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New Faces [QUEST; SOLO]

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Dressed up in comfortable fabrics, Masami ran until he had reached the entrance of Sultry Heights, immediately meeting with the waiting Granny Meirin that sat on one of the stools, waiting for Masami's presence. "I'm here!" he shouted while he was still quite afar, then came to meet the client who was straightforward yet kind, leading Masami to the lobby area of the heights. There were people, suddenly standing up upon spotting both Granny and Masami entering the room, who weren't too young but weren't too old either. They stood up still, and it was Granny who broke the ice so that things wouldn't appear so awkward.

She tapped Masami's arm, "This young man right here is a hired person, so treat him well." she uttered with more strictness than her approach to Masami a while ago. Nevertheless, he started to introduce himself as well. "I am Kita Masami, refer to me as Masami." he uttered, gazing at everyone whose expressions suddenly flushed into a surprised face upon realizing who the boy was, "I will be your temporary manager, so please take care of me." his statement was ended through a short bow, allowing everyone to murmur before getting scolded by Granny, forcing them to salute and shout, "Yes, ma'am!" before finally getting onto their jobs.

Masami watched everyone check a list posted in a wall, then watched each of them leave, however two or three of the females had approached Masami, quite nervous as if they had something to say. "Y-You're... the performer... in Joya!" one of them who had the guts to speak, uttered such words which left Masami dumbfounded. He had forgotten about the reputation he earned in Joya as a performer, so their approach came off as surprising for him. Nevertheless, he laughed, "Yes, I am the Kita Masami." he tilted his head afterwards, watching the girls come closer, eventually getting Granny to run up to them to slap a newspaper upon their heads, telling them to "Get back to work!" and watch them run off in separate ways.

Masami ventured all-around, too, apparently the new workers weren't straying too far off of the Lobby area. Even though they were conscious of Masami's presence as their temporary manager, the workers were focused unto their jobs, exactly like how they were taught to be. There weren't much to narrate on this part; everyone went back to the Lobby area, including Masami. It was time to report everyone's tasks—Masami held unto a small notepad, checking everyone's names. Looks like the job is done.

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