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White Noise [Travel: Hargeon to Orchida/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

White Noise [Travel: Hargeon to Orchida/Solo] Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 12:50 am

Lee Nakamura
The train station was always busy. The port would be as well, only mostly with goods. He had gotten used to the peaceful life in Hargeon. Blue Pegasus was beyond what he thought it would be compared to his old life. No one would know who he really was upon appearance give without the ear. Salem's tail quirked out of annoyance. He sat at a bench waiting for their train to Orichida. A long sigh came out of the small cat getting his owner's attention. Salem was a special cat with the soul of a human but a body of a cat. It was quite remarkable and really weird at the same time. "What is it now, Salem?" The cat stared up at him.

"Why are we going to Orchida? Its such as long ride there"

The cat continued to grumble and complain to him. All he could do was complain. Lee moved his golden hair out of his eyes as he continued to write into his log about his to-do list and notes to remember. he flipped through each page reading from the day to day basis what he had to do. Being the head of one of the most remarkable famlies was not easy. He was glad for this new body and a fresh start from his old life as LeeAnn. He still held many issues like most people, but he knew how to better fix them for the future. He still had not responded to Salem. By this point, Salem had given up on getting Lee's attention. Having a cat that always complained about everything, you learn how to tune it out.

"Boarding for Orchida!"

Both Salem and Lee stood up and aimed to the platform. He given the two tickets, one for a pet and the other for himself, to the man. Inside of the train cars were rows and private rooms. He had reserved a private room with his own quarters. It was a long trip. He closed the door and lied down on the bed. He started to drift off slowly. Salem curled up on bed beside him, liking his own space. Flashes of Hikaru and Manzo flashed into his memory, Kon talking to him, and his father. This was in regards to his old life. Nowadays, he had given up on love and romance. He found it pointless and aimed for his a true goal. Leading the Nakamura family to greatness and being happy with his new life. It was more of a general goal until he had found more something he was looking for. Blue Pegasus was his home now and loved it. He was satisfied with the level of magic he was. The only thing he was not satisfied with was his kitsune tails. Now they were tied up into one with a tight bandage to keep it together. It was enough to not hurt him, but enough to keep it out of his way. He only took it off at night and when fighting. So rarely he took it off ever.

The more he brooded the more if grew restless. Looking out the window he wondered if anyone had missed LeeAnn? She was always so troubled and beyond repair all the time. His old life was permanently tainted with depression and PTSD. Now, he dealt with it better, but still had flashbacks. He did not take it kindly to churches still. The illness itself had mostly settled but flared up everynow and then. He still had to do some form of cannibalism for diet reasons. He hated it, but it was nessicary in order to perform his duties. Health was number one he tried to strive for. "It's been a  yera and a half since then. Geez, where did the time go?" he whispered. The train's wheels clacked over the tracks. The distant noise was soothing to his ear. A humming melody that he grew to calm to. Train rides were always his favorite since its revival. He was always interested with how advance magic could progress humanity. He had almost forgotten he wasn't human anymore. It was the sound of silence that he did not like. Though, the song was good. Salem was still peacefully asleep. He was cute when he wasn't loathing everything. Slowly, he ran his fingers through the gray and black tabby. The fur was so soft and warm. He was a sleek cat with a small head and a long body. The built was more for speed than strength. He was for sure no maine coon. His eyes warmed staring at his companion. "You sure are a fool sometimes, but definately a good friend. Thank you, Salem. Have a good nap" he smiled, he leaned back and drifted asleep once more, this time til' they gotten to Orchida.

-at Orchida-


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