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Street Shopping [Masami]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Street Shopping [Masami] Empty Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:10 pm

Lee Nakamura

Things were a lot calmer now than a year ago. It was hard to believe he went from a suicidal to confident with some help and a reawakening. Salem was perched on his shoulder like usual. He was spotting the people passing by. It was a city of relaxation and exotic things. Some of these things were reminders of what him and Manzo had seen in Joya. It was a reminder of the horrible times. His heart was toyed with so much. Now, he thought relationships were nothing but a waste of time in his opinion. He needed to focus on his guild and his family. Afterall, he was the head of the Nakamura family.

The kitsune had his all eight of his tails wrapped in a single bandage to give the illusion of one tail. He hated those tails. They always gotten in the way when he ate or just about anything. Being a kitsune was not all that it was cracked up to be. He had no power. No perks. Only standing out like a sore thumb and not for the good reasons either. Though, many girls found him charming since he was a beauty. He knew how to flirt and actually understand how girls felt since he used to be one. Salem yawned. "You know, there are too many people here. Why don't we sit down somewhere or go shopping for stupid trinkets. I hate crowds" complained his feline. Salem was very opinionated and made that apparent from the start. He was truthful and too blunt. "Oh, stop your yapping. Enjoy the nice enviroment. It's not polite to complain outloud, Salem. You know better" he teased back. Lee was a man of manners and being a proper gentlemen since everyone has lost those quirks nowadays.


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Like a show this man was, Hosenka's townsmen had started to stare at a man with a feline on his shoulder. He seemed to be a feline himself for having a tail, something that made Masami think that he was injured due to the bandages. Masami, the performer, could not help but look as well, because then he would be the only one in the current street who wasn't looking at the fox-like man. In his first time in Marigold, as a newbie and foreigner, people also stared at him and looked upon wherever he went – it seems like the same had taken effect on the fox man.

Swooning especially the ladies, Masami continued to finish his bowl of udon in a small, open ramen shop. He had become acquainted with the ramen man there, so Masami would often visit whenever he didn't want to be alone and cook for himself. It just happened that he intertwined with fate and his timing of eating out and witnessing a walking fox-man, but it wasn't Masami's first time seeing someone like that. He remembered Aura, another kitsune, back in Marigold, but she didn't seem to have the same features as the man with a feathered feline on his shoulder.

He seemed to be talking to his pet, how efficient. Fiore has never gotten enough of their magic as to even let non-humans speak; from the clothing of the man, he must have not been from Joya, wearing something that contrasts Hosenka City's theme. Because Masami had been staring at the same man, just like everyone else, he received a pat on the shoulder. "You seem to know the guy." the ramen man told Masami in Joyan, which was why the boy had enough time to shake his head immediately in response. "I do not. I do not feel as if he is our kin." responded Masami, finishing the bowl of udon. "Well, mind if you call out the fella? Let's see if he like the taste of my famous ramen!"

'Call him out, huh.' Masami hesitated a little, slightly intimidated by the fox-man's appearance. He seemed to have gained a reputation, and wearing something that wasn't Joyan at all. Plus, he was a stranger, and Masami has absolutely no knowledge about who he was. Nevertheless, he leaned out, showing his upper body, then raising a hand in the air. "Hey, you!" he shouted in Fiorian this time, just in case the man truly wasn't Joyan. "I'm being payed to sponsor this shop, mind if you negotia—ack!"

His head was hit by a wooden spatula, making Masami sit properly as to hold unto his head. "Kid..." said the ramen man, "trying to get me out of business?"

"Hey, if he likes the ramen, the girls would buy it, too!"


#3Lee Nakamura 

Street Shopping [Masami] Empty Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:39 pm

Lee Nakamura
The stares were starting to get unsettling. Maybe it was the origins of the kitsune race getting this extra eyes. He swayed his tails back and forth in the wrap. It was nice to keep them in one place. Used to it wouldn't bother him, but lately he hated them since they always gotten in the way. Salem noticed a smell coming from one of the stalls. The black and gray tabby pointed his head to the stall. It seemed to catch his eyes more as to see a younger gentlemen of a Joyan origin calling out to him. This town was very similar to Joyan culture. The brief visits he took there over the last year and a half reminded him as if he was still in Joya. It had an odd feeling of comfort to him more so than actually being in Joya. He never really liked to associate himself with Joyan origins, but sometimes it was apparent due to his race.

Slowly, he made his way over to the open ramen stall. Ramen wasn't nessciarly one of the things he could opening eat due to his condition, but it was tolerable with the pain. He looked at Masami then the cook. With a smile, he held up two fingers. "Two bowls of your finest ramen. One for me and the other for my feline friend, please" he commented. He sat down on the chair next to Masami with Salem jumping down. "Prince Charming, ya know cats can't eat ramen" he corrected. Lee laughed a little and petted his friend. He didn't particularly answer right away. "I know you enjoy human food. It's only fair. Besides, I've seen you ear my cheesecake and salads before so don't even start, Salem" he retorted. He had the best posture anyone had ever seen as if he was reformed into a pure gentlemen. His charming blue eyes glanced over at Masami. "My name is Lee Nakamura of Blue Pegasus. Pleased to meet you. I was looking for somewhere to eat, but didn't know where. Thank you for making this easier" he thanked him. He held out his hand to shake Masami's as a proper gesture. He rested his chin on his palm loving the smell of the spices and sound of cooking. He truely taken the art of cooking seriously the past year trying stir fry to homemade bread as basics. Feeding his guild was a good way to trying out new recipes and cooking. It was hard to fine a good restaurant that met up to his standards now he was a picky eater.


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Without looking back, the chair beside Masami was pulled by the same man he called, and upon realization Masami had started to hear muffled murmurs in the background, questioning Masami regards what position he was in to get the man's attention. He was here... he was right here! Is this what fame feels like? Masami has been famous in Joya so he should have been familiar with the feeling of reputation but... it's apparently different suddenly witnessing a popular guy suddenly sitting beside you. He had ordered two bowls, too, then immediately introduced himself (something Masami isn't used to) – the boy was left dumbfounded.

"Nice to meet you..." said Masami, both palms raised in front of him, suddenly being thanked for calling him out, "it's Kita Masami, you may refer to me as Masami." he continued, pushing the empty bowl of noodles away for it to be picked up by the countermen. Masami didn't give much attention to the feathered feline – not that he had a problem with talking companions, but Masami didn't know exactly what to tell them (with the fear of being dissed by an animal). "Hopefully, your fan girls don't start to—" bombard the ramen place? They already were, and the sounds of havoc in the entrance (and the store's staffs trying to push them all out) caught Masami's attention, enough to cut him off. "O-Oh... well..." with a face that mentions 'yikes', Masami smiled in awkwardness, giving his nape a light scratch.

Okay, topic change. "Blue Pegasus, huh?" Masami repeated, switching his view from the crowd by the entrance directly to Lee Nakamura instead. That explains it, Blue Pegasus members are known to be charming, attractive, enduring, bewitching, whatever synonym that relates to "beauty" over here. Masami didn't expect this member to exactly fit the "charming" meter, and was instead reminded of an acquaintance whom was so proud of his own guild, too. "I've had an acquaintance from the same guild!" considerably, that Sinese was of silly-nature, and Lee's impression didn't seem to strike a similarity with the Sinese.


#5Lee Nakamura 

Street Shopping [Masami] Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:34 pm

Lee Nakamura
A soft smile was given with his gaze. He took off his black gloves by sliuding them off elegantly. Gently, he placed the gloves inside his pant pocket. "It's a pleasure meet you, Masami. If you've finished your bowl then this food probably fit for a king" he chuckled. The fangirls were already starting to pour in. This caught Masami off guard making him pause in the middle of his sentence.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, he really found the fan girls annoying a lot of the time. While he still had to hold up the Blue Pegasus reputation, it was a safety hazard. He was famous, but not the credit he was being given for. Slowly, he got up. "I started this mess, I intend on finishing it" he spoke. He sneaked by the guards where the crowd of fangirls were waiting to get inside. "Ladies, ladies, please calm down. There is not enough room for all of you. So if I can have all those who wish to try this ramen bar please form a line. If not, please leave. We do not want to overwork the staff that already work so hard to provide these people their meals. Now, have a good day and remember Blue Pegasus will always be here to protect you!" He turned away and sighed in relief.

"God, they're a lot of work. I love fans, but this is too much especially for something as shallow as my looks. That's all people care about nowadays is power, looks, and money" he sighed. He leaned back in his chair a little, allowing himself to relax. Masami could probably tell a lot of tension was released. "Enough about me, what about you Masami? Are you a mage by any chance or just here on vacation?" He asked with a small, comfortable smile.


Street Shopping [Masami] Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:20 am

Woah, woah, woah, everything was happening in such a fast pace that Masami couldn't identify where to exactly start as to verbally explain what was witnessing. There are two things Masami learned to day: one is that if you're a famous guy, you can easily tell people what to do and they will listen to you—second is that Blue Pegasus guild members have this habit of advertising their own guild. When Lee Nakamura told his fan girls to wait in line... they did. Now, there's a huge line outside that could possibly reach the second street, and those who have gotten inside threw their cash in the counter, ordering the same bowl Lee ordered. Masami had a lot of fans back in Joya, too but... they were never this wild. What exactly does this guy have?

Masami watched as Lee's expressions switch from one to another – he was being a charming figure when facing the crowd, turned away with a completely different expression, then came back smiling at Masami with a question ready with him. The boy didn't know if this was supposed to be scary moment – was he facing someone evil—? No, Lee wouldn't advertise Blue Pegasus if that was the case, leaving Masami to a train of thoughts. "Erm... y-yes," answered Masami, stuttering a little as he kept his own hands to himself, "I will be living here, in Hosenka, for a while..." man, this intimidation is tiring!

It would've been awkward if he let the man hanging – since he's been asking things directly to Masami, why not ask the same? "You must get along with the fans well." Masami chuckled, signalling a countermen to give both Masami and Lee glasses of water using a single finger. "May I ask what your occupation is?"


#7Lee Nakamura 

Street Shopping [Masami] Empty Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:37 pm

Lee Nakamura
Lee had something most males didn't and that was understanding how women worked. He held a secret he really hated to tell about his past being a female. Though, due to soul swapping thanks to a goddess showing him mercy, he soul swapped with a deceased member of his adopted family. He still looked Joyan a bit, but it was more hidden. He ran his hands through his luscious locks. He may of looked beautiful, but a lot of his fans were just vain because of his looks. At least, that's how he thought of.

Lee gently grabbed the glass of water, taking a sip of it. It was refreshing, one of the few things he could drink. He could tell the boy next to him was a bit hesitant in his answer. Lee knew instantly that something was wrong, but pretended not to notice. "Well, its a nice place. Reminds me a lot when I visited Joya myself. It's real beautiful" he replied. He wanted to turn the attention less on himself. It was not easy being in the spotlight all the time.

He was drinking his water when he mentioned he got along with his fans. Lee knew all eyes were constantly on him. He had to put on a front. "Yeah, when they're not insane and trying to kidnap me I do, but it can be hard deciding who is your true friend versus a fake" he spoke truthfully. "Guess, my ocupation is just being a head of my family? I never really thought about it. Guess, being a mercenary is my true trade and modeling on the side" he shrugged.

"What about yourself? You look skilled in magic sensing the magical energy around you" he spoke.


Street Shopping [Masami] Empty Mon Aug 10, 2020 2:59 am

A model, right. There's no doubt that Blue Pegasus members had very appealing and attractive members, this fox man was one of them. Masami remembered his Sinese friend, whose face he cannot remember much, but he knew that he'd be a charming fellow as well. Rumors say that even their guild's master (or mistress, on the other hand) is a very beautiful fellow, so indeed, there was no doubt at all. Having both brains and beauty, this fox man was proving Masami right. "Ahh, Blue Pegasus and their appeal." said Masami out loud by accident as he arched his back for a stretch, not that he minded the accidental blurt.

What Masami heard caused him to flinch a little. Magic sensing? What made him say that? "Err... magic sensing...?" asked Masami, unsure of whatever potential it meant. Masami had definitely gotten used to the feeling of magic but, to be able to sense others' magic, could he really be that great already? At the same time, Masami's curiosity was shook, causing him to directly face Lee as to sternly listen to what the man has to say. While he was still at it, Masami took a glass of water, drinking while letting the man speak. Such respect he has to offer for the Blue Pegasus' Sweetheart, that is.

When crowd control was believed to be enough, it really wasn't. Which was why in the credit roll of movies, there's a lot of people under the 'crowd control' credit, because you really do need a lot to manage such crowd. Masami found himself pulled away, being recognized as the theater's owner and a known performer in Joya, he found himself being interviewed after being separated from the Sweetheart of Blue Pegasus, whom people started to interview as well. "W-Well... I'll... see you around then, Sir. Lee!" waved Masami back after seeing people with camera and microphone-like lacrimas, supposedly recording the scene for the Weekly Sorcerer and a bunch of other magazines in Fiore.



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