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Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes[Quest/Solo]

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#1Connor Queen 

Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes[Quest/Solo] Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 8:14 am

Connor Queen

After completing his first job for the mob here in Hosenka, Connor had decided to stick around the town for a bit longer. Hosenka tended to do that to people with its beauty and charm. However it would soon be clear that Connor would not be doing any sight seeing and relaxing during the remainder of his time here. Not even a whole two days after the last job the mob had contacted him again for yet another job. After receiving the word via one of the mobs men he would go back to that house where he had went for his first job.

Once arriving at the house he would knock on the door and would enter immediately after. Upon opening the door this time he was greeted by a man. The man would look at Connor and say “You are the boy who helped the woman before with our last problem, yes?” Connor would simply nod before saying “Indeed I am. So what is it that I can do you for this time?” The man would throw a picture on the table of a man before beginning to speak. “That man is making a drug that’s cheaper and stronger than the stuff we make. I need you to make that end before it messes up our money too much. You think you can do that?” Connor looked at the picture deeply before turning around and heading back out the door simply saying “Easy enough.” As he made his exit.

And so just like with the last job Connor had begun his hunt to gather information and find the man he was looking for. He went around describing the man with little luck until he had come across an old shop keep who said they knew the man, and where he could normally be found. Connor took the information and moved towards the location with great haste as to not allow the man time to leave. Once Connor had arrived he saw the man speaking with a group of people. Connor would immediately hide as he watched the conversation take place, trying to see if he could listen in.

After sitting and listening from the shadows for a few minutes he had deduced that the people meeting with the man were more than likely the people giving him the means to make the drugs… also known as his supplier. It was at that point Connor figured it would be best to follow them back to wherever they call a base of operations. Connor would then follow the group of men back to their base where he would then confront them.

As the group were standing in front of their building finishing up a conversation from the trip back, Connor was still hiding in the shadows holding his bow aimed and ready. He shot one arrow at the wall next to the group of men as a sort of warning shot before hopping out and saying “My employers want you to stop doing business with Aavis.” One of the men scoffed before saying “Why would we do that? He makes a lot of money and if he makes a lot of money so do we…” Connor shook his head before saying “Thats too bad I didn’t really wanna do this.
‘ Connor would then turn his aim to the left of where the men stood seeing a set of large cans that had a fire symbol on it. Connor would shoot one of the cans which would quickly begin to start a fire, and once the other cans heated up an explosion was bound to happen. “I would leave this area pretty fast if I were you guys,” Connor would say as he began to walk away with the men’s warehouse of product burning away. The mob surely wouldn’t have to worry about any drug selling competition for a while. Connor would then return to Aakabo to get his reward for handling their problem.



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