smile, there was something in her eyes that made him weary if not downright scared, instantly he knew she was not to be messed with and everyone here knew it too.

Gesturing him to follow, she took him out of sight to a nearby alleyway, she then proceeded to inform him of the details of the quest. He was to follow a man named Wugeth, he was going to make a transaction that needed to know about, shrugging Lux decided it wasn't any of his business to know the intricacies of the plan just that he was to follow and bring back information on the transaction. Once done telling Lux what he needed to know she was off with a wink and a flirtatious smile she faded into the darkness leaving Lux in the alley on his own.

"Well, time to get started then" Luxin mumbled to himself before scaling a nearby building heading for the rooftop, knowing it would be easier to follow Wugeth once he appeared as no one ever really looked up. Luckily for Luxin it wasn't long till Wugeth in all his arrogance showed up with his three goons by his side, and while Lux could see the paranoia in his movements, there was an arrogance in his walk that had been cultivated from years of thinking he was hot stuff and untouchable.

*Guess it's showtime* Luxin thought to himself as he focused his mind getting in the mindset for the mission, Following Wugeth's movements along the rooftops making sure his body was low and hidden in shadows, he'd sometimes have to wait before moving to ensure he was out of sight before continuing again or just before leaping onto another building.

It was almost half an hour into the quest when, Wugeth met his first client of the night, creeping as close as he could make sure it was enough to see the men but still out of their sights, he found it was just a casual conversation and nothing he needed to pay much attention to. As the conversation ended Lux watched as they said there farewells and were both on their way.

Following on Lux leapt from a nearby rooftop onto a smaller one, making him much closer to Wugeth this time around but the downside was that if he made too much noise he may be spotted or rouse suspicion. As he prepared to move once again after waiting a few minutes, he was stopped as Wugeth was also paused seemingly waiting for someone. *Hmm, maybe this is what I've been waiting for* but unfortunately for Luxin, it was not to be, for it was yet again another casual interaction. "Tch, for a guy who's got a hit out on him, he's being social". Lux mumbled as he listened in on the mundane conversation that was being had just below him.

As the conversation came to an end, Luxin silently thanked the Gods as he wondered how two people could talk about money, women and sport for so long, checking his pocket watch, he noted that the conversation had been a ridiculous forty minutes. "Bloody aristocrats they're downright alien" Lux complained up into the sky as he sighed and continued following after Wugeth.

By now it was almost two hours into the quest and Lux had to know where this guy was headed because he had been walking for that amount of time and he hadn't done anything worth mentioning. However, it seemed Lady Luck was smiling down on him tonight as a black car pulled up beside a walking Wugeth who in turn stopped and faced the car but not before looking left and right down the streets making sure no one saw him. *Interesting* Lux once again thought as he peered over the rooftop watching the scene unfold. Observing the scene he noted that the car was a new model, someone only a rich person could own, whether the money was legal or illegal was another story altogether. Seeing the conversation ensue, Luxin tried to peer into the windows but had no luck seeing who Wugeth was conversing with, so with that in mind, he made sure he listened out to whatever he could.

Lux checked his pocket watch once more as the car drove off, seeing that the conversation had lasted a good fifteen minutes, he once again observed Wugeth and noted that he was now in possession of a briefcase.

Waiting as the men left the area, he checked his pocket watch noting that almost two hours and a half had gone since he started his mission and he turned around and made his way back leaping off rooftops till he was back to his original starting point where he scaled down the building and landed on his feet with barely a sound, he was then startled by a clapping, turning around instantly, his spell ready on the tip of tongue ready to attack but only to see it was the Queen of the underworld herself, the boss lady Awali, waiting for him and no sooner did he see her did he tell her of what transpired that night. As she congratulates Luxin, she pulls out his reward telling him to also thank Dan and that she'll be in touch soon for another job.

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