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Underground Associate [Fujaku:Suki]

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#1Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate [Fujaku:Suki] Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:50 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki snuggled with her fluffy blankets that were as soft as clouds if they had texture. It smelled like fresh laundry as she nuzzled into the tip of it. Today was super exciting since she was going to go on her first mission with someone! She had never been on a mission before so this was something rather different. She shot up from the couch as she did not have a bed yet. She was staying with Mamma Judith and her family for a while until she found her own place. She had no monies so it had to work that way.

She wore a pink kimono-like she casually does. It was tradition for her to wear this till she met a playmate or if she was with a guardian who will guard her innocence. Suki was traditional in such a way that sometimes it bugged her too! She brushed her hair and ran out the door, but not before having her flowery backpack with a little kitty cat and a doggo on it. It was super cute! She loved it very much. She went to some cafe to meet someone and the client. Slowly, she nommed on her bamboo as she nervously waited at some tables.


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#2Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku was annoyed. Less so because he was doing a m>mission, more so that it happened to be with the same girl he had followed the other day. Damn it all, he had planned to kill her but now I'd he did hed be a prime suspect. He cursed his misfortune and promised to find another target. He stared across the room at her.

Standing up and slamming the table he looked to the client.

"OI OI! What's this? A little girl? What are you trying to do get me in trouble with the law?"

He was annoyed and concerned now. His careful plan had fallen apart before it even began. He cursed himself and he sighed before sitting back down and asking. Forgiveness for his rude actions.

He looked at the girl again, and was shocked by the cuteness. It wasnt easy for him to admit but she was like the old porcelain doll he had as a child, her kimono was even like the kind the doll would wear. How the hell was he suppost to do anything with someone like her that involved infiltrating? Shed have everyone watching her. Damn this client he thought to himself.


#3Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate [Fujaku:Suki] Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 10:39 am

Suki Lesalt
She waited there for anyone to appear. Was she being juked?! Here she was trying to be super serious yet no one has shown up yet. Her eyes watched everyone like an abandoned puppy in a box next to the raining curb. No one was paying any real attention to her other than gazing at her cuteness. She felt confused, but finally, someone showed up really angry. Did she do something wrong? She blinked a few times confused and then looked away. Her eyebrows furrowed in sadness and looked back at him with puppy eyes. As this was going on a man ran through the crowd with a paper that had the mission on it.

Neither of them expected it as he stood in between them.I have a paper for Suki and a Fujaku The messenger questioned and looked at both of them. Well, here you go. He bowed down and gave Suki the paper. Her eyes quickly scanned it like an excited child and handed Fujaku the paper. They were supposed to go to some bakery and scare away some kids who try to steal their baking goods. The children could be hungry or just some precious naughty children. She must protect the sweets! Yes! The sweets are godlike and she had to go and protect. Swiftly, she let him read and tugged onto his cloth. She wished to lead him to it.


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#4Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Somehow Fujaku had gone from being ready to murder this girl, to being excitedly lead by her through the streets. He had managed to read most of the paper when he was pulled by the small child and lead by his kimono. He couldn't help himself but smile at the cuteness. He felt at peace for a moment. Until they arrived at the store. Inside the children were ransacking the place. And Fujaku and Suki were right outside.

He smiled and gently pulled away from Suki. He used the door knocker, causing the children to pause and look. Before it was suddenly kicked open by the one armed Joyan. As he kicked it in the children screamed at the sudden fright.

Fujaku howled, using the same tactics his father had used in te children in Joyan. But it wasnt going to work, as suddenly as he had shown up he was now being pelted with hard breeds, sweets, candies and even spare coins. He was forced back out the door.

"OI OI! Stop throwing that damn food you brats!" He tried to reenter only to have a plate smack him i the forehead and make him hot the ground. He laid there quietly looking up at Suki. "Suki... do you speak Joyan?"


#5Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate [Fujaku:Suki] Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:19 am

Suki Lesalt
Suki was too much in a hurry to be happy that he was so willing to be dragged. It was like when she pulled her big brother to places! She wanted to be sad, truly, but she had no time for such a thing since people needed help. They arrived at the place and already kids were sacking the place, stealing and making a big mess. If her mother was here, she would scold all of them in Joyan. She was a beautiful woman she was, bless her. She let her pink eyes mirror the children and now Fujaku who went in and tried to take care of it.

To her knowledge, most kids only knew Joyan and a few knew a little bit of Fiorian. It was conflicting for sure for the boy she was doing this with. The children were hitting him, throwing things at him, and making trouble. She was finally spoken to normally as he asked her if she knew Joyan. Did she? Oh yes! She did, she was Joyan for sure. Slowly, she walked into the store to look at the children. They gazed at her, stunned as they stopped what they were doing. One even dropped a cupcake on the ground from being frozen. Her hands shifted outward and then lifted them up and down, forward and back as if she was speaking in child. Muffling sounds came from her mouth, but words of joyan could be heard. She let her arms down as they landed against her side. Her head turned with her eyes as she studied the place.

It was disgusting. That poor man. "Clean this place up and tell that poor man you're sorry." She said sweetly in her Joyan words. Her eyes watered as she slowly picked up the cupcake and threw it away. It was probably a beautiful cupcake that he worked hard on. Her head turned to look at them with a sadden look. "He worked hard on them you see? Pretty cupcake... destroyed due to you trying to have fun. I'm sure there are places that won't mind." she started and picked up a plate and set it down on the counter carefully. "But you need to ask. Yes. Asking is nice." She lastly spoke in Joyan. The children slowly picked everything up and even cleaned. Suki walked outside and towards Fujaku. "Come." She said cutely in her sweet honey words that he could understand. Her small hands tugged onto his sleeve again as she brought him into the store with them cleaning up. The store owner made a happy smile and in the end, rewarded the little kids with their very own cupcake. They were happy, the store was happy and she wondered where they need to meet the client now.



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#6Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku laughed as he watched her run into the room. He sat up and laughed. He hadnt felt this happy in a while. Though he couldnt understand where it came from, he wasnt going to stop it. It had been a while sense he had... he wasnt even sure what he was feeling was able to be put into words.

He remembered when he was a smile child in Joya, when he sat on his fathers lap and knew he was safe. He wasnt sure why this girl made him feel that way but... he was reminded of home in a way he hadnt had in a long time.

He stood up as he saw her leave the building. But when she spoke to him... without actually speaking he was shocked. But regardless he stood up and followed the girl into the building. The man thanked them for their efforts and even gave them both a special bag of Joyan star candy.

Fujaku had to turn away after accepting them with a respectful way. He hid the tears well. A sudden memory of his young boy hood rearing its ugly head. Back before his families massacre. Back before he was burned and cut by allie and enemy alike.

He was through the small clan safwhold he lived in. He hadnt been allowed outside the clans main wall, which served as a way to separate the clan from the subservient clans they held. He was often I given candy just like this from his aunts and uncles. He had been such a different person back then.

In perfectly posed, and calmed tone Fujaku spoke regal joyan. The kind usually only spoken in the imperial courts.

"Come Suki-Imouto. Let's get our pay and get you home."

As he walked out of the shop, the owner bowed in deep respect from hearing Fujakus Dialect and he thanked the gods for sending him a good and kind noble. Fujaku didnt hear that part.


#7Suki Lesalt 

Underground Associate [Fujaku:Suki] Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 2:44 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki listened to the boy who told her to follow as it was time to get pay and go home. Home? Was that mama judith's place or was that Judina's place? Her head tilted and wondered if this man is... a stalker? Her eyes went wide and nervously looked away. Constantly, she nommed on her bamboo tissue and then looked back at him. Was he a bad man? No, this was good questing, right? She was helping people? She blinked a few times, pupils suddenly going back to normal sized. Swiftly, she balanced her backpack and walked with him. She was sure he was a nice fellow, yes.

A nice fellow indeed.

She nervously looks at Fujaku as she imagines herself on his back. Piggyback rides... Oh yes. Her face turned red as she walked beside him and then gazed forward. She was unsure of this man, but perhaps he wouldn't mind. She gulped and gathered all her courage! "I-I wondered if I could have a piggyback ride home!" She wondered and spoke in Fiorian. He could understand her through her muffling as it wasn't too quiet. If he agreed, she got on his back nervously and pointed forward. They gathered their reward and he took her home. How he knew where she lived, she will never know. If he said no, she will be sad and eyebrows furrowed. They got their reward and went their separate ways.




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#8Fujaku Nijiiro 

Underground Associate [Fujaku:Suki] Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:03 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
When she stopped him and asked. He felt his heart drop, the cuteness almost killed him. But he smiled happily and nodded. He knelt and helped Suki onto his back. Once she was there he would make sure she was balanced so he could hold her securely with one arm.

Soon he even let her hold his hair to feel more secure on the ride. He began to sing a Joyan nursery rhyme. And laughed as she joined in singing about the rabbit on the moon. He set her down as he and her were met by the clients messenger and paid for their troubles. Before suddenly picking her up and setting her on his shoulders, Fujaku took the girl to Judith's house and let her walk the short distance to her house. But before she did.

He stopped her and pressed the money from the quest he had received into her hand. He smiled happily and in Joyan he spoke to her.

"Suki-Imouto, you are a kind and loving young girl. I am sorry for being mad at you earlier today. Take this, I don't need it. Use it to help your family" he smiled cheekily. "Or buy some sweets with it."

H stood and turned to leave.

"You have a heart of gold Suki-Imouto... dont let this world take it from you." He walked away and didnt look back in fear of not being able to leave her side again. He cursed himself under his breath and hope she would jot stop him. If she did he wouldnt be able yo tell her no. But he didnt want to leave her alone in this world.


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