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Silk and Threads [QUEST; SOLO]

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Silk and Threads [QUEST; SOLO] Empty Fri Jul 31, 2020 6:36 pm

"Manager Yua."

Masami entered the management room of Hinoki Theater, perhaps she didn't expect that the owner himself would come to meet with her request when she asked. When the boy entered the room, he had a taunting smile on his face, expecting a surprised reaction from the manager. Apparently, he got what he wanted, and Yua panicked when he entered the room as she panicked and made attempts in compiling all of the papers on top of her table in one go. "Ah, I have come for the request, please do not mind me." he chuckled after, approaching the table with the request paper in his hand, which he then lend down on the table. The request paper was immediately replaced by a list of names where Masami would visit for the fabrics—Manager Yua hesitated at first, trying to make Masami change his mind albeit he disagreed with her. After all, there's a reward in the end, correct?

The stores were scatted all-around Hosenka City. Fortunately for him, Masami already knew the differences between good fabric and old fabric, which meant being fooled could take more than a single effort and attempt. Masami also had already been walking all-around Hosenka for quite some time now, that although the list was messy and had no sequence, Masami knew which places to go first.

The first store was a small designer shop. From a glance, you could tell that the seamstress' works are made of good quality, even more if you peek hard enough. Masami got the fabrics effortless, and the man (whom apparently wasn't a woman, as people who sew are often women) was also kind enough to recognize Masami's face as to kindly give him all of the fabrics listed on the list. A little tip would help out, too, then Masami would go to the next store... then the next...

"Ma'am, this isn't what we ordered." said Masami with a subtle smile, giving the fabrics back to the grumpy old woman who gave him counterfeit fabrics. She glared at him, a tobacco still in her mouth, speaking without ridding of it. "That is what was written." her excuse was, as Masami expected, a lie. The list wrote specifically which fabrics they ordered and payed for, and Masami, even without touching the fabrics themselves, knew that these weren't of good quality. He knew that Manager Yua isn't the type to make such a mistake, because then they would not hire her, would they?

Getting a close look at the old lady, Masami got what he wanted when he raised a ball of fire and uttered: "Woman, if you are not honest, you won't know where your son may go."

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