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Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki]

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#1Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:59 pm

Suki Lesalt
There was never enough time to do all the things she wanted to do. She wore a sun hat today. It had a pretty pink flower on the left side and white frills on the rim of the hat. She wore her pink kimono still and wore her bamboo sandals. Her bamboo stayed on her as she could not get herself to take it off. She feared of what people may think of her. She waited for Fu to come see her as he was supposed to pick her up at Judith's house. He knew where she lived for now, yes.

For now...

Suki was enjoying her stay with Mama Judi though so she felt satisfied here. All the food she cooks for Suki was wonderful. Judi reminded Suki of her own kind mother. The girl sighed softly as she leaned against the door. Her eyes wandered though as she gazed at the nature around her. Butterflies and flowers all over the place. Perfect place for her mama as she loved to drink tea while gazing at nature. The sun blazed hotly as it would burn her delicate skin if it was not for the hat. She hummed happily and twisted her body back and forth playfully. Where was he?

He was late!


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#2Fujaku Nijiiro 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Sun Jul 26, 2020 5:36 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku was running down the streets. He dodged past the people who got in his way and he jumped over a cart that was crossing his path. He panted as he got to the corner near her house.

"God damn fucking bullshit brothal didnt wake me up." He tried to calm himself as he turned the corner onto the street. He smiled as he approched the house. His clothing still ragged and homeless like. He knocked gently on the door, he hadnt noticed Suki right at the door. He knocked on it and thought through the rest of the day. He wasnt exactly sure what this missing would be like, he only knew it was an excuse to see Suki-Imouto. His cheeks flushed as he thought of her cute eyes that seemed to be able she needed to smile.

He looked around wondering what to do while he waited. He pulled out the candy he had received last time and ate one of the star shaped candies. It was sweet and basicly sugar with a little bit of fruitiness. He chewed it happily and felt himself slipping into memories of waiting just like this at his masters dojo door.


#3Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Sun Jul 26, 2020 6:29 pm

Suki Lesalt
She wondered if Mama Judith was still asleep since it was very early in the morning. The sun was still getting hotter within every hour as the sun was slowly creeping to the top. Her pink-ruby eyes wandered as she then finally saw the boy come to her house in a hurry. He did not seem to really see her. What a shame it was as she saw him eat some candy. How dare he eat candy in front of her! How dare he not notice her. Her eyebrows furrowed in a frustrated yet sad motion. Slowly, she walked towards him and poked his left shoulder.

"Time to go." She spoke in a muffling frustrating way. Her sunhat poked his chest as she was shorter than him. It was like she was poking her big brother at this point. She stood there waiting on him to respond. She wondered what they were going to do today as she was expecting to go pick up a package after this mission. She was receiving a gift from some random person. What was the gift? Suki did not know, nope as it was some random thing she was supposed to get. Slowly, she started to walk out of the area and towards where the mission was supposed to be, but Fu most likely knew before she did. She forgot actually, she is just assuming.



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#4Fujaku Nijiiro 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:00 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
He was shocked as she somehow appeared out of no where, had he missed her that easily? He didnt feel the sun hat poke him through his scarred skin, but he felt her disappointment in him and that hurt him far more then any blade could.

He bent down and like a missile scooped her up and onto his shoulders with a happy smile. They were going to collect a box. A very special one that had valuable objects inside it. Normally Fujaku would have stolen it, but he couldnt do that with Suki watching.

He decided to try something he hadnt done before, to lift her spirits after seemingly hurt her.

"I'm going to sing a song Suki-Imouto, join in when ever you want."

He smiled and begun to sing a song. It had served once as a way to remind a traveler of the dangers of these cunning and tricky shapeshifters called Ols.

"Once there was an Ol-io,~
Jolly-wolly Ol-io,~
Once there was an Ol-io, Fearsome as could be!~
I said to that Ol-io, Jolly-wolly Ol-io,~
I said to that Ol-io, You don't bother me!~
Colly-wobble Ol-io,Jolly-wolly Ol-io,
Colly-wobble Ol-iooooo~ You don't bother me!~"

He walked as he sang taking her to the meeting spot.


#5Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Mon Jul 27, 2020 5:20 pm

Suki Lesalt
She was randomly scooped on and now on his shoulders. She did not mind this. She partially enjoyed being on someone's shoulders, but also afraid of falling due to her not being super short. The only type of short she was, was being on someones back with legs crossing, around their waist. Someday she will have that ability and have all the rides on shoulders and stuff as possible. He started to randomly sing some songs she did not understand. Truthfully, she was not from Fiore. It looked that obvious, but not many people seem to realize. Her smiled, but only by her eyebrows could he tell. Her head tilted left and right with the rhythm of the song.

It sounded happy, silly even to her. Where were they going at this time? To be fair, she was not sure besides to the meeting place. Soon enough she saw the spot they might have to go. There was someone standing there lost. Her sunhat with each step bounced a little, balanced though as she had it on just right. Her pink eyes lit up as she thought of her gift back home. By the time she was done with this, it was time to get her present. She still was not sure on what it could be though.



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#6Fujaku Nijiiro 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:03 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku made his way to the woman, before setting Suki down on the ground and helping the woman. She handed over the chest after getting the signal that he was there to help her. She handed it too him and after finishing her job quickly walked away. He wondered why she seemed so skittish.

He knelt down looking at the mighty oaken box. He opened it up, to make sure what ever it was wasnt dangerous to him and Suki. But when he opened it and the golden light fell upon his face from the reflective objects inside it, one could hear the slot machine in his mind as his eyes could easy turn into jewel signs.

He only needed a few pieces. Hed be set with gems like this to sell. He acted like he was searching to make sure nothing else was suspect, doing his best to pocket ad much of the loot as he could.

He checked to mame sure suki wasnt looking and if she was hed blush and try to explain away his actions. But after giving his last missions money to Suki right before they departed, Fujaku had left himself with just enough jewels to afford a room at the brothel. Even if he couldnt afford the woman there.


#7Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:18 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki went with him to see the woman who was waiting for him. She seemed like a nice lady who wanted them to deliver some stuff, but once they got there she seemed a little off. Did she know something that she herself did not know? Her eyes traced Fu who went off with the box and she too went with him. They were suppose to deliver this right? Her eyes looked away when he looked at her and she looked at him while he looked away.

She saw him be a little sneaky, but why? What was he hiding? She then finally saw what it was. He was hiding the fact that he was taking things from the box. Swiftly, she grabbed a newspaper and swatted him. "Hmph!" She muffled into her bamboo piece and glared. Her pale-fair face brightened in pink as she was getting angry. How dare he do such bad deeds in front of her. "That's not yours!" She spoke in her muffling voice. She patted his pockets back into the box and closed it. Swiftly, she held onto it herself and walked away from him. He's in trouble! Suki went on to deliver this box to the client's person, but she wondered; what if this other person was bad? Oh well, it was her job to deliver! She smiled happily as she did so.



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#8Fujaku Nijiiro 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:48 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku bit his tongue when she smacked him with the newspaper. He covered his mouth in pain and turned only to see an angry suki. He blushed deeply and tried to explain it without telling her he was dirt broke. He stuttered and stumbled his way around it, but never gave more then those stutters and stumbles as an answer.

She got every last jewel he had taken and he stood in shame as she scolded him when she walked away however he followed begging and apologizing for his shameful action. He kept his head low in Shame, having been caught stealing by the cute and innocent Suki.

Any who watched the two would see a grown man following the young woman and profusely apologizing. They soon made it to the drop off location. It was a proper jewelry store. And Fujaku felt his gut howl realizing just how valuable the jewels in the box were. He could ha e eaten for months with the ones he had taken alone. But Suki had stopped him.

After being paid, his stomuch growled loudly like a wild animal and he blushed in his shame once more. "F..forgive me for the noises Suki-Imouto... i.. I should be going."

He turned to leave in shame and disgrace. How could he steal in front of such an innocent girl!?


#9Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:09 pm

Suki Lesalt
She held onto the box tight against her wrapped up chest. She could feel them tightening as the bandages that kept it all together were getting rather restless. She found it weird that he was stealing all of the sudden or does he do that while she does not look? Her finger went against her cheek in a thinking position. "Neh?~" She muffled and looked at him. Her other hand carried the box as she cornered her eyes to look towards the road they were heading. It was simple, he was poor. Her head nodded twice and now used both of her hands to carry the box. "You come to eat with me after the mission. Everyday!" She spoke sweetly and nodded a few more times.

Swiftly, she twirled towards the direction and started to walk at the jewelry store. The man came outside to grab it, opened it to make sure nothing was taken. Thankfully, she put everything back in place by order and even organized it to make it look nice. The old man laughed and thanked them with rewards. Once he went inside she turned towards Fu who looked guilty as ever. Like a dog who has done something wrong. "Come. We are leaving for food." She pulled his sleeve to escort him to Mama Judith's place. They should meet, yes. Judith will take care of Suki's friend.




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#10Fujaku Nijiiro 

Underground Associate II [Fujaku & Suki] Empty Wed Aug 05, 2020 10:10 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku was soon grabbed by suki and dragged along. He protested that he wasnt worth helping, but after finding she did not seem to care, he would stop protesting. This young girl, she had shown him such kindness and yet when they had first met, fujaku was in the middle of planning to kill her.

He was scared, to be found out as the fake he was, to have this fake happiness ripped away as it always was. But no matter how hard he wanted to, he couldnt bring himself to pull free of her hand.

As they walked forward, Fujaku didnt see the road or the people. He saw Suki pulling him away from the darkness he had been ever sliding toward. She had reached in and with her kindness saved his soul from damnation.

He felt a smile creep onto his face, one that wasnt evil, or scheming. But was genuinely happy. The tears that rolled down his face only highlighted that smile.

For a brief second, he could see his former life again. Being pulled by his youngest sibling to play, even when he had so many things to practice and study for.

'I swear I'll keep you safe, Suki.' He thought to himself as they made their way to where ever suki was leading him.


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