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Guarding, Touring, Peering [QUEST; SOLO]

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Guarding, Touring, Peering [QUEST; SOLO] Empty Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:19 am

They told him to wait exactly in this spot, so he did. Masami waited for an old woman who goes by the name "Granny," such a fun name, if he may say. It didn't take her more than ten-minutes to reveal herself accompanied by another old man who goes by the name "Kaito" this time, someone who didn't want to work for Masami at the start, but apparently he was forced to do so as he had no other choice in the name of Granny Meirin. He wouldn't even look at the boy, even if he had greeted him in Joyan saying: "Nice to meet you, kind sir."

As expected, the nobles came to visit the Sultry Heights' waiting by the entrance. It was mainly Kaito who did the talking, even if the visitors' attention was brought to Masami instead, but the boy respected the touring event by staying silent and not intervening with the introduction of different establishments. They didn't want Masami to stay at the back in the first place, because they will not be able to see him becoming the apple of everyone's eyes, but Masami had to follow the request rules and did as he was told. If he wouldn't, then he wouldn't be able to stop a child rogue from stealing a foreigner's pocket money, in which Masami had immediately spotted and caught, then guided the tourists in a formation that allows them to protect each other, assuming that they won't steal each others' money, that is.

The shallow parts of Hosenka City was safer compared to the locations near the Crimson Quarters, thus the tourists didn't get anything stolen from them, even a single penny. There may be some accusations from stolen items a few times a while ago, but those were immediately settled – they even had a fun time in a restaurant, trying out different Joyan cuisine and treats that they won't get elsewhere. Masami was proud that these foreigners liked what they, the Joyans, brought for them to review. Of course, the tour (apparently, Masami became one of the tourists, too) ended by the afternoon, and the foreigners would have to either stay in Sultry Heights for a rented room or leave the city. Most of them decided to stay, providing more income for the resorts, and perhaps even decided to watch a small performance in Masami's theater. Apparently, everything was wholesome and light-hearted 'til the ending.

"And that's all that happened." said Masami in the evening, just finished reporting today's quest to Granny Meirin, whom had already fallen asleep on her table. Before leaving, Masami covered the old lady with a blanket from the shelves then turned all the lights off.

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Guarding, Touring, Peering [QUEST; SOLO] Untitl19
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