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Ring a Ring o' Roses [QUEST; SOLO]

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Ring a Ring o' Roses [QUEST; SOLO] Empty Wed Aug 05, 2020 12:25 am

He was allowed to check the list of young trainees, Masami was the founder of the theater, after all. They were under fourty kids, which aren't much compared to the training houses back in Joya, wherein the amount of young trainees could've almost reached a hundred, at least not per age group. Masami was the type to work well with children, so helping out in this request isn't supposed to be a hard task. In a few moments, Masami became face-to-face with the children, whose photos were pasted in the documented list of young trainees. He pointed at one, then called their name, "Kuroha." he uttered, and immediately that boy's face lit up in joy for being recognized; "Akira." he uttered upon pointing at another one. Masami knew that he wasn't good at memorizing overly-practical stuff but... maybe he was actually good at names this whole time?

Masami was the one who taught the kids how to dance, or how to hold their props properly. Supposedly, he would stay in the background and simply do his task by guarding the children as they train, but Masami couldn't stay silent by sitting around. He had to stand up and teach them himself, in his own way. The staff may be older, but Masami has definitely more experience when it comes to getting things right in the theater. In addition to that... he's younger, and kids are more comfortable around the people who are closer to them in terms of ages. At least, Masami would be taking multiple people's jobs just this once.

Fortunately for them, they were receiving multiple breaks in a day. Masami usually don't get lunch breaks at all, or at least whenever his class does, they were only allowed to take breaks for only fifteen minutes or less. They had lunches together; the kids wanted to stay with Masami for longer hours, but they would be forced to separate by the time that it's evening. Now, they were outside the theater, waiting for everyone's guardians. Some were still playing as they wait, and Masami was making sure that these kids don't come to the wrong home. Of course, even if Masami is an adolescent, he's still young enough to play with all of them until the end. Playing with these kids reminded him of how he played with the twins, his older sister and brother being childish with him... and his mother—

Huh? Where did that vision come from? Who exactly was she? That wasn't a topic for this mission; Masami tried not to think about those things until the end.

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Ring a Ring o' Roses [QUEST; SOLO] Untitl19
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