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Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes [Quest/Darka]

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#1Darka Monyx 

Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes [Quest/Darka] Empty Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:03 pm

Darka Monyx
After arriving at Hosenka city, Darka feels like it won't be a complete journey without taking any quest to make some money. To know how it works around this area, Darka is strolling around and gathering informations by getting close to a group of people and overheard their conversation. Some of their topics are helpfull, while some others are just useless piece of infomation. Darka then heard an information about Big Bro Akabo, An enforcer for one of the most prominent criminal elements in Hosenka, Akabo has been doing this sort of work for a long time. Despite not having been promoted a single time in years, Akabo is a consummate professional and a hands on manager. As an old hat, Akabo has seen everything in this business, and very little surprises him anymore; not the sheer idiocy of tourists, nor the ruthlessness that’s expected of mobsters like himself.

Darka heard that Akabo is looking for a piece of information from a guy that also a local medicine peddler name Aavis Abott. Darka take that quest and go to meet Akabo as soon as possible. He get the information from people about the Akabo's headquarter and went there all alone. When Darka arrive at the headquarter, some people stop him and ask what he want and why he came here. He explain that he want to work for Akabo regarding the quest about Aavis Abott, and the guy let him in on guard by other people looking like a bodyguard. Once he get in, he finally see Big Bro Akabo in person. Akabo meet him and told him to sit, and explaining the detail of the quest. Big Bro Akabo wants help put pressure on the manufacturer. Forcing them to come and work for the Mob would be counterproductive; instead, he wants you to take out the manufacturer’s supplier.

Understanding the condition and the detail of the quest, Darka agree to take that quest. He then leave that headquarter and going back to town strolling around and try to gain some information about this Aavis Abott and his Drug. Darka going aroud the dark area of the town, the dark alley, some scary looking bars fill with bounty hunters and assasins, Darka ask around about the drug and finally get a usefull information about it. He saw two people doing transaction of that drug, he then get a closer look of those two people and know which one is the dealer. He follow that dealer in a darkness of the night, being unnotice. Somehow Darka is expecting that the dealer might going to meet the supplier, and he was right. Following the dealer to a suspicious looking place that look like an old bar, he see that someone is going out from that place bring a big box fiiled with so many things inside, some chemical stuff. "This must be the supplier" Darka then hide in the dark waiting for the transaction to be done and wait for the dealer to leave the place. When the dealer leave, Darka walk to the front door of that place and going in without warning, getting the supplier unguard and surprised by his enterance. Darka then rush to the supplier he saw before and stop right infront of him while looking at him and say "you will never sell anything to that guy and his boss anymore, nothing from here should be sold to Aavis Abott." Hearing that, the supplier was surprise and wondering how Darka knows that information. Darka then make a fist and cross swing both of his hands activating the Cloak of Darkness. He then punch a wall and make a hole on it. "You will do as I say or you will be gone" and he can see cleary the scared looking eyes from the supplier that finally agree to do as Darka says.

Without saying any other words, Darka turn around and get out from that place. He get back to the headquarter and bring this information to Akabo, tell him the detail and ask for his reward. He then go back to the town after taking his reward from Akabo.



Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes [Quest/Darka] Untitl11

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