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Hosenka to Seighart Mountains

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#1Connor Queen 

Hosenka to Seighart Mountains Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 7:44 pm

Connor Queen

Connor had spent about a week and some change in the town of Hosenka and now it was about time for him to depart. He had been thinking about where it was that he would go and his mind had told him to go north. He wasn’t very sure why he was going north but he thought that was the best plan. Rumors told of a guild where Connor and his talents could truly shine. The journey would be a long one but Connor and his mount Gryphon would endure and make it there.

Connor made it to the outskirts of hosenka he would pull a strange looking wooden tool from his pocket. Upon further inspection one would see that the “tool” was in fact a whistle blowing device. Connor would put the wooden piece to his mouth and blow air into the device. No sound would be heard, and Connor would look at the device confused, He looked at it as if it was broken. The device was in fact not broken, but it instead blew a sound on a different frequency. This new frequency was unable to be heard by the ear of ordinary humans, or even other animals. The sound could instead only be heard by Wyverns.

And within only moments as Connor still looked at the whistle trying to locate the problem, just what he was looking for would show up. Up in the air it was a bird, no it was a plane, no it was a Whyte wyvern. Connor had purchased the creature and the whistle to summon it from a merchant within Hosenka. Connor was not sure if this merchant was truly selling a flying creature such as this, but for the price he wanted it was simply a steal.

As the wyvern would fly onto the scene and quickly land in the field in which Connor stood. Connor looked at the magical creature with almost disbelief. The creature would make a hissing like noise as it touched the ground and looked at Connor holding the whistle and then would make a look as if it was “submitting” to the young man. Connor would then hop onto the back of the creature. Connor would look to the sky and say “Imma name you Draco… So now lets get up in the air my new friend!” And with that Connor would blow the whistle once again and point in the direction he wanted to go, and the just like that the wyvern would take off.

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