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Under the Surface (Mission)

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#1Vivi Ramstein 

Under the Surface (Mission) Empty Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:07 pm

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi couldn't understand how she'd managed to get roped into something so sticky. Somehow, against all odds and even her better judgement, she'd attracted a particular individual's attention just by looking at a sheet of paper. And now she was set to meet them, in the dead of night, in an alley, where no one would even know she was aside from one person. That definitely didn't scream danger. She wasn't the kind of person to go sneaking around in the first place. But, when faced with a bag of jewels and a chance to maybe learn a few things, well, she couldn't exactly turn her nose up at the opportunity.

"Vivi Ramstein?"

The demi-human nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the voice behind her. She whirled around, fists clenched as she readied for a fight. Instead, she was greeted by a purple haired woman. She looked serious, deadly serious even. Vivi eyed her suspiciously.

"Yeah, and who are you?" She asked.

The woman smiled. "Awali Ustacia. I need you for a job. I'll keep this simple as I hear that's how you like your jobs to be. I need you to simply follow one man, Wugeth Skyline, around for the evening and take notes on who exactly he is meeting with for transactions. He's an easy enough man to spot, dresses in a lot of red and has three bodyguards around him at all times. I don't want you getting close, and I need you to stay out of sight. Once his business is concluded for the night, report back to me and I'll make sure you get your payment. Understood?"

Vivi just shrugged her shoulders, which at that point had become her signature move while dealing with the strange folk that inhabited Orchidia. She couldn't be bothered with their nonsense, they always wanted the weirdest and most unconventional things. "Sure, I'll take the job."

Once the particulars had been discussed, Vivi made her way out into the streets in search of her man. He really wasn't hard to find, of course, he dressed like a showman and likely had the same attitude to match. And the three surly bodyguards were a dead giveaway. She stalked him from the shadows carefully, sticking to at least half a block away at all times. And in situations where concealment didn't work, she simply did her best to blend in with any stragglers still left in the streets. She noted his business deals, which at first seemed benign. Pleasantries and dealings with a florist and an apothecary. Nothing out of the ordinary really. But the third is odd. She watched from afar as Wugeth and his little entourage suddenly stopped on a street corner and waited. They hadn't waited before, this was different. Eventually, a car slowly pulled up to the corner as well. It was pure black, and very modern, practically as if it had rolled off the assembly line the day prior. Vivi couldn't get a good look inside, but she could see that Wugeth did seem familiar with them based on how they immediately launched into what looked like quite the serious conversation. That wasn't a good sign. Or maybe it was. She really didn't have the knowledge to say. Regardless, Vivi's eyes went wide when she noticed a suitcase being passed from inside the car to Wugeth. She couldn't imagine what was inside, but as soon as it was handed off the car peeled away from the corner and down the road. Vivi waited for a time after that for Wugeth and his men to move on. Once she was sure no one would see her, she casually retraced her steps back to the alley where she had met with Awali. Finding the purple haired information seeker waiting for her, Vivi quickly explained the information she had gathered from start to finish. Without a word, Awali handed her a sack full of jewels before disappearing into the shadows. It would seem Vivi's work was finished.

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