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Trade Deal (Quest)

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It wasn't long ago that Mimir was in Dahlia City slaying werewolves. Now he was all the way in Northern Fiore in a green and dense forest searching for a village where a trade deal was about to take place. Apparently the villages in the Worth Woodsea harbored great hostility towards one another and these trade deals could help end that hostility. Now, he could care less if the various villages went about killing one another. Back in Isenberg that happened everyday. Warring clans allied with different villages to come on top. It wasn't rare that he pillaged a village every now and then, though that was years ago.

Mimir found it funny that instead of attacking villages, he was now looking for them in order to help them stray away from a path of fighting. He had earned a great deal of bounty while wandering Fiore. Maybe helping a village or two would cause it to go down. The only reason he gained a bounty was because of quests gone bad, or having to steal every now and then to survive. "Stupid Fiorians... It's like they hate me. Maybe they just never saw a Icebergian before and want to enslave me." wandered the golden haired man.

As he roamed through the forest, he could feel the mushy grass beneath his feet start to become hard. It meant that people had been walking on it a lot. He was no tracker, but he could pick out a trail easily. It was one of the many things he was taught as a child... How to survive in the wild. As he followed the trail, Mimir could hear all sorts of voices from about ten meters away and figured that he was getting closer to the village with every step.

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"But father it's time to usher in a new era of peace. The old days where the both of our villages fought countless battles are over!" screamed a male voice as Mimir neared the inner parts of the village. As he looked around, Mimir saw that it was a pretty average village that one could find in a forest. Most of the building were made from oak wood besides the large building that stood over them all. The large building that he dubbed the "Big House" was made from some type of stone and seemed to be as sturdy as an elephant.

"Pretty ordinary place if I do say so myself." muttered Mimir to nobody in particular. Slowly he would walk towards the large gathering in front of the Big House. From the looks of it the village was holding some type of meeting and everyone was tuned in. He guessed that this was the fuss he was suppose to handle. Although he found it weird that a random outsider was suppose to quell political matters of different villages. He could only imagine what would happen to a Fiorian if they wandered into Isenberg and dared try to change anything that happened in the country. The best outcome for them would probably be slavery.

A small laugh would escape his lips. It caught the attention of nearly everyone, causing all eyes to look on him. "And who the hell are you!" screamed an Old Man who was standing besides a man who looked like a younger version of himself. Reacting to the words, Mimir would take a look over the whole crown and would bring his fist to his mouth and cough. "My name is Mimir and I am here to negotiate the trade deal that is suppose to go on between the two villages. I was sent here by the Mission Hall in the nearest city, so I hope it doesn't seem like I'm intruding on anything."

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Mimir heard whispers coming from the crowd soon after introducing himself. He already knew the thought of some random outsider helping them wouldn't make them happy. With a swift motion, Mimir would raise his hand towards the crowd and begin to stare at the old man. "The man next to you seems to want this trade deal to go through. From the looks of it he is your son and probably is going to be in charge of leading this next generation once you croak over and die old man. Maybe you should listen to the young for once and allow this trade deal to go through."

The words that left his mouth were laced with venom. Gasps could be heard from the crown as they felt the killer intent rolling from his words while his hand was aimed at them. He didn't like political matters, so he would rather get this quest over faster than it let on. If that was to be by force then so be it. The old man on the stage seemed to grow with anger from Mimir's remarks. "I will not do such a thing!' screamed the old man.

With no reply, a magic seal would appear in front of Mimir's hand causing a light to appear and push the crowd backwards. Those closest to his hand would suffer the most damage while the ones behind them would only suffer minor damage. "Don't say I didn't warn you." announced Mimir as he slowly began to walk towards the pile of people. He could hear the son pleading with the father to go through with the deal. A quick looks upwards and he saw a surprised and scared look on the old man's face.

"Ok! Ok! I will accept the deal. Please don't hurt anymore of my villagers." screamed the Old Man as Mimir neared the people. A smirk would appear on Mimir's face while turning around and waving his hand back to the villagers. "That's all you had to say." whispered Mimir. Everything was a job well done. Now he could tend to the more personal matters he had to deal with while he was in nothern fiore

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Trade Deal (Quest) U7RSk5Z

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