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#1Luxin Orihara 

INTERCEPT THE PACKAGE [MISSION:SOLO] Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:44 am

Luxin Orihara
Luxin strolling through the bustling streets of Orchidia market, bumping into a random civilian, he smirks before tossing a wallet he had just relieved from the person he had just bumped into.

He had heard about a man named Ferdinand, word on the street was that he had jobs you couldn't get on mission boards for good prices, so here he was keeping an eye out for the man, and it seemed like today was his lucky day. Not too far away from him, Lux witnessed Ferdinand lash out angrily at a merchant. Deciding to wait it out not wanting to draw attention to himself, Lux waited for Ferdinand to spot him in the crowd, which the man did and with a subtle nod in his direction stormed off angrily towards a nearby alleyway, Lux seeing the nod didn't do anything to acknowledge it. He only made his way towards the alley way and waited for Ferdinand to give him the details.

"So you're the kid I've been hearing about, well the missions easy, all you gotta do is intercept a package that old man is planning on collecting. The prick decided I wasn't good enough to buy from him, guess this'll show him. Get to the caravan the delivery is meant to happen and sign for the package, once done come back here and I'll pay you the money."

Nodding his head in understanding, Lux headed out towards the caravan which he was told were nearby the gates of Orchidia. Once he had arrived, it wasn't long before the caravan pulled up along his path. Lux watched as a man's head popped through the window looking around before settling on himself. "You the merchant, I'm supposed to be selling too." The man questioned looking Lux up and down in suspicion.

"Yeah, I'm the merchant, if I weren't what would I be doing here, now stop asking stupid questions and let me see the package." Lux replied with a glare watching as the man scoffed and headed back inside the caravan to retrieve the item, popping his head pack out along with his torso and arm, which held the package, he hesitated for a split second before handing the package over to Lux and requesting a signature. Looking the package over, Lux nodded in satisfaction. Signing for the package, Lux turned and walked off, only when he was far enough did he hear the sound of an angered man. Knowing that he had been found out, Lux decided to book it, running as fast as he could to Ferdinand before he was caught.

As he made it back to the market, he was able to slow down, greedily taking in oxygen as he attempted to slow down his breathing. It wasn't too long after he had managed to regulate his breathing that he found Ferdinand in a nearby tavern. "Well here's the item you requested now where's my money."

Looking up from his meal, Ferdinand scowled at the person that dared interrupt him, before cracking a smile at the kid in front of him. "Oh look who's back, and you got the package, good work kid word about you ain't a lie, here the money I owe and by the way say hey to Dan for me."

Lux taking the money, looked up in shock at hearing his father figure's name before remembering Dan had once told him about someone that fit Ferdinand's description.


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